Earning Money From Oil Paintings

Monday, December 24, 2012
If you like paintings and drawings you may have thought of trying to make some money from your participation in the art world. Most people like paintings and drawings of one kind or another, because there are so many different styles of painting and such a lot of different media to paint on. There are even lots of media to paint with.
You would need to be very difficult to please if you did not like at least one of ancient, contemporary, Gothic, Celtic, cartoon or Victorian styles, using a brush or crayons on canvas, paper, or a wall. The combinations possible are practically infinite. And whatever style you prefer, you can find examples of.
Naturally some will be very costly, but you could sell copies of these old masters and earn money from them in that way. Copying is not illegal as long as you do not try to pass the copy off as the original. Imitations of old masters are very popular and there are thousands of them to pick from.
It is a good notion to start by having a couple of your own favourite old masters done for your self. This has two benefits: 1] it allows you to find a good artist/supplier and 2] they serve as examples of the quality of the work that you can provide to potential customers.
When you have your samples, you can photograph them and scan the photographs. These can be used as graphics in your artwork and marketing and on your website. Now you need to let people know what you are able to do.

As your business expands, you will find artists who can copy old masters and others who are able to copy any photo - that is scenery, people, cats, dogs, holiday snaps. Anything.
You will have a list of artists and a list of their abilities and prices of every one. You could arrange to pay the artist 50% on commissioning the painting and 50% on approval with the guarantee of a complete refund if the article is unacceptable. You can charge double the money that the artist wants: 50% up front and 50% on handover.
In that fashion, you are just investing in the promoting. This system works very well, if you get word out to enough people. Try putting B5 flyers in newspapers or paying someone to deliver them. You can try taverns and restaurants and reception areas like hotel foyers, office waiting rooms, dentists' and doctors' surgeries.
Once you have built up a couple of articles, you could rent them out. You could replace 50% of the artwork in a hotel foyer twice a year. Taverns and offices love this arrangement. If you hang them in restaurants, you could add price tags and give the owner 25% commission. lots of restaurants will go for that. Especially new ones which need decor anyway.
People usually prefer oil paintings of dead relatives and pets. However, if you could persuade people that it is a huge compliment to give someone an oil painting of themselves before they passed away, you would earn a lot of money.


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