Deciphering The Aquarius Personality

Monday, December 24, 2012
Aquarius is the eleventh star sign of the Zodiac, but before looking at this sign in depth I'd like to point something out that's not often discussed in astrology:
Whilst most people are aware of the zodiac and its divisions, we should also point out something referred to as a "decanate". This is, in essence, a subdivision of a star sign into three, and the allocation of further traits within that star sign.
So for Aquarius we can note the following personality traits:
First decanate from January 20th to January 29th: Originality
Second decanate from January 30th to February 8th: Ingenuity
Third decanate from February 9th to February 18th: People skills
The basic keywords for this sign as a whole include humanitarianism, universality, scientific research. Coupled with these, we can add the positive qualities of cooperation, charity and diplomacy.
Historically, Aquarius tends to be associated with water since the symbol used is that of a man pouring water from a jar. Because of this, Aquarius is often referred to as "The Waterbearer".
This is the sign of the inventor. It is said that Aquarius sees the future in terms of technological possibilities. Certainly, these natives can be good at forging new ways to look at things, and bringing about new developments. Such developments are not just limited to the field of scientific development either, as Aquarius.

The Benefits of Card Making Kits

Are you new to card making? I can imagine that you excited about starting your new hobby, but not sure where to begin. Well, card making kits are a great place to start when you are a beginner. This is because card kits are inexpensive and they can contain most of the elements you need, come with an instruction sheet, and most of all they are easy to use.

Make Tools, Not Art

I wish the world was not this way, honestly. I don't like that I have been forced to this conclusion, but it's inescapable. It's human nature to want to create. Sadly, not everyone will succeed. Artists struggle, it's just a fact. So - how can you still be involved with the creative process and manage to not starve?
Make tools. As a thought experiment, it's as simple as saying; "don't paint - sell paintbrushes." Oddly enough, I was brought to this realization by friends of mine who do machine embroidery. As with any creative profession, there are those at the top of their game, and the remaining 99% who are struggling, or at least aren't in the game so deeply that their livelihoods depend on it.

Night Club Business - How to Be Effective

Maintaining a night club business could be a little difficult since the level of competition is higher than ever. There are a lot of clubs in almost all major cities all throughout the globe. For you to have one that stands out among the rest, you will have to consider all the different aspects involved in putting up a night club business. Spend some time organizing each detail to make sure that everything would be covered. For a club to be very successful, it must have all the qualities that customers are looking for. Here are some aspects that you need to consider when you want to have a successful night club.

Modeling Careers for Teenagers

The niche industry of modeling is very lucrative and competitive at the same time. This is why it is very hard to break even in the industry. This is true especially for teenagers but the good news is that even though the venture is tough; it is possible all the same. All that is required from you is the proper attitude & look. In addition to this, modeling involves a lot of business know how which is why it is significant for all teenagers aspiring to succeed in the industry to acquire the knowledge. It is therefore up to the parents to ensure that their teenage children succeed especially since they are still under the legal age.

Family Attractions - Fun Learning Opportunities

If the thought of coming up with well-planned family things to do that will be both educational and fun for your family seems a little too much like work, come on over to the nature institute and let them help you out. There are an abundance of family attractions for everyone throughout the year at the nature institute. It is always wise to plan in advance so that you can get in on an activity of your choice.
Call and find out about their calendar of events so that everyone can enjoy their favorite activities. You will get so many opportunities to learn through the educational demonstrations and events. The institute is not lacking in the area of fun with zoo exhibit encounters, bird feeding, and the viewing of exotic animals at the aquarium available, in addition to he opportunity for your young ones to splash around at the water park.
Visit the Butterfly Garden and Insectarium, where you can get up-close-and-personal learning on many of the fascinating and beautiful creatures that we see every day. You and your children can spend the entire day at the nature institute and never get bored. Family attractions, such as the aquarium, zoo, park, theater, and more will provide new and exciting adventures for your entire family.

Water Parks - Excitement for Kids of All Ages

While your child may think that they have tried just about everything possible to have fun, including video games, theme park rides, laser tag, and more, they haven't tried anything until they have visited one of the water parks at a nature institute. Your young one can come to the zoo at a nature institute and enjoy the cool and exciting splash park that offers different splash zones that are adequate for children of all ages.
Some of the popular highlights of the water parks at a nature institute include a large alligator water slide, jumping waterspouts, water spitting snakes, a spider monkey soaker, and more. The park may also offer a splash zone that is specifically suited for younger kids and toddlers. There may also be accommodations for everyone that include a family restroom, shaded seating, concession stands, and a shop dedicated to carrying some summertime necessities that you may need.

Rehearsal Dinner - A Variety of Options

Usually, an informal meal following a wedding rehearsal is customary. This event usually takes place at night on the night prior to a wedding. This dinner is a very important chance for the wedding party to get acquainted. It is also a great opportunity for the bride and groom to express their thanks to the wedding party. Because this is such an important and intimate occasion, you are going to want your rehearsal dinner in a venue that will give you the private setting that you need. A nature institute offers a great many choices of intimate, formal, informal locations so that you can have the event of your choice.

The Craziness Of San Diego Comic Con

Are you a comic lover or into fantasy or games such as magic? You may be a lover of Japanese cartoons or have an obsessions with cosplay - which is knows a costume play. Whatever your love is for the fantasy and the art the goes with comics and comic books, you will probably want to make a stop in San Diego's Comic con. This convention is the mecca of all comic conventions. It is the grand daddy of them all! Each year SDCC gets bigger and sells out even quicker. SDCC is one of the biggest fantasy conventions in the United States and you will be able to meet and mingle with people from all around the world when you go to the Comic Con convention in San Diego. There is nothing like a whole weekend of fantasy and fun, and that is exactly what the convention will bring you when you spend at least one day there if not all the days that it is in town. The convention officially starts with "Preview Wednesday" and ends 4 days later on Sunday which is a day that hundreds of thousands of people DREAD!

Summer Camp Can Be Educational and Fun

Parents are always trying to come up with ideas of things their kids can do doing their summer break. You can take your child to an amusement park in the three-digit heat and wait 45 minutes before you get on each ride. You can also allow your child to be sucked into the world of video games, as they stare blindly at the TV screen and play hours upon hours of video games.
A better option of things your child can enjoy during the summer months is to go to a nature institute summer camp. Your child can enjoy activities that will allow them to get involved in arts and crafts, visits to the zoo, animal feedings, zoo hikes, educational videos, and much more.

An Artist Is Someone Who Appreciates Beauty

When most people think of artists, they usually forget the part about the artist being a surveyor of beauty. This is because most people do not realize that there is actually a sort of process when it comes to making art so much so that lots of individuals cannot fathom why true artists take their time when creating brilliant works.

If Your Electric Guitar Is Sounding Poor Check These 5 Important Points Out

Every keen guitarist around who plays an electric guitar, has almost certainly at one time or another suffered inferior sound quality from their instrument. Assuming that the amp plus the lead are in ideal working order, the underlying problem can regularly be linked to the guitar pickups.
Here are 5 common reasons why you might be suffering from bad sound quality from your electric guitar:
1. Both humbuckers and single coil pickups have screw controls that enable them to be positioned nearer or further away from the guitar strings. Should they be lowered a lot and they are for that reason too far from the strings, weak output can be the outcome. Lowering them produces a greater distance between the magnetic poles of the pickup and the vibrating strings that's certain to produce lower output.
If on the other hand they are adjusted too near to the strings, higher output would be the final result but be careful as a bad side effect of this wrong realignment could be continuous tuning issues. This is because the magnets are too near to the strings and the frequent aggressive pulling motion can play havoc with the tuning. With a bit of testing the right position that is not too close or to far away can be located.

Jim Shore Collectibles - Always In Great Demand

Are you looking for really attractive figurines or decorative items that are of the best possible quality? Whether you need the figurines to do up your home with or to gift to someone special, collectibles from Jim Shore always fit the bill. This artist has made a very good name for himself over the years because of the unique and attractive lines of collectibles that he has created and continues to do.
You will find a very large collection of interesting figures if you study the different collectible lines offered by Jim Shore. His creations are always in great demand because they are made with a lot of attention to detail and care. These unique creations are loved by Americans because the artist draws on American Folk art and traditional images in order to make them. As a matter of fact, one of the most popular lines from this artist takes inspiration from the quintessentially American quilting patterns.

When You Hire a Catering Service

Beef, chicken or fish?
This is likely the most pressing question anyone who has attended, but never planned, a wedding has ever had to face regarding the post-nuptial catering menu. But for a bride- and groom-to-be, many more details must be considered.

