Beach Paintings

Thursday, December 13, 2012
Buying an original beach painting offers you a reminder of happy times being by the sea. The natural beauty offered by the beach can refresh and revitalize you and a painting of the beach can bring those same feelings to mind. The wide open spaces, expanse of sea and refreshing breeze brings you back to your true self.
Some find it calming, others reinvigorating but the exposure to nature through a beautiful beach painting is something we can all enjoy.
Having painted the beach for a number of years, one thing that strikes you is how atmospheric a beach painting can be, with nature creating beautiful range of moods through the quality of light over the beach.
Both oil on canvas or watercolour paintings on paper lend themselves well to paintings of the beach. The range of colours found in the sand and the sea are astounding and they can create vivid and beautiful paintings to inspire you.

The changing tides and weather by the beach create infinitely changing views to paint and this potential for creativity makes the beach a wonderful subject for a painting. Ever changing weather, shifting sands or the height of the tide make every trip to the beach a new challenge for the artist to capture in paint.
Many beach paintings offer calming, peaceful views over the beach and out to sea which you can enjoy. The beach at sunrise or sunset can often be very inspiring. Paintings of beach views you know and love are especially meaningful and offer a great reminder of times spent there or happy memories.
As a beach painter, I choose to paint beaches that are especially meaningful and are places I've always known and loved. On the other hand, a painting of a beach you don't know can also be inspiring and generate feelings of happiness.
Abstract or semi-abstract paintings of the sea excite with their expression and can create wonderful feelings of being on the beach or by the sea, whether it is through interesting shape, beautiful colour or paint qualities.
Having a painting of the beach on your wall is great way to connect with nature, especially if you live in an area inland, away from the sea. You can find balance and be reminded of the beach whenever you wish if the painting is displayed on your wall at home or at work.
A beach painting can be something you will treasure and you can return to often to look at, contemplate and gain a different perspective on things.


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