Why You Should Use Soap Free Cleansers To Protect Your Skin

Sunday, December 16, 2012
When you think of cleansers, what do you generally think of? I know that the first thing that comes to my mind is soaps. Well that is what used to come to my mind, until I learnt how soaps work and how they can disrupt the natural protection of our skin by removing the oil barrier on our skin. This is called the acid mantle, and it is our first line of defence designed to protect us from unwanted microbes and skin irritations.
Many people turn to soaps to cleanse their skin because that is what the marketing companies have told us to do. They have made us believe that if you don't feel dry then you are not squeaky clean, but that is not entirely true. Many of the soaps and surfactants used in commercial products contain harsh chemicals which strip our skin of our natural oils leaving us vulnerable to skin conditions and sensitivity.

"So if we don't use soap on our skin, what is left?" Good question.
Did you know that oil based cleansers are just as effective at cleaning the skin but yet are much more gentle, and they help promote the protection of the skin against unwanted nasties? I am talking about cream cleansers and gel cleansers that don't contain soaps or surfactants. Those that are used to the bubbles may find it strange at first, but here is how it all works (in simple terms).
Oils are attracted to and dissolve other oils. Dirt, grime and impurity build up from every day living accumulate on the skin and are being held by the oils already on your skin. In order for you to remove the impurities, you need a product which helps loosen them from your skin. By using oil based products, the oils in the product are attracted to the oils on your skin, therefore dissolves the impurities on your skin and when you rinse or wipe with a damp cloth you are effectively washing away the impurities from your skin without destroying your natural oil barrier. And that is why your skin feels soft, hydrated and supple. Not dry, itchy and irritated like soaps can.
Now I know what you are thinking - "but I have oily skin, I can't use oil on my skin! " Nothing could be further from the truth. It is very likely that your skin is producing excess oils because you keep stripping your skin of its oils. The moment you start working with nature and nurture your skin's protection mechanism, your skin will not need to produce as much oil and what you will find in time is that oil production will become more balanced.
Not convinced? Give it a try and you will see for yourself.


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