Troubled Kids and the Importance of Noble Character, Positive Attitude, and a Skill Set (3 Pursuits)

Six years and running, I've been privately studying philosophies and methodologies of education. Also working in different fields of education. I home-schooled a group of three awesome kids; 7, 11, and 14. I was employed by LearningRx. My job, Cognitive Skills Trainer, can be summed up as exciting and intense one-on-one coaching. My time assisting Ms. Lynne in the Banyon Room at a private Montessori school in Jupiter was fulfilling and interesting. The Montessori philosophy has a lot of strong points. Last to mention, I started a private tutoring company called StudyWorks, which flopped around for a three year period. It evolved mentally into Jupiter Mentorship, which is still on but only in my mind.
I've spent a lot of time dreaming of Jupiter Mentorship, an academic mentorship agency for kids and their parents; many devoted hours in planning and formation as well. I have a lot of notes. That's for sure. The idea is to help the parents and kids relate harmoniously during difficult times of academic struggle on the part of the student/child. And difficult times of parental exasperation.
For some its a rich and creamy relationship. The kids do their homework, score well on tests, are proactive and organized with their extracurriculars, and charm socially.
Then there were the kids like me. I walked on the wild side. With friends and by myself, I raised a ruckus; flipped off Mrs. T at the Kings Academy in seventh grade. It led to my first of three expulsions from two different private schools. The King's Academy is a Baptist school in West Palm Beach. We Baptists do not tolerate that crap from kids.

Earning Money From Oil Paintings

If you like paintings and drawings you may have thought of trying to make some money from your participation in the art world. Most people like paintings and drawings of one kind or another, because there are so many different styles of painting and such a lot of different media to paint on. There are even lots of media to paint with.
You would need to be very difficult to please if you did not like at least one of ancient, contemporary, Gothic, Celtic, cartoon or Victorian styles, using a brush or crayons on canvas, paper, or a wall. The combinations possible are practically infinite. And whatever style you prefer, you can find examples of.
Naturally some will be very costly, but you could sell copies of these old masters and earn money from them in that way. Copying is not illegal as long as you do not try to pass the copy off as the original. Imitations of old masters are very popular and there are thousands of them to pick from.
It is a good notion to start by having a couple of your own favourite old masters done for your self. This has two benefits: 1] it allows you to find a good artist/supplier and 2] they serve as examples of the quality of the work that you can provide to potential customers.
When you have your samples, you can photograph them and scan the photographs. These can be used as graphics in your artwork and marketing and on your website. Now you need to let people know what you are able to do.

Swedish Actors You've Seen On Screen

Sweden has a thriving film industry and has produced many successful actors and directors. Many of these talented people have made the move to Hollywood, where they went on to star in some of the most famous productions known to the public. These are just a few of the big names who owe their lineage and training to the snowy mountains of Stockholm.
Actresses Who Broke Millions of Hearts - Ingrid Bergman was born in Stockholm in 1915, and was an orphan by the age of thirteen. She received a scholarship to the Royal Dramatic Theater School, the alma mater of silent film star Greta Garbo, and moved to Hollywood shortly after graduating. Intending to only do one American film (and unable to speak English) she won so many accolades from her first performance in David O Selznick's 'Intermezzo' that she stayed in the country. She went on to star in 'Casablanca' opposite Humphrey Bogart; the production has been called one of the best movies of all time. She continued acting right up until her death in 1982.

Reasons to Have Your Malfunctioning LCD Or Plasma TV Repaired

It's Sunday. All of the members of your family stay at home. You plan to have a movie marathon the whole day. While you were in the middle of the first movie you were watching, your television suddenly turned off. You tried to turn it back on but it won't. You've got no choice left but to either bring it to a repair service center or leave it there - whichever you decide to do, it still means the plan you arranged with your family is already spoiled.

Miami Ink Tattoo Designs Gallery

Miami Ink is a popular reality TV show filmed at their location in Washington Avenue, South Beach, Miami. This well known tattoo parlour is known to attract body art enthusiasts who are willing to apply any type of body art, from the most dainty to the wildest designs.
Here at Miami Ink, clients come and explain the type of tattoo they wish to get and give a detailed explanation of their life tales. It is amazing to watch the tattoo come alive while at the same time the client tells the artist their life story. Most of the stories being told here are truly inspiring. We get to live the experience, from the time the client enters the parlour, handing over their idea and watch as the idea is developed into a completed design and finally show off the end product.

Things You Need To Know About Art Investment

Cultured people would tell you that investments in art could provide them with more satisfaction than other types of investments. This is because artwork is appealing and beautiful pieces of art can sometimes enhance the quality of their daily lives. Nevertheless, they would tell you that investing in portraiture carries as many risks as investing in bonds, stocks, and properties. Additionally, they feel a need to justify their purchases as part emotional.
The reason for that is the art world has smaller amount of regulations in comparison to the financial industry. If you were considering investing your money in artwork, you should know that a small amount of legal protection is in place for this type of investment. One of the things you need to focus on when you invest in prints is to check for fakes.

Save Lots of Money - Frame Art Yourself

Nothing says, "this is a put-together room" like artwork. Artwork can enhance a theme or mood, bring a needed pop of color to bare walls or define a focal point. Yet, so often it is the last thing people purchase. It may be because people think art is so expensive. True, paintings and water color originals can be pricey. But a good, less expensive yet aesthetically pleasing, way to have art in your life is through prints and photography.
Many people purchase the already printed and framed art work at stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Michaels and Hobby Lobby. The problem is it looks like that is what you did. It is hard to find generic art which matches your unique taste and decor style without it looking, well generic. There is a better way which can still save you money. Frame it yourself.
It just makes sense. Think about your wardrobe. You take purchased pieces off the rack and combine them with other pieces and accessories to make your own statement. Why not do the same with the walls in your home? Here's how.

The Life of Salford's Favorite Son

Laurence Stephen Lowry was born in Rusholme, Manchester, in November 1887, the only little one of Irish-born R S Lowry and Elizabeth Lowry (born Hobson). He attended a local school in Victoria Park, but took private classes from William Fitz, before starting work as a clerk for a firm of chartered accountants in 1904.
From 1905-1915 he attended drawing and painting courses at the Municipal College of Art (later Manchester College of Artwork, and now a part of Manchester Metropolitan University), where he was tutored by Adolphe Valette.
Lowry moved to Pendlebury in Salford together with his parents in 1909, where he was to dwell for almost 40 years. During this time he attended art courses at Salford Faculty of Artwork, developing an curiosity in the city and industrial landscape.
He exhibited with the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts from 1919, in addition to entering paintings in the Paris Salon. By the early 1930s he was exhibiting at the Royal Academy in London. He was awarded an honorary MA at Manchester University in 1945, and Doctor of Letters in 1961, elected to the Royal Academy in 1962, and given freedom of the City of Salford in 1965. He lived in Mottram till he died in 1976 - a death marked by unprecedented homage by the 'ordinary people' of Manchester.
L.S. Lowry is definitely one of the vital celebrated British artists and his distinctive contribution to recording the interval, culture and panorama of commercial Salford and Manchester is without parallel. His work is a most distinctive and comprehensive report of the pre and post World War Two northern industrial town.
Many individuals associate Lowry with "matchstick people", however he is recognized to have produced over 10,000 works, starting from completed oil work to hastily drawn sketches. The native industrial scene was his most frequent subject but he additionally painted seascapes and portraits. He was an amazing humorist and had intense perception into human nature, characterising it without sentiment.

How To Invest In Art

Thursday, December 20, 2012
These days, many people are considering investing in the right art for either office or home. Investing in these artworks offer potentially high returns. It is highly suggested that you add your ownership to the art, so that you can enjoy it while you wait for the returns. Like any type of business, supply and demand directly have an effect on the prices. Other aspects include the condition of artwork, rarity, aesthetic values, and validity. It is imperative that one has a basic education of paintings, as this would help him or her make a better and wiser choice when it comes to artwork investment. There are various ways for you to start investing in a painting. You can visit galleries that sell genuine and original artwork. Some of them offer limited editions of artworks.

Interesting Facts About Beautiful Art

Art usually takes many forms. It can be in the form of paintings, the way people dress, the way people decorate their homes, prints and how someone will express themselves. All these things help to build up the entire concept. It takes a keen eye to notice something good. The way people express and interpret it is different therefore this brings about the beauty and uniqueness. Throughout history, this has been one platform that people have been able to invest in. There are very many portraits and paintings that people were able to acquire a long time ago and that are highly valued at present. Their value keeps appreciating and therefore it would be a good idea to invest in this type of work.
Most of the pieces are usually auctioned during art exhibitions. Some of the highest prices can go in excess of a hundred million dollars. Some of them are painted and sold for a certain charitable event so that money is acquired to fund them. There are very many exhibitions that are usually staged in order to help bring art awareness and to showcase the work of a budding artist or one who has been in this trade for a long period of time.

