10 Most Cool Colorful Advertisements

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Colorful Advertisement, from print ad to outdoor ads, really attracts attention of the general public. Creative designers help big company brands communicating their message through colorful visual advertisement. Studies shows that colorful advertisements can actually boost the impact by 20% to 70% and that are why there’s high demand for a computer graphic designs for promotional ads because many marketers believed it greater impact to us.

Here I have compiled some most cool colorful ads to give you an idea what I’m talking about. I hope you will like it

Announcing the Winner of Environmental Graffiti's Trip to the Galapagos Islands

Saturday, January 28, 2012

GalapagosPhoto: Zozi
The results are in. Environmental Graffiti's first competition is now officially closed, and we are pleased to announce that The Blunt will be jetting off to the Galapagos Islands, the World Heritage site off the coast of Ecuador famed for its wildlife and breathtaking scenery.
It was a close run thing – there were many incredible entries – but in the end The Blunt’s article, '6 Badass Facts You Never Knew About Dolphins', came home the winner. We'll certainly never see Dolphins in quite the same light again...

In Search of Australia's 'Big Things'

Big Banana CoffsPhoto: Stuart Edwards
Australia’s big things have become something of a tourist phenomenon - everyday items that have been recreated in staggering dimensions are littered across the country, and are estimated to be around 150 in number.
Big banana, big koala, big trout, big wine bottle, big cigarette... the list goes on. And if you needed any more of an excuse for a road trip, how about the idea of posing for a photo alongside a giant Ned Kelly?
The Big Banana at Coff’s Harbour, north of Sydney, has achieved a status approaching the legendary, and even has its own website. Probably the country’s most famous ‘big item’, it was created in 1964 by a banana stall seller who wanted to make traffic stop.

10 Most Unusual and Coolest Keyboards

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Personal computers by nature are ever-evolving. Not only does the technology constantly advance, but so too do the personal touches that people add to their own systems. Customization is one of the cornerstones of the PC, and that alone is very important to the modern PC user.

Listed below are 10 of the Coolest and Most Unusual Keyboards available to PC users. Some of them have been developed by actual manufacturers in order to make the computing experience much more convenient and productive, and others have been created by people who just want to make their computers look a little cooler.
Virtual Laser Keyboard

10 Most Creative and Hilarious Tech Advertisements

This showcase is an inspiration dose for creative designers and copywriters. Each advertisement is creatively molded to make an impact and also give the message is it supposed to. No doubt creative works like these involve hell of brain storming and sometimes great research work but it’s worth when are able to pull off work like this.

Here I have compiled some of the most creative and hilarious tech advertisements. I hope you will like it.
Ephone v900

10 Most Popular Free iPhone Applications

Apple’s Phil Schiller recently quoted the total number of apps on the Store to be “100,000 “, a number as daunting as it is impressive. With that many new apps to choose from it can be a difficult task to sift through the goofy, quirky and downright useless programs to find those that genuinely have a place on your shiny new phone. We’ve been downloading apps and putting them through their paces for a year now, and below is the shortlist of our favorite apps that are available for free.

These are our favorites but we’d love to hear about the apps you use most on the iPhone. So here are some of the most popular free iphone applications.

10 Best Photoshop Tutorials for Your Daily Photos

Here are some tutorials teaching you how to achieve effects in Photoshop! Of course, I didn’t find the same effects there, but if you look closer and really study these tutorials I showcased here, you will understand you’ll have all the skills to create such artworks! More or less techniques are the same and with little creativity you can create your own masterpiece even today!

I wish you good luck, while exploring and learning so you could spice up your own photos, impress friends and evolve your design skills. So here are some of the best Photoshop tutorials for you daily photos.
Water effect photo montage tutorial

10 Best Web Browsers Available Online

Your Internet browser is the key to the World Wide Web. It is basically a must have application on your computer. With this software, you get to access all kinds of information and hot technology. It may be sometimes overlooked, but the kind of browser you use affects your overall surfing experience. Your Internet browser enhances your web experience every day. If it is user-friendly and compatible with most operating systems, then it is probably good.

This compilation is complete with reviews on some amazing features, the trend in browsers and basically where to get them. If you are not familiar with any them, then this is good time to check them out and see if their features and functions are what you need to enhance your web surfing experience. Not all browsers are the same; some have their own positives and negatives. So be sure to click their links and try to learn more about them. Hopefully, one from the list may be the one for you and your computer. So here is a list of the best top ten web browsers available.

10 Most Famous Vampires

Monday, January 23, 2012

After the success of twilight series people have shown a lot of interest in such mythological beings. So i compiled this list by searching for the word Vampire + the series name + the vampire name on a number of search engines. This ensured that I was indeed getting results for a particular vampire from a particular series. The vampire’s popularity was judged by the total number of pages found for them. So, for example to rank Edward from Twilight I searched for “Vampire Twilight Edward”, which had millions and millions of pages.

So here I have compiled some of the most famous vampires…I hope you will like it.
Edward Cullen

10 Most Famous Fictional Princess of all Time

Princesses have been popular story characters for centuries, starring in roles from Greek mythology and Brothers Grimms tales. But in recent times, fictional princesses have become even more popular and are known the world over with one glance.

Culled from comic books, video games and least-surprising, Disney movies, he I have compiled some of the most famous fictional princesses of all time. I hope you will like it.

