New Types of Award Designs and Materials

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
If you are planning to give out awards and plaques in your workplace, organization, or community, the first step is choosing the design and material you want for your awards. With the many types of awards today, you have more options to choose from. Technology for making and customizing awards has also given suppliers more flexibility in terms of design, size, form, and material. To guide you in choosing the type of trophies and plaques, here are some tips.
Acrylic vs. Glass and Crystal
Trophies and plaques made of glass and crystal are stunning and quite elegant. Ideal for very prestigious awards and formal awarding ceremonies, these are the types of awards that will stand out and look great when presented to recipients and displayed at home or in the office. The only drawback is the cost of material and production for such types of accolades. If you have a limited budget, however, you can always opt for something more affordable yet looks close to what a glass or crystal plaque would look like. Acrylic is less expensive and easier to cut and customize to your specific requirements. The result is a beautiful and presentable award that will not fall short on the prominence and elegance you are aiming for.

Wood or Timber Awards
As classic as awards can go, wooden plaques still seem to be a popular choice. However, this kind of accolade can be quite generic and unexciting these days. Many still opt for the classic look but if you prefer something more interesting and impressive, you can still go for timber but combine it with chrome and glass. Instead of going for the square-sized plaques, you can choose circular or wave designs to put some dimension to a common wooden plaque. With the concerns for the environment, try to opt for eco-friendly timber awards.
Brass and Metal Plaques
Good for outdoor and indoor display, brass and metal plaques are usually weather-resistant. What makes these types of plaques a beautiful choice is the shiny and easy-to-clean surface that will last you for years. There are also printers that can easily print a design directly on brass plates with colors and simple graphics, which makes it easy to customize to the design you like.
Whatever your choice may be, it all comes down to the skills and technology of your trophy maker or supplier. Usually, there's a 2-week notice required for the production of a single trophy, maybe more for bulk orders. It is also best to be able to find good samples of awards that you can choose from. This will make things easier for you and for the trophy maker as well.


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