10 Fun Ways To A Happy and Fulfilling Life

Happy and fulfilled? Are you feeling that being happy and fulfilled is a far away thing for you? Are you looking to be happy and fulfilled? Most of us are looking for a happy and fulfilling life. While many are searching for happiness and fulfillment, they didn't feel that way. That's why they are searching and searching.
I have 10 ways to get myself happy and fulfilled. You may have heard some or even most of them. The difference is I want to make it fun rather than serious. I wish that you can achieve a happy and fulfilling life in a fun manner. It's easier to achieve something through fun. And to be happy, we got to have fun as well.
1. Having A Purpose
Live your life on purpose is to live your live with fulfillment. All legendary individual live their life with purpose. Some have big purpose like Gandhi, Mother Theresa. Others have not so huge ones like wanting a harmonious family. Nevertheless, a purpose is a purpose. Big or small, it is going to drive you forward.
With your purpose, you will look forward to living alive. Having a purpose provides you with energy and positivity in life. You'll move faster, walk faster and act faster because there are so much to accomplish. Happiness and fulfillment tends to follow right behind your purpose.
Have you heard of some ex-high level bankers who suddenly quit their job and went on to do social work like saving animals, trees, children etc? Though taking a huge cut in paycheck, they truly experience happiness. These people found new purpose in life, they went on to live that purpose.
Many thought that purpose must be huge and serious. Absolutely not! It can be fun and creative. My purpose in life is to have fun. So I'm always looking for fun ways to run a business, help others or inspire people. Fun drives me to do extraordinary things. When I'm having fun, I actually attract more opportunities and miracles.
Go ahead to generate creative purposes for yourself. Maybe purposes like being an outrageous dancer, a mad scientist, bringing laughter to fellow workers, most expressive singer, most adventurous explorer etc. Purposes should support you in bringing out your true self so you can really live your life.

Photographic Testing - Some Considerations For A New, Aspiring Model

"Testing" in the modeling industry is a term with a few meanings. It can be used to describe a photo session where a model uses pictures obtained by a photographer for their own promotion in their portfolio or composite card. Testing may be recommended by the modeling agency to go to specific photographers that they prefer to work with. In this type of "testing" the model usually pays the "test photographer" for their service. Whether or not the money is paid up front by the model or the modeling agency depends upon a variety of factors. What is the policy of when their new models need testing? This is a question that may only be answered by each individual agency.
The location of the modeling agency, how many models they represent, the types of clients and models that they use, and some other financial policies are all factors in whether the agency will pre-pay for a model's testing. Learn this lesson, now, that only a very, very small amount of modeling agencies are willing to use their own money when paying for a model's testing "up-front". They want to be absolutely confident that the model will work for them, be a strong earner of money/prestige for the agency, and then the agency will deduct the testing fees later from the model's first paycheck. The money for testing is ultimately paid for by the model sooner or later.

How Does One Become a Part of History?

Every time I watch a movie and sit through the credits, I am in awe at the number of people who took part in its production. I don't know any one of them but I do know that every time that movie plays and people watch the credits that the people's whose names in listed are seen all over the world by others. Even movies that are a quarter of a Century old and older still have the names of everyone who took part listed at the end of the movie to be seen for generation and generations to come.
There have been times that I wished I could take part in a movie production so I can get my name in the credits. Who knows maybe that day will come. Although I am an author and every time I have a new book published my name is on the front cover, I still hope one day my name will be up on the big screen for others to see.

Tips for Male Model Casting

Male modeling is a career that most people dream of mainly because of the glamour involved and the money as well. It is however important for one to know that this is a very competitive industry so adequate preparation is mandatory. During the auditions, it is significant to ensure that you have an added advantage over your competitors so that your chances of getting picked are raised significantly. In other interviews, the interviewer normally goes for the candidate that is appropriately dressed and fits the party perfectly. On that regard, it is therefore important for you to know what is required on your part in order to ace the male modeling castings that you want to attend.

Finding Great Events to Attend

Attending events is fun to do. People of all ages like to go to things like this, and there are so many available. It is just a matter of finding ones that interest you and your family or friends. Attending shows is fun to plan for. In most cases, you are required to purchase tickets ahead of time. These tickets will secure your seats, and they will make sure that when you get there, you will see the show. This is fun to do with a spouse, friend or group of friends. A lot of people will purchase tickets for an upcoming anniversary. These make great gifts for husbands or wives. This is also a great idea for gifts for your parents or friends. If you don't know what to buy your mom and dad for Christmas, purchase a couple of tickets for a show that they would like.

Shift Happens! There's Magic in the Details!

I see it over and over again - artists and creative entrepreneurs who do not give any thought or intention to a strategic approach for selling their work. Instead they believe that the creation will speak for itself and sell itself.
This couldn't be farther from the truth.
As painful and discouraging as that may be to know, your artwork is just the beginning. Just like the owner of a successful coffee shop who has thought through every detail of his store, from the logo, to the style and weight of the coffee cups, to the type of print he uses on the display menus, you too must do the same with your art. It begins with the creative art piece. It ends with a sale if you take the right steps to sell it well.
An excellent example of this is an art show that I attended recently. The work was excellent. The pieces were superb; the environment friendly and inviting. The art was well thought out; beautifully designed and spoke to excellence. The initial invitation made me want to be there. Yet, there was something missing.
What was that something? It was the strategy and approach once you were in the environment itself. There was no story anywhere about the art; no description of the pieces themselves. What would make me want this piece versus another? Why buy any of it? The compelling story of the artist was not clearly shared. It was left to the customer to ask for this information, if they even did so.
That made me think of how many artists and creative entrepreneurs make this very mistake. It is true that sometimes the work does sell itself, however in my experience as an entrepreneur and coach to artists, it usually requires more... much, much more.

How to Dress for Talent Casting Calls

The modeling industry is quite glamorous but what most people usually over look is the difficulty in penetrating it. The fashion industry goes hand in hand with modeling and is as tough to break even as well. This is mainly why it is mandatory for one to possess all of the qualities that the agencies are searching for before contemplating on attending the casting calls. It is advisable to work on your look so that you may be able to come across as unique while fitting the part perfectly as well. You must create a portfolio that has professional pictures before going for interviews because this is the only way that the potential can be able to tell the potential that you have. Another important thing is to dress appropriately so that your chances of getting chosen can be raised significantly.

Costumes - A Chance to Look Like a Star

If you are looking for just the right costumes for any occasion, you can visit a professional costume company for answers. Whether you desire Christmas, Halloween, Mardi Gras, or Character suits, you may be able to get the same service you might expect from a company that is judged by Hollywood standards. You can ask the company' costuming experts if they provide a full functioning tailor shop. This service can provide you with qualified seamstresses that are able to take care of your alteration needs quick and easy. Some of the professional services you might expect from this company might include draping, pattern making, designs, finishing work, and fitting.

How to Start Your Male Modeling Career

There are many female models in the industry at the moment and you can easily name a dozen of them in a minute. This is owing to the fact that such models have been used in most advertisements. You are sure to find them on TV, magazines, music videos or even billboards. Male models on the other hand face a major challenge because the industry has been receptive to their female counterparts for a very long time and are reluctant in accepting the revolution taking place. It is, however, quite possible to enjoy a fruitful careers as a model because they are still needed as much as the industry may want to do away with them. It is important to note that in order to succeed, devotion and hard work are mandatory for all.

Managing the Modeling Career of Your Child

Do you have a good looking child? Well, it would not be a surprise to many if you would like your kid to be a model. The apple did not fall far from the tree, and you need to understand that cute kids have a great potential of appearing in commercial ads on TV, on cereal boxes, diaper boxes, etc. Most parents are nonetheless unaware of the hard work that modeling entails so they enter the industry blindly only to experience plenty of disappointments later on. It is therefore up to you to ensure that your kid enjoys a fruitful and rewarding career as a model. This means that it is mandatory for you to learn the basics of management that will propel you and your child into greatness.

Why Free Education in India Is Important

It is normally said that education is costly, but ignorance is worse. This is because without proper education people cannot get good jobs and also suffer social stigma of being considered illiterate. It is in this regard therefore that people must invest in education both for themselves and their children. It is after investing and undertaking your educational courses that you can comfortably get a good job that is a gateway to a good life. Learning also helps you to have an open mind that can synthesize and accommodate different ideas. Despite the high cost of education therefore, people can look up to free education in India for some relief towards paying school fees.

Acing Male Model Casting Calls

So, you are going for a casting? Hooray! You can now celebrate because things are finally moving. It is a well-known fact that the modeling industry is very tough to penetrate and many people give up without breaking even. Male modeling is harder because the industry is constantly expanding, but it is equally rewarding when compared to female modeling.
Before you show up at an interview, it is mandatory to ensure that you have adequately prepared yourself and you have everything needed. It is advisable to act maturely all throughout so that the prospective client does not view you as kid who is excited hence may fail to perform. This is mainly why you need to avoid any signs of immaturity such as giggling and giddiness. Once you have confirmed the time & date that the casting is going to take place, the next thing that you will be required to do is carry everything that the client expects from you. This means that you need to place all these things at one place in ample time so that you avoid forgetting something important as a result of last-minute rush.

Who Is Braden Holtby?

Being a die hard Boston Bruins fan, I am struggling trying not to cheer on Holtby!
Who is Braden Holtby? This guy has been amazing, his flexibility in the net is blowing my mind. I was watching him and what he does prior to a game and his focus and visualization is just amazing and its working who knew...
We are now getting ready for game 7 in the series and I will be biting my nails and yelling at the TV, like it can hear me, right! But this series has been so exciting and it boils down to one man in my opinion and that's, Who is Braden Holtby? I am totally in awe when watching him in these play off games, I am really impressed with his ability to stay so focused.

