How to Dress for Talent Casting Calls

Thursday, December 20, 2012
The modeling industry is quite glamorous but what most people usually over look is the difficulty in penetrating it. The fashion industry goes hand in hand with modeling and is as tough to break even as well. This is mainly why it is mandatory for one to possess all of the qualities that the agencies are searching for before contemplating on attending the casting calls. It is advisable to work on your look so that you may be able to come across as unique while fitting the part perfectly as well. You must create a portfolio that has professional pictures before going for interviews because this is the only way that the potential can be able to tell the potential that you have. Another important thing is to dress appropriately so that your chances of getting chosen can be raised significantly.

The most important part of dressing involves your skin's tone and hair as well. Ensure that your skin looks natural but radiant at the same time which is why you need to use a moisturizer that will complement your skin type. Most agents normally prefer no makeup so avoid putting any because this can greatly affect your chances of getting hired. Eye shadow is okay but exercise caution while using it but avoid foundation at all cost. The point here is to present yourself as natural as possible so that the agent can be able to tell what you really look like beneath the massive makeup that most actors and models usually wear. When it comes to your hair, wearing it down is the best option that you have. Leave it the hair as it is naturally but eliminate any frizzles.
Now, when you come to the outfits always keep it clean and simple. Distracting clothes will not work in your favor since the agents will be focusing on your large earrings for instance instead of focusing on you. Do not wear over-sized clothes and this actually means that you need to put on nice fitting clothes that will compliment the shape of your body. Denim jeans with a simple top can work wonders especially when you pick cool colors while matching them as required. The type of shoes that you will wear will depend on the clothes but go for casual ones since they are the best in such situations.
All in all, you can ace your casting calls when you dress suitably and have the correct attitude as well.


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