Using Customized Mugs For Promotion

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Whatever business or industry one works in, customized mugs can be a great method of promotion. These types of mugs can promote just about any kind of business or organization from coffee companies to banks to the books of self-published writers.
Why are customized mugs such great promotional tools? There are a number of reasons. Unless a company gives them away as freebies, they are advertising at no cost. In fact, a business can break even or make a small profit on them. They're conversation starters. People bring their coffee mugs in to work with them. They're asked about the message on the mug and suddenly two people are chatting about the product or service offered by the company or organization. And the fact that they are customizable means an enormous amount of creativity in how an organization can present itself.

What's the best design for a mug that will be used for promotional purposes? This is going to depend very much on the business in question. More conservative industries like financial institutions will most likely want to stick with a simple logo, but for other organizations or entrepreneurial individuals, the possibilities are almost limitless. Rather than having the name of the company or the thing that is being promoted directly on the mug, there might be a saying or a picture of something related to the company. A mug promoting a television show might have a famous line that's well-known to fans, for example. This raises the curiosity of those for whom the information is cryptic and leads to questions. For fellow fans, it will spark a conversation about what is being promoted that others may overhear and join in, leading to further interest in the show.
Another possibility for design is something more personalized. For example, a veterinary hospital might do promotional mugs that feature a photo of the pet or the owner and the pet. This would be the dominating feature of the mug, and then the name of the veterinary hospital would be written in smaller print. Such personalization could apply across a number of different industries; the important thing is that it should be something that reflects well on what's being promoted and that the name of the company or organization appears somewhere on the mug. Organizations may want to use some sort of quality control to make sure someone sees and approves any personalized images that will be associated with their brand.
An additional benefit of a product like this is the way that it makes the customer feel. Mugs are a great option for this kind of advertising and customization because people get very attached to their mugs. Walking around an office, one will note how many people have a "special" mug on their desk they use for their daily coffee or tea rather than just grabbing a generic mug from the office kitchen. And at home, families often have mugs that specifically belong to certain members of the family; this same attachment doesn't happen with plates or cereal bowls. These feelings of attachment will carry over to the company or organization being promoted as well.


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