Going Full Circle: A Future of Independent Art

There's no question living in this day and age of technology allows us to experience incredible things. As years pass, and technology changes, we find that we are changing right along with it.
One change we are seeing is in the world of publishing. Countless unknowns are getting their books out there for customers to read, and even big name authors who have written for traditional publishers for years are breaking out on their own.
This is highly fascinating for many reasons, but what I want to focus on is where I see the future heading as things are going. To do that though, let's set the foundation for the title of this article.
Going full circle, or in other words coming back to where we started. A future of independent art, so art created by the individual rather than commercially. You may be saying "that's silly" or "there's no way" but consider this: Once upon a time ago, the economy man functioned under was the barter and trade system. Arts were no exception to this either. Many made their living by making works of art for others.
Fast forward to today though and commercial art holds a large grasp on the market. Books by the big publishers, movies out of Hollywood, and music from the big name labels. I could continue on with video games and other mediums of art, but I think you're getting the picture.
If these large groups have control, how would we ever end up in a future where we see independent art rising to the top once more? The answer is technology.

What to Do For Vacation Entertainment

While on vacation, it's always fun to find unique local entertainment mediums to keep you busy and give you a taste of the city or small town's atmosphere. Entertainment comes in a wide variety of experiences from staged performances to local dining to area-specific museums to musical performance venues. You're sure to find plenty of activities to keep you busy during your vacation!
If you enjoy staged plays or Broadway shows and musicals, look into local theatres. Some of these offer performances by professional traveling performance groups, but others feature local talent in a variety of performances. For those who have the travel flexibility, you may even want to plan your vacation around a specific performance. For instance, if you enjoy musicals, find out if the theatre will be doing a performance like Beauty and the Beast, Annie, My Fair Lady, or another musical performance. That way you'll know you can enjoy a musical during your vacation!

Advice on How to Become Famous for Free

Everyone has wanted to become famous once in their life. Becoming famous is not something that happens overnight. To be famous, you have to do something outstanding to be recognized. One easy way to become famous is by entering a reality show. Almost every TV network has a reality show running from the X Factor, American Idol; America's Next Top Model to Britain's got talent. The list for these shows is endless. To appear in the show, you have to attend the auditions they carry out countrywide, and once you are selected, your path to fame is opened.

Outdoor Weddings Can Shine If You Work With the Right Company

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
When considering outdoor weddings for your special day, there are many factors that play a role in the overall success of these events. For example, the space needs to look and feel right not just for you but also for the guests in attendance. The location must offer the features you need but also fit within your budget. Even more important, you need to ensure the space fits the overall experience you want to create for this special day. Most people get married just one time in this type of lavish ceremony. If you want your day to be special, plan for it.
Find the Right Location

Best Summer Events in Bournemouth

The historic seaside resort of Bournemouth offers something for everyone, including plenty of fun events all summer long. Families in particular will appreciate the town's lively calendar, which is packed with free activities that kids will love. The summer's events have a more practical side, too, as they help draw income and support Bournemouth and Poole jobs.
2012 is the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Bournemouth will be commemorating this historic occasion with summer events including a musical extravaganza evening at the Pavilion Theatre, where the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra will perform on the 21st of April. The 4th of June sees the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra playing in Meyrick Park for the Diamond Jubilee Proms in the Park. The Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum will also host an exhibition of intimate photographs from the Royal collection, one of only two galleries in the country where you can see these extraordinary images.
Watch out for Classic Cars On The Prom; a regular gathering of wonderful vintage motors along Bournemouth's promenade. You can see Classic Cars On The Prom every Sunday all summer long, from early April right through to the 23rd of September.

Different Ways to Learn Magic Tricks

Magic is a treat for the eyes and a wonder for the mind. People of all ages learn magic tricks and use these to impress others. Whether they perform these tricks for hobby or profit, they have fun. Anyone can learn how to do magic and there are hundreds of different tricks to master, making the learning process both interesting and exciting. Regardless of their learning style, would-be magicians can find a tutorial that helps them master the art.

Harry Houdini's Most Famous Magic Tricks

Harry Houdini was born with the name Ehrich Weisz on March 24, 1874. Mayer Samuel Weisz, his father, moved the family from Budapest, Hungary, to America when Houdini was only a toddler. Houdini went on to become one of the most renowned stunt performers in the history of the art. His most famous magic tricksinvolved the art of escape, including freeing himself from handcuffs, chains, ropes, straitjackets, and even a sealed milk-can.

Brazilian Beauties - Who Are These 5 Brazilian Beauties?

Brazilian beauties are everywhere you turn in Brazil, especially in Rio de Janeiro. There's just something about these Brazil girls that makes them so attractive. Here's my random list of 5 gorgeous Brazilian girls. See which one you like the best. I have to tell you, it won't be an easy choice.
Gianne Albertoni
Not only does Gianne model, she acts as well. She was "discovered" when she was just a little girl, at the young age of 13. Four months later she found herself on the a Milan runway strutting down the catwalk. She has modeled for famous brand names like Armani, Versace & Prada. She has also been in a few Brazilian movies such as "Popstar" and "Carro de Paulista" and even in a few television shows like the Brazil based TV series "Mandrake" as Gigi.

When a Customer Complains

Over the last few years, we have seen an explosion of small business social media activity. The affordable and easy-to-use platforms make it easier than ever for small business owners to present their company to prospects, stay in touch with clients, conduct market research and resolve customer service issues.
Unfortunately, while customers have been quick to embrace social platforms to complain and share feedback, many business owners have been slow to respond to their cries for help. This is surprising when you think about how much you spend to get a new customer.
In our 2012 Small Business Social Media Survey, only 11% of the companies responding indicated they use social media to resolve customer service issues. This is a huge mistake since today's customer wants to talk about your service, and they will either talk to you or about you. Here are just a few examples:
A Bank charges a $50 service fee when you close your account. Personally, I think this is ridiculous and told them so when I closed my account. They didn't see my point, so I took the debate online to both my Twitter and Facebook communities. I copied them on my comments, and even posted a link on their Facebook page.
They did eventually agree the fee was unreasonable.  And I posted a thank you. Unfortunately the firestorm created by my first comments had taken on a life of their own as more and more people share the link and their own experiences. If the bank had been paying attention and jumped into the conversation quickly, most of the negatives could have been avoided.

Birthday Banners Convey Heartfelt Wishes

Birthday banners are an important part of any birthday celebration. Not only do they add a lot of festivity and solidarity among the guests, they make you look good. Such banners show that you're thought of everything, in covering all your bases to make the birthday boy or girl a day they won't soon forget. Also, they inevitably become a sentimental party favor for the main guest - a take home prize to treasured, to remember the special event forever.
Birthday banners can be used for Job or Wedding Anniversaries, Retirees, Baby Showers, Congratulations

Preparing for Modeling Casting Calls

Casting calls present models with the opportunity of breaking even in the industry and enjoying the lucrative career. This is similar to an interview and it usually has directors and producers present who will judge what you have on offer. It is therefore important for all aspiring models to be more familiar with casting calls so that they can go with the required mind-set. Always remember that the modeling industry is relatively competitive and is part of the entertainment industry so ensure that you approach it with a business mind. This is actually why the casting calls will pick models that will help them in making more profits. The role that they will be auditioning for must be given to someone who will monetize it at the end of the day.

Art Scanning - How to Use a Flatbed Scanner to Reproduce a Print

Artists, publishers and others have several methods available to perform art scanning to preserve their work, including photographing artwork or having it scanned with a drum scanner. However, a flatbed scanner also provides a suitable method for art scanning. From a business perspective, it's very important to scan your artwork to preserve it to reference for future projects or to market your work..
Following are some tips you can use for art scanning prints. Of course, you will need to have a flatbed scanner connected to your personal computer.
  1. Make sure the scanner glass is free of smudges and fingerprints. Avoid using liquids, such as glass cleaner. Clean the scanner glass with a lens cloth or similar product.
  2. Place the print face down as flat as possible on the scanner glass. Make sure the print is straight and lies parallel to the edges of the scanner to ensure scanning the entire print.

