The Applications of 3D Engraving

Thursday, December 6, 2012

An innovation in the world of art and design, 3D engraving is a modern technique used to create sculptures. The art is becoming more popular and increasingly specialised with companies priding themselves on their innovative designs and professional service.
There are several reasons you may decide on a 3D engraving. It may be a representation of what your business is about; it may be a logo or sculpture for your office; perhaps you would like to create gifts for your staff in the form of paperweights, plaques or personalised models; or simply it could be that you would like to buy a special gift for a loved one. The possibilities of 3D engraving are endless and once the design has been created the process is relatively simple. The designs are generally created for engraving on glass or crystal.
The Service
The process begins with the client providing a 2D image of what they would like to be modelled. It is very useful if more than one image is provided. It makes the design process much easier if the designer has access to as many images as possible, showing the subject from all angles. The whole idea of transforming an image into three dimensions is to create texture and shape and the designers are skilled in achieving this with the utmost accuracy. Shadow, light, aspect and expression are also important components to be considered.
The teams of artists involved in designing are very talented and professionally trained so if you only have a single image of your subject it can still be worked on. Even a simple painting or sketch can be brought to life in a 3D engraving. The design is actually created using high technology software. Based on a mathematical system of linking points in an image the design is transformed from 2D into a life like model.
Consultation and communication with the client is maintained throughout the process so that changes can be made as necessary and the client is happy with the progress before the model is actually engraved. Glass and crystal are perfect mediums for engraving as they are resilient while still maintaining an aesthetic appeal. If taken care of, the model will be something to treasure for many years to come.
With an increasing market, the need to improve design skill and technology is growing fast. Many teams of artists believe it is important to work closely with the engravers themselves so that every aspect of the process can be effectuated as accurately as possible. This cohesive working partnership is important in creating the best final product possible.
Often companies provide a portfolio of ideas for clients to choose from and these may include, for example, animals, flowers, portraits or symbols. Designing your own 3D engraving, however, with the help of the experts, can be very rewarding and means you have an individual piece of art to treasure.


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