You Want a Wedding But He's Not Ready - How to Get a Man to Propose

Monday, December 17, 2012
Your author is a mother with two children and five grown grandchildren.I was married in 1953 when marriage was not only preferred, it was expected. Talking to my grandsons and comparing relationships from then and now, I Googled the topic and decided to write this article. Granted, the fault may also lie with the girls. I found the following information could be beneficial for both.
Today...relationships are becoming more "casual" than committed. "Friends With Benefits". Good women want to get married and one of her primal motives is her biological clock. If she is still searching for a soul mate, she wants to find him when she's young. If she's already with a man, she wants to get married and start a family. Mr Right isn't sure if he wants to be Mr and Mrs Right.
No woman starts out trying to "push" a man into a marriage. If he becomes distant,she begins to worry and the relationship becomes negative.This usually leads to schemes and manipulations. The man may react by becoming more distant. She wants his devotion and commitment,but on his own accord.
Starting from the very first "Hello" and showing him to track and inspire him in ways that pierce his

How To Write a Directors' Treatment for a TV Commercial

How To Write a Treatment.
Probably the most critical step in pre-production is the writing of a treatment. A treatment is the director's vision: a summary of the work that is going to be shot. A treatment is a sales tool. Agency people and clients are extremely busy and have very short attention spans. They don't have the time to meet and discuss projects but they're happy to browse through a 4 to 12 page treatment about the commercial you plan to shoot for them. This is their first glimpse at the material. If they're excited by the few pages of the treatment, then they'll be willing to ward you the job. If they're not excited, you're out of the picture. There's no standard form to writing a treatment. You just need to make it interesting enough to sell your ideas and approach.

Does Exclusive Excuse Poor Customer Service?

Last Sunday my wife, daughter and daughter-in-law were out to lunch and they decided to go look at wedding dresses, since our daughter is getting married.  Since there was a bridal store in the same shopping center I agreed to tag along (not that my opinion was either asked for or needed.) What happened next left me scratching my head.
We were greeted by a young girl behind the counter whose first words were, "Do you have an appointment?" No we explained, we were just starting to look and want to get some ideas. The young girl went on to explain, "We work by appointment only.  Here's the catalog and our card so you can make an appointment."  Being rather sensitive to customer service, I didn't say a word. But after the girls looked through some dresses and were again told they couldn't try any on, we left. All three of the ladies begin to comment on how rudely they been treated and how they had no desire to come back to the store.
What I realized was the atmosphere the store was trying to portray was that of exclusivity. Now I understand the need for the appointment to try anything on since they only had limited sales associates and dressing rooms. I get that. But should the exclusive atmosphere warrant a snooty first impression?  Should it be an excuse for poor customer service?
First of all, it's a national chain store so that employees have no stake in the business. Secondly, my guess is that the local management has bought into the exclusive nature and doesn't understand how to incorporate that with good customer service.
They could have easily gotten their message across in a way that would made my daughter want to come back. The greeter behind the counter could have explained why the appointment was necessary (we want to give you our undivided attention while we help you select the perfect gown.) She could have also given them a quick tour of the store, pointing out the different dresses and how the displays were organized, as well as encourage them to ask any questions they might have.
The question is, what impression  do your prospective customers get when they call or come in your business? Are they really welcomed or treated like an imposition? You will probably say they are welcomed and treated royally. But would they say that?  Here are a couple of ways you can find out.
1.  Have a secret shopper visit your business and give you their impression. Do it anonymously. Ask someone you know to arrange a shopper and offer them something for their time (a gift card, restaurant certificate or something similar. Not a discount at your store.)  This way you get an unbiased opinion.
2.  Install an inbound tracking line on your phone that can be recorded. Monitor that recording periodically and review it with your sales and customer service staff.  Better still have someone outside your business review it and give you their honest opinion.
3.  Ask recent customers to evaluate your service and your staff. Again make it worth their time by giving them something in return.
4.  Conduct periodic training with everyone that comes in contact with both customers and prospective customers. Focus on attitude, especially with regard to abrasive customers.
Not every customer or prospective customer will be pleasant. They may have just gotten chewed out by their boss, been dealing with screaming kids all day or are  just mad at the world.  It's not you, but if you don't bowl them over with your expertise and service, it will be about you. They will walk out vowing never to shop there again and tell tweet it, Facebook it, pin it and write reviews about their experience.
Make it your goal for every person that walks through your door or calls on the phone to end with a smile and a desire to do business with you again.

Inside Out - A Showcase of Contemporary Photography Exploring the Public and the Private

The premier photographic event of the year returns in June with the theme Inside Out: Reflections on the Public and the Private. Launched last year as the London Street Photography Festival, this year the festival maintains the strong links to street photography and the theme for 2012 reflects this. The photographers this year have really pushed the boundaries between the public and the private and this constantly shifting concept. These talented practitioners demonstrate the social consequences of this idea in their photography promising for an exciting and eye-opening festival. Alongside the exhibitions there will be plenty of talks and workshops to take part in, including an exclusive master class with the 2011 winner of the World Press Photo Award, Jodi Bieber. The festival promises to be a great showcase of photography, exhibited in some of London's best venues. LFP is one festival of 2012 definitely not to be missed.

Bad Bosses, Big Problems

My brother-in-law got laid-off. It happens and it is always sad. What struck me the most was that his boss did not even have the decency (or courage?) to tell him face-to-face. He used the phone instead. It made me wonder if this was something exceptional or more common practice. I browsed the internet and could not find any specific data on a situation like that but I stumbled upon some shocking figures:
  • Results from a poll of 1,000 U.S. adults in March 2007 by the Employment Law Alliance (ELA) found that "44% of American workers have worked for a supervisor or employer who they consider abusive" (Employment 2007).
  • Among the instances of abuse the ELA poll's respondents had witnessed or experienced at the hands of a supervisor or employer were sarcastic jokes (60%), public criticism of job performance (59%), "interrupting... in a rude manner" (58%), yelling or raising one's voice (55%) and "ignoring you/co-worker as if you/he/she was invisible" (54%) (Employment 2007).
It made me wonder what the cause of all this bullying and bad behavior can be. It cannot be that all these bad managers are 'bad people'. I don't believe that managers in general love bullying and bossing people around. I believe that there are mainly three causes - or a combination of them - that make managers bullies or otherwise bad bosses.
Peter Principle
The Peter Principle is a belief that in an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success, and merit, that organization's members will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability. The principle is commonly phrased, "employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence."
This happens a lot. A striking example is Sales Management. When there is a vacancy for the position of Sales Manager, many organizations search within their own staff to fill the position. In most cases, the best salesperson becomes the new sales manager as a 'reward' for his achievements and success. But, being a great salesperson doesn't automatically mean being a great manager. In fact, the chance that a great salesperson will become a bad manager is much bigger. Salespeople are 'loners'. Always on the road by themselves, reigning their own little Kingdom without residents. A salesperson is not a natural team-player. Aside from that, the skill-set needed for sales is totally different from the skill-set needed for leadership and management. It is like expecting the best cellist in an orchestra to be able to conduct the orchestra without any problem.

Bean Bag Chairs: A Brief History

Sunday, December 16, 2012
Everyone at one point or another has sat in a bean bag chair. Did it ever cross your mind to consider how they initially were conceived? Who originally invented them as well as when and why they became popular? In this article we look back at where it all began and where it is today. We present to you, the history of the bean bag chair.
The Sea Urchin Chair
The very first creation that looked similar to today's version is the Sea Urchin Chair. It was designed by Roger Dean while he was still in the Royal College of Art in 1965. Roger Dean is famous for his futuristic art on the album covers Yes and other bands. It was one of the first chairs which conformed and contoured to the users' body. It was a foam chair which appeared spherical but would shape itself to the form of the sitter.
The Sacco (aka The Socco)
The style that we are familiar with today came about in 1969. Italian designers Gatti, Paolini, and Teodora were working for a company in Italy called Zanotta Design. They were trying to create the right type of chair to market to the young, cool and hip generation. They needed a chair that was trendy, simple, and fit with the '60s way of life. The designers came up with the Sacco or the Socco as it was known in Europe.
The original Sacco's were shaped like a pear and made out of leather. The filling of choice was thermocol pellets and in time those were substituted with shredded urethane foam, polyurethane foam, Styrofoam, polystyrene beads, or PVC pellets. This newly designed chair became a very popular item, especially with college students.
Although it is not confirmed, there is a rumor that the Sacco's discovery was purely accidental. This rumor maintains that a Styrofoam factory put all the leftover pieces from the production line in a bag and thus created the very comfortable chair.
This Sacco is pretty much identical to the ones offered at department stores in the 1970's. However, unlike those, the Sacco used pure Styrofoam pellets, was made of high-quality leather, and has a headrest area at the top of the bag. It was similar in shape to a teardrop.
The Sacco became an instant success and was the must have furniture of the 70's. Because the Sacco placed the user very close to the floor and shaped to a variety of relaxing positions, it met the casual lifestyle of that time.

Important Aspects That Can Help You Become a Successful Model

If you believe that you have killer looks, an eye-catching posture, and a never-ending desire to outshine in the modeling industry, you need to produce certain modeling traits inside your personality. You can predictably rule over the hearts of fashion crazy public, and become an icon in this profession by following below mentioned guidelines to become a successful model.
a) A Modeling Mind-Set
Like other professions, modeling is a huge contemporary profession, which provides entertainment, fun, and career based opportunities to young entrants in this sizzling world. There are modeling agencies, professional photographers, directors, producers, and other professionals business. In order to become a successful model, you will have to start your career with a professional modeling mind-set, because your success will largely depend on how you deal with your seniors and colleagues in this department. Treating yourself as a modeling student and getting inspirations from your seniors will help you make a prolific modeling career.

Do Our Inner Stories Create Our Perceptions?

The symbolic world is the language of the Universe. So words often do not convey the essence of truth. Our perceptions create our inner stories, which in turn create the directions of our lives. Spirals, triangles, circles, squares, and crosses evoke feelings of connectedness that seems universal among humans throughout history. Different cultures, arts and designs tell us their stories through the symbolic world. Fractals are a good example of how many discover a new aesthetic blending of art, science and nature.
I believe that one of the reasons that our systems and institutions are struggling on this planet is because people are evolving to new levels. They need different perspectives, different and open techniques to discover the world around them. People of all ages deserve to be validated as human beings. Their stories are weaving the 21st Century's history, and as a society we must make the shift necessary to help our searching minds and hearts.

Crochet - What Is It? Where Did It Come From and When?

I know of a few, forms of crochet, the versatile most often used, called, in the west, Crochet, encompassing a variety of techniques utilising a hook and yarn and loop stitches; stitches with names like slip stitch, chain stitch, double crochet stitch, half treble and treble and a more.
Archaeological finds suggest that Arabia may be the first area where fiber was worked by a needle and, or a hook. Ancient samples from Egypt suggest a skilled application of needles and or hooks, going back to 950BC - 1200BC.
Through its continued history across the ages, crochet, a word from the French word croc, meaning hook; is believed to have been worked by men and women. A technique that can be worked sitting, standing, lying down or when on the move, utilising many varieties of yarns, linen, cotton, silk and wools, including finely beaten and spun precious metals (silver, gold), with or without the addition of beads and spangles, to produce cloth, jewelry, bags, rugs, upholstery trim, to work fabric to cover furniture, to make warm through to light garments, to the finest of laces and also to produce artistic creations; sculptures, miniatures, creations limited only to the artists imagination. Similar crochet patterns found in India and North Africa give credence to the theory that crochet may have been in continuous use in the Middle East for thousands of years.
Tunisian Crochet or is it Afghan or Tricot crochet, worked with what looks like a cross between a hook and a needle, where and when did it first surface? Was it Tunisia? This form of crochet that can look like crochet or knitting or weaving, was it the fore runner of each of these forms of fabric making?
Slip stitch crochet, perhaps the earliest form of crochet and fabric making.

Mad Men: Episode 503 Tea Leaves Commentary

Episode 503: Tea Leaves is a strong return to form, well directed by John Hamm. We catch up with Betty, who is more Shelly Winters than Grace Kelly this season, thanks to the real-life pregnancy of January Jones. Death is hanging over this season thickly. All that's missing are vultures on the reception desk at Sterling Cooper Draper & Price.
The episode opens with contrasting scenes of Betty and Megan being zipped into dresses for separate social occasions.
It's our first glimpse of Betty this season, and boy has she put on weight (this story line is out of necessity, due to January Jones's pregnancy). She has Sally and Bobby trying to pull the zipper of a powder blue June Cleaverish number, but they can't get it. It was Gone With the Wind meets John Waters.
Cut to Megan in a modish, loose-fitting dress unzipped to her butt. She's talking to her mother on the phone in French, and Don walks up and easily pulls the zipper. No fuss, no muss.
And thus, one of the main themes of the episode is launched - middle-aged Betty, struggling with her weight...and her mortality. More on that, later.
Next, Don and Megan have dinner with the guy from Heinz and his wife. At first, we see how Megan handles the dog-and-pony show. It's bumpy, but it works. It's another contrast with Betty, who knew how to look pretty without interjecting her thoughts and opinions into the evening - she was very much be seen, but not heard. Not so much with Megan, who just blurts out, when asked how they met, that Don was divorced. You could almost see him wince.

Messages (A Philosophy) and Alexander's Tutor

Messages (A Philosophy)
I have formed my own metaphysical beliefs, or philosophy. I have searched high and low for the answers: some minds say: reason religion out, because there is no reason to it. Others say, reason science out, because we only find skepticism. I mean, what is lift? Perhaps Idealism... but what is that? On the other hand, we know the brain exists, but nobody can find the soul or the mind, where do we get all those thoughts, where do they come from-a mind we can't find, and how do they develop? Is this not the deeper philosophy? Or should be? Anyhow, we can look at motion and development for our answers that has to do with thoughts perhaps, that is: time and space, we could pull in the planets and sun and the universe to work this equation out, but it won't fit. We are who we are; I grant you that, full of answers and questions. Some say we are who we are because we didn't fall at the mercy of the beasts, long ago. There might be some truth to this. But are we into looking for the mind-or not? if so perhaps we may want to look at sensations and perceptions which boils down to awareness of stimuli, taking atoms of sensation and molding them into sense; or messages. It gets rather web like doesn't it.

Costume Stores - Help You Transform, Create Memories, and Feel Like a Star

Whether you are a part of a high-profile television and film series or doing a production at your local theater, costume stores can help provide you with services that can make your event a success. They may offer services that are open to the public for events such as Mardi Gras celebrations, Halloween parties, extravagant parties, and more. Renting a costume from a costume store can be an inexpensive alternative to you purchasing a new costume or getting one custom designed that you may only wear once. Some of the benefits of renting a costume from some professional costume stores include:
• You have access to professionally designed pieces
• The items you rent are expertly maintained by wardrobe specialists
• Choice of wide range professional costumes
• Choice of a wide range of themed costumes such as Christmas, Halloween, Mardi Gras, and much more
• Opportunity to rent costumes from award winning movies such as Pirate of the Caribbean, the Last Samurai, The Patriot, and more

Why You Should Use Soap Free Cleansers To Protect Your Skin

When you think of cleansers, what do you generally think of? I know that the first thing that comes to my mind is soaps. Well that is what used to come to my mind, until I learnt how soaps work and how they can disrupt the natural protection of our skin by removing the oil barrier on our skin. This is called the acid mantle, and it is our first line of defence designed to protect us from unwanted microbes and skin irritations.
Many people turn to soaps to cleanse their skin because that is what the marketing companies have told us to do. They have made us believe that if you don't feel dry then you are not squeaky clean, but that is not entirely true. Many of the soaps and surfactants used in commercial products contain harsh chemicals which strip our skin of our natural oils leaving us vulnerable to skin conditions and sensitivity.

Split Second: Indian Paintings at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

At the recent American Association of Museum's (AAM) meeting in Houston, Peter Linett talked about the importance and increasing use of participatory platforms in museums. He declares on his blog that the "participatory revolution is all around us". Beyond the valued benefits of encouraging community involvement and increasing visitor attendance, participatory practices can offer a crucial insight into the way meaning is constructed in the visual experience. It can offer cultural institutions an opportunity to study and improve their own practices of content presentation and interpretation and enhance visitor experience.
A great example of the latter was conducted at the Brooklyn Museum of Art recently. In February, the BMA launched a participatory project that gave curators an opportunity to collaborate with their online community. Based on Malcolm Gladwell's Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, the interactive project examines the processes that shape viewers preferences and reactions. Split Second: Indian Paintings, the brainchild of Shelley Bernstein, Chief of Technology at the BMA, uses an interactive online tool in three phases to solicit feedback from participants who are invited to view various images of Indian paintings while presenting them with differing levels of information. The results of the study will be used to curate the exhibition which opens on July 13th.
In phase one, two artworks are shown side by side and viewers have four seconds to select the one they like best.

Costumes - Rentals That Will Meet the Needs of Every Theme and Period, and Will Flatter Every Figure

If you truly want to make a magnificent appearance at an event that requires you to wear a costume, allow the specialists at a professional costume store help you choose one that is perfect to meet your needs. Their professional staff of experts to include wardrobe experts, experts in production design, onsite-seamstresses, and more, can make your event a success. You can get help from a staff that is experienced in pattern making, finishing work, the creation and execution of designs, fittings, and draping. You can have all your costuming needs met for a variety of celebrations, festivals, and production projects.
You can browse the large selection of costumes available to choose from at a professional costume store with choicest that will give you high quality detail in each piece. You can work with a wardrobe specialist that will take all of your needs in account. The specialist can work with jobs that consist of a big or small cast. With the use of professionals such as onsite-seamstresses, you can get tailoring that can alter the details of the style and period of the production to flatter and fit the figures of each and every cast member perfectly.

What Features Could a Fort Made From Removal Boxes Have?

Thursday, December 13, 2012
REMOVAL BOXES are excellent tools in making forts. This sentence, however, creates more questions than it actually answers. So that we will have a complete understanding on the matter, we need to discuss the two separate terms: the cardboard box, and the fort.
Basically, children love playing. It is in their nature to play. Children who do not play are, in fact, children with some kind of mental or physical condition that needs immediate medical attention. Children love to play, and, most of all, they love to pretend. In other words, they love to play using their highly advanced imagination. This is where the forts come in.

How To Give Custom Gifts

A gift expresses the giver's affection or gratitude and reflects friendship and a desire to please the person receiving the gift. What better way to express that affection than by giving a gift made especially with that person in mind? Custom gifts needn't cost a lot of money; inexpensive or even hand-made gifts are just as wonderful. There are as many ways to personalize a gift as there are gifts to give. Let us explore a few ideas.
Think of the person to whom you want to give the gift. His or her personality and the memories you share with your friend or loved one can have an impact on what you decide to do for him or her. Does he have a favorite sport or type of music? Does she adore shoes or like to eat at a certain restaurant? These kinds of clues will be useful in deciding on your gift.
You will also want to consider the occasion. Maybe it is your mother's fiftieth birthday, or your tenth wedding anniversary, or perhaps your son is graduating from college. Some milestones in a person's life call for special consideration and preparation. Of course, gifts that are given spontaneously regardless of occasion are especially treasured because they show the person that you have thought of them daily and that you wish to convey that sentiment to them in a special way.

Our Advanced Civilization, Really?

This is really a good morning thought, it is 6:06 a.m., and I couldn't sleep last night, was working on an epic called "Feast of the Wolfhound," concerning Alexander the Great. So instead of working on the Epic, after going to bed at 1: 10 a.m., here I am again, I got back up with this thought, let me explain, for what it's worth, and perhaps not too much, but it's free (I think Alexander was getting to me):
We do not have to go too far back to witness our inability to find out we are unable to move(and to know) the affairs of man beyond a certain point, at which point everything is foggy: that is, we get lost, there is a reason for this and I don't quite know it, I doubt anyone really knows it, or can put a fixed finger on it.
In time comparison, we get lost real quick, perhaps beyond a century or two, it starts to fade, and quickly.
Point of fact, we can't really remember if there was really a Great Flood? It's been in question for a while now, actually it wasn't in question for a long while and in the past fifty-years it's become more of question. We have one book that validates it. Beyond that, we have to guess or rely on that same book: call out the geologists. I mean this is really not that far back, let's say, 3600 BC, thereabouts, or 5600-years. That's not so long ago.

Defining Steampunk

Steampunk is a sub-genre of punk that is expressed in specific locations such as costume faires, renaissance faires, Blizzcon, Comic-Con, Halloween, the burning man festival, large carnivals or perhaps in a more intimate setting with a group of friends, on a day outside over a picnic. It is not usually considered everyday clothing, worn on a trip to the mall because most people are unfamiliar with the concept, and it is not so much an statement against specific modern social trends, as an expression of an idea of how things could be completely different.
The Steampunk genre is based around the idea of the continuation of technology along the limitations of steam power, as if the use of fossil fuels, and other forms of power had never been discovered. Copper tubing and brass metalwork are considered the elements most used to construct gadgets and gizmos within these limitations. Blown glass and small amounts of electricity can also be important elements in creating "infernal devices".

A Father's Heart

I recently had heart-to-heart conversations with three teenage clients about their fathers. I found it interesting that, though they don't know each other or come from the same part of the country, they shared a common theme: they struggle with the hurt of not feeling loved by their fathers. I have also communicated with some of their fathers and learned they struggle with wanting to connect to their daughters but don't know how. Human beings are the one species on this planet that die without this significant need: emotional connection.
In my years of counseling the men who were brave enough to enter my office and engage with me, I have come to a deeper understanding and appreciation for a man's heart, especially when he is a father. Many times men don't behave as though they have a heart or really care about their children. Some of the men I worked with have jobs that take them away from their families for long periods of time. They shared the relationship difficulties with their wives due to their long absences but don't know what else to do to make a living. They feel caught in a no-win vice because one of the ways men care about their families is financially. The downside of this is that their absence doesn't seem to make the heart grow fonder, instead it creates emotional distance with their wife and children. They feel trapped and misunderstood.
Males in our culture have been conditioned to hide their emotions. I see evidence that this is changing but it is s-l-o-w. In my counseling room, I have been honored by the courage and strength of the men I have worked with who bare their souls and show their emotions to me. They have taught me that men do love and love very deeply. But they have also received overwhelmingly, strong, and repetitive messages not to show it. They are tortured between the love and desire they have to be with their families and the need to provide financially for them. I, like most women, have had to develop the perception to see beyond this male armor and see their struggle within. I know we have our justifiable reasons for our blindness, which are beyond the scope of this article. However, women need to become more aware of how history and culture have written

The Widow Adriana (A Tierra Del Fuego, Tale)

It was his custom once a year to climb that old wooden arduous stairway-one-hundred and sixty-steps, from the foot of Cape Horn, to the lower part of its near fifteen-hundred foot summit, where resided a little red house, with a little red chapel in the background, where a retired General of the Chilean Army resided with his wife, Adriana De la Vega de Pinochet, to inspect the premises, and let the world know, that the last part of Tierra del Fuego mountains, the renowned Tierra del Fuego, of Patagonia, in spirit and in rule, the island of Cape Horn, and its waterway belonged to Chile; thus, the Chilean Emissary Diego Medina, who had offices in Punta Arenas and Santiago with his entourage stayed only long enough on that windswept, forsaken island in the Drake Passage, only long enough for his picture to be taken and to say hello to his old friend, Jorge Pinochet (who had been close friends with Lieutenant Colonel Luis Altamirano, who had become president in 1925, of Chile, and his associates)to legitimately say, he was there in his person.And then off he'd be (it was a time when there was a sense of a de facto government governing the land of that region, one not ordained by law but one established by practice, and considered accepted by norm).
It is that Jorge Pinochet, had died as every man must die, departing this world, but in his case, in quiet footsteps, adown in his bed, no longer the great erect clinched fisted general he once was, cursed by destiny, flung over to the elements of nature, he died of double-pneumonia-not in the wicked battles he had dreamed of between Peru or another enemy of old, passing forever into the subduing winds and passage of time, and into the un-witnessed hands of fate, and cast into the great waters of the Drake Passage, where ten-thousand sailors had perished before him, and eight-hundred ships had sunk to its ocean floor-with its long avenging triumph over the immortal strait that walled two great oceans.
It was Old Widow Adriana now, who seemed inseparable from this old and desolate shelter on top of the summit of Cape Horn, doing daily what she always did, her nominal duties, as if nothing had happened. Upon the next visit by the Emissary, with the scrupulous good manners, he had always shown for General Pinochet, (retired, and now deceased) he had expected for her to depart this God Forsaken place for a more comfortable residence and life, and an admirable pension, in Punta Arenas or Santiago, or perhaps back to her homeland in Seville, Spain.
"Widow Adriana, why do you hesitate to come?" questioned Diego.
"Not so," she answered, "this here will be my tomb, as it was for my husband, I will not leave," answered the Widow.
"Be that as it may, I must then force you to leave, this is no place for a lady of your rank!" he proclaimed, handing her some currency, for her husband's past duties.
"My dear old friend" commented Adriana, "Never, never shall I leave this place, even if you take me away, will I return somehow!"
'Awe,' what a contemptuous woman he thought, stubborn as the day is long, nerves like the old hero of Seville, Hercules.
"Okay," he unwittingly said, "be scattered here and about, if you wish old fool, I shall leave you to your tomb, and isolation, to the empty world that surrounds you here, to visit the ghosts if you can find any, I fear for you and have pity on you-and that is enough scorning for me on you, therefore, I will see you in a year's time, if indeed, the Good Lord is willing!"

Folds and Fantasies

We all have played with clay! We have shaped our innocent childhood dreams in it, and we all have smelled the fragrance of the earth after it gets wet with the first rain of monsoon. We are the inhabitants of a great Indus valley civilization where the River Indus locked in the virginity and fertility of this soil for centuries. This terrain has cradled the ancient civilizations of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa. History shows that mud, and clay has been a source of architecture as well as of visual expression since ages for the inhabitants of this part of the globe. If Mohenjo Daro offers the architectural planning to an astonishing level, Harappan Culture presents the terra cotta figurines as the visual documentation of Indus Valley History.
Our homeland Pakistan has always been beautiful and fertile, since the prehistoric period to date, chiefly due to the oxidization by the River Indus. Therefore, the love for this land and respect to the fertility of this soil is the same today as it was in ancient times. That is one reason that in most of our landscape paintings, earthen panorama pleases us to a maximum level in this genre, for which Khalid Iqbal served in the best of capacities.

Wild Bill Hickok, First Gunfighter of the Old West

The life of a gunfighter in the Old West was a life in survival mode. Any man who used a gun to earn a living as a lawman, or just to gain a reputation and to be feared, took upon himself a great burden. He would constantly have to be on the watch for the next young man who was hunting him to take his title away from him - to kill him and claim himself the victor in a gunfight, or in an unguarded moment.
Gunfighters lived amidst violence. Hardship and fear lay between times of relative peace, and the gunfighter could find no peace of mind, nor take anything or anyone for granted. Around the next bend in the road might be an ambush by an ambitious young man seeking to make his own reputation. In any saloon, relaxing with friends over a whiskey and a friendly game of cards, death could step through the door or steal up from behind at any moment.

Why Buy Beats On The Internet

Making one of a kind sounds and music can be hard and frustrating, but it can also be a rewarding task. A lot of people can eliminate some turmoil by buying a beat base that is already done and infuse it into their own songs. These recordings can be purchased and downloaded from a wide range of sites and may cost next to nothing or might be rather expensive depending on the length and the complexity of the recording.
There are many different license agreements available for the various tunes. The person who is making the purchase should be sure that he or she fully understands the kind of license that they are buying. If they want to have full rights to the song, which means that they can use the file in a song to be sold, they will have to make sure that they purchase full rights and have an exclusive agreement so that they can avoid legal issues. The buyer should be sure to read through all the fine print prior to making any purchase.
Some party DJs purchase these tunes to use during their shows to make cool sound beds or jazzy transitions or for another reason. The usage agreements might be less money than a full usage and exclusive agreements. The DJ should be sure that he is complying with the licence that he purchased and should only use the tunes in the way that is legal.

Decorating on a Budget - Accessories

Trying to update your home on a budget? Grab some accessories!
Pillows - If you can't buy a new sofa, buy some throw pillows! You'll find them inexpensively at craft, garden supply, and big box discount stores. If you don't find a pillow you like, buy a pillow insert and enough fabric to cover it. Even without a machine, you can sew up a pocket for the insert and make your own throw pillows. Or switch pillows from one room to another to create a new look!
Candles are wonderful additions to the home. They not only bring color and dimension, but can add fragrance, too. One of my favorites is vanilla. Nothing makes a home cozier than a soothing fragrance. Candles come in a variety of colors and sizes so they're good even in small areas like bathrooms. But be very careful using lit candles, especially if you have small children or pets.

The Process Of Handcrafted Jewelry Design, From The Artist's Perspective

As a jewelry artist, I appreciate the countless variations of stones available to incorporate into a unique handcrafted necklace, bracelet or earrings. Regardless of the critiques or comments shared by my audience, the joy and superb excitement of creating something from a pile of stones and wire, is stimulating. As much as I would love others to appreciate and purchase my creations, the real motivation is in the satisfaction it gives me. If my endeavors, whatever they may be, become laborious and tedious, it ceases to provide an outlet and interferes with the pleasure of taking what is in my mind and translating it into a physical manifestation of my thoughts. Expressing myself in this way keeps me grounded and well balanced. Even though the stones themselves are created naturally, I try to bring them to a new form of admiration for everyone to enjoy.

18 Ways for Loving Your Home on a Budget

Don't you love watching the flip-it and home makeover shows? Do they make you want to redo your own home?
Check out this list of economical updating ideas.
  1. Change the cabinet hardware. Do this in the kitchen, the bathroom or anywhere you have knobs that are dull, outdated, or you 're just tired of. A great place to find them is Habitat for Humanity Restores, yardsales and flea markets.

  2. Change your lampshades. Check out big box stores and start noticing lampshades you like at yardsales, even if you don't like the lamp they come with!

  3. Paint interior brick. We painted the fireplace in our last house a dark forest green, almost black. When renovating homes we purchase, we paint fireplace brick (interior) to match the trim in the room. If your brick is blotched or discolored, this really gives a clean, new look to the room.

Beach Paintings

Buying an original beach painting offers you a reminder of happy times being by the sea. The natural beauty offered by the beach can refresh and revitalize you and a painting of the beach can bring those same feelings to mind. The wide open spaces, expanse of sea and refreshing breeze brings you back to your true self.
Some find it calming, others reinvigorating but the exposure to nature through a beautiful beach painting is something we can all enjoy.
Having painted the beach for a number of years, one thing that strikes you is how atmospheric a beach painting can be, with nature creating beautiful range of moods through the quality of light over the beach.
Both oil on canvas or watercolour paintings on paper lend themselves well to paintings of the beach. The range of colours found in the sand and the sea are astounding and they can create vivid and beautiful paintings to inspire you.

Acting Requirements or Move Over Einstein! Energy Equals

Reminder: Most of my comments and advice are under the umbrella of British training. Caveat emptor!
When people ask what it takes to be an actor I have both a "retort" and a "no-nonsense reply. " The "retort, " a bit edgy, is this: "An actor needs a passion for acting, the skin of an alligator (for the slings and arrows of rejection) and the soul of an angel, in case you get to read for a wondrous role requiring the full palette of emotions. On the other hand, my no-nonsense "reply" contains what I as both an actor and a coach have been able to determine is the basic "born with" or "trained for" list of what it takes to be an actor: Ear, Energy, Intelligence, Imagination, Intuition.
It's a toss up between which is more vital to an actor, "ear" or "energy. " But today, let's glance at "energy. " Almost impossible to define in an actor but you sense it when you see it! Energy has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with arms flailing like windmills, heads bobbing or wagging in rhythm to the words being said, nothing to do with yelling or screaming, or elevator eyebrows, or mugging or any of the other myriad of twitches and gestures that do not contribute to the emotional effect of the words you are saying. Energy is often at its greatest when the actor's body is still (like the stillness before a great storm). Energy is often the stillness of the face, the loathing or loving in the eyes, the calmness that covers fury in the voice. Think Clint Eastwood. Or hop the Atlantic and watch the stillness in the MI 5 actors, or Branagh's Wallander. Figure out how Branagh's world-weary detective simultaneously exudes enormous energy. Take another look at Daniel Craig's Bond. Discover energy in stillness and stillness in energy and you are ready for the competition in auditioning.

Avoiding Distractions to Ensure a Great Event

In a traditional movie theater steps, like reminders to silence cell phones, are taken to minimize distractions so that all patrons can enjoy the movie. Outdoor movies are unique and come with their own types of possible distractions. If you are planning an outdoor movie event, you should consider taking some simple steps to minimize distractions, to help ensure your event is enjoyed by your audience. Here are some distractions to avoid so that your outdoor movie event is a success.
Some venues, like parks, have playgrounds. A playground is wonderful way to keep children busy before the movie starts, but consider closing it during the event. Children playing on a playground will be loud and distracting for other guests. Simply hanging caution tape around the area will work well.
Think twice about handing out balloons at your event. Balloons are fun, and they might seem like a great item to give away, especially as promotional items from sponsors, but balloons floating around in the audience can block the view of the movie for guests.

Buy The Right Art Supplies For Your Business

Whether you are starting an art supplies store or you are opening a business where art novices and art enthusiasts get together to study art, having the correct supplies will be a good start. Having supplies of low quality or inappropriate had caused many businesses of this type to close their doors early on. Many art classes draw a lot of students because they make use of the proper and good quality supplies. There is no wonder why many students flock to one class and completely ignore another. They know they will get value for their money and the learning process will be more worthwhile with the proper tools.
What are the basic supplies that every art store should have? The basics or essentials should be there, whether your customers are amateurs or professionals. The first things that would come to mind would be inks, dyes and paints. The many categories of paints include acrylic, oil, watecolour, glass, or ceramic. Paints are sold individually or in sets.

Portable Restrooms - Not As Bad As They Seem

It's happened to everyone. At one point or another in your life, you've felt the urge and had to take care of it right where you were. Most people feel the burn at public events like circuses or country fairs. Construction workers, especially, face this problem quite often. Everyone knows that when nature calls, you simply have to answer. Unfortunately, there isn't always a four-star bathroom available when you need it. You might be in the middle of nowhere on a construction site or looking at broncos at the country fair. And that's when nature comes knocking. With no other alternative, you are forced to visit the portable restroom.

There is a common misconception that the Porta-Johns are unsanitary and gross. This is actually not true. They're usually very sanitary and clean and there are professional companies that come out and attend to the waste so that you can have a pleasurable experience. The movies often portray the poor individual who just wanted to go to the bathroom and end up the victim of a cruel practical joke. The joke usually centers on the Porta-John being overturned and the hapless victim emerging covered in waste and gunk. This hardly ever happens in real life, except in tragic accidents.
Besides being remarkably convenient and sanitary, portable restrooms come in different versions. The newer models have experienced some upgrades and are more luxurious. You can find hand sanitizer dispensers in some models and most now come fully equipped with toilet paper, a luxury most people enjoy having at their disposal following their bathroom rituals. It is becoming more and more common for the Porta-John to be paired with a portable hand washing station so that the user can fully cleanse their hands after they have visited the bathroom. Soap and towels may be found at these stations, along with a foot pump to dispense water so that you can give your hands a thorough cleaning after you've used the Porta-John.
Sometimes, portable restrooms have other uses besides just a place to relive yourself. Some companies use them as a way to advertise. Much like you would put pictures and posters on buses and billboards, companies might wrap the exterior of a Porta-John with the advertisements. These advertisements will be designed to catch the attention of the people answering nature's call. They're usually flashy and full of fun graphics to stand out and be noticed.
There are also plenty of benefits to the portable restroom. Since their companies rent them out to customers, they are guaranteed to be clean and sanitary. Ultimately, this means they are disinfected and deodorized on a regular basis. Also, the tank on the contraption can hold waste for ten people a week, on average. This means that it will be more than sufficient for your country fair or construction job. And, since it is portable and isn't an actual restroom, it doesn't clog. So put your plunger away!