10 Best Christmas Toys for Kids 2009

Christmas 2009 is just around the corner!  As much as you believe that you have all the time in the world to get your Christmas shopping done, December 24th will arrive lightning fast. In order to beat the crowds, secure the deals and ensure that you don’t have disappointed children on Christmas morning you better start your Christmas shopping early. There are a bunch of new toys that kids want for Christmas. It’s difficult knowing which ones to get.

So this is a guide that will help you find the perfect gifts for your children of all ages. Just don’t wait too long, because these toys are guaranteed to clear the shelves fast! So here are some of the top 10 best Christmas toys for kids for this year.
Wii Motion Plus

10 Most Famous Failed Predictions of all Time

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Throughout history man has been making predictions of the future. With the advent of technology and globalization, the predictions moved away from religious topics to scientific, technological and social. Unfortunately for the speakers, many of these failed predictions have been recorded for all future generations to laugh at.

So here I have compiled some of the most famous failed predictions of all time. I hope you will like it.
“It will be years not in my time before a woman will become Prime Minister.”
Margaret Thatcher, October 26th, 1969.

10 Most Expensive Nintendo NES Games

The Nintendo NES was the first video game system for many gamers and is dear to their hearts because of the great gaming memories it provided. Many of the games for the Nintendo have become rare since their initial release. A few of those NES games are also rare and sell for quite a bit of money today.

So here I have compiled a list of the ten most expensive and rare games for the Super NES.
Nintendo World Championship Gold – $10,000 – Gray – $4,000

The Real Life Murder Mystery Encrypted in a Secret Code

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Note 1Photo: Image Credit :FBI LaboratoryOne of the two notes no one has been able to crack yet
In an article on its website posted on March 29, 2011, the FBI has appealed to the general public for help in solving a 12-year-old murder case. They need assistance in breaking the codes of two encrypted notes found in the pockets of the dead body of Rick McCormick.
The story dates back to June 30, 1999. Rick McCormick, 41, was found dead near St. Louis, Missouri. Two mysterious code-notes found in the victim’s pocket were the only clues, and the FBI have not been able to decode them yet.

The Myth and Mystery Behind Crop Circles

Complex circle in wheat fieldPhoto: Ian Burt
Crop circles may be the most science-oriented art movement in history, combining physics with art to create impressive, mysterious pieces
in thousands of different shapes. The people that create these highly complex artworks are often skilled in math and technologically, savvy enough to use microwave generators. While they push boundaries like all good artists, they rarely take credit for their work — that would take away the mystery. And crop circle are about the myth, folklore

The Mysterious Burnt Mounds of the British Isles

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fulacht fiadhPhoto: David HawgoodFulacht fiadh at Irish National Heritage Park
They cover Britain and Ireland (6,000 in Ireland alone), and although people have been living around them since the Bronze Age, no one can say for certain what they were used for. The fulacht fiadh (pl. fulachtai fiadh), or 'Burnt Mounds' as they're known in the UK, are rectangular basins anywhere from a meter to two meters wide, about half a meter deep, and surrounded by horseshoe-shaped mounds composed of charcoal, soil and heat-split rocks.

Top 5 People Made Famous By Their Deaths

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5. Horst Wessel
October 9, 1907 – February 23, 1930

Horst Ludwig Wessel (October 9, 1907 – February 23, 1930) was a German Nazi activist who was made a posthumous hero of the Nazi movement following his violent murder in 1930. He was the author of the lyrics to the song “Die Fahne hoch” (“Raise High the Flag”), usually known as Horst-Wessel-Lied (“the Horst Wessel Song”), which became the Nazi Party anthem and Germany’s official co-national anthem from 1933 to 1945. The song was banned along with all other Nazi symbols in 1945, and both the lyrics and tune remain illegal in Germany to this day. The clip above shows the song being sung at the Nuremberg Congress

Top 5 Things That Are Surprisingly Good For You

5. Chocolate

As a result of recent research into chocolate and health, it appears to be something of a panacea (cure-all) – coupled with the great taste and mood enhancing properties, it might be seen as a wonder drug! Cocoa or dark chocolate improves the overall health of the circulatory system, it stimulates the brain, prevents coughs, prevents diarrhea, and may even be an anti-cancer agent. Like coffee, chocolate is toxic to many animals. A BBC study indicates that melting chocolate in your mouth increases brain activity and the heart rate more intensely than passionate kissing, with the effect lasting four times longer after the activity ends. Eating regular small quantities of chocolate reduces cholesterol and the chances of a heart attack. Sign me up for some of that medication!

Top 5 Failed Apocalyptic Predictions

5. 1910 Halley’s Comet

Even though Haley’s Comet had been visible many times before without any reported deaths, the passing of the comet on May 18, 1910 was thought to be a deathly threat to people because of poisonous gas coming from its tail. It is not only religious misapprehension that can cause apocalyptic panic. This may have been the first time science caused this grave fear.

Top 5 Extremely Lucky Suicide Survivors

5. Angela Schumann
Near Kingston England

Location: Humber Bridge (Over 200 Suicides)
28 year old Angela Schuman was going through a custody battle with her ex- husband over their daughter. She wrote several letters, including one saying:” I can be with my daughter all the time. I can be free and far away where no Julio (her husband) of this world can reach us and separate us. And I can be with my daughter on her birthday.” In the fall of 2005 Angela jumped off Humber Bridge (3 days prior to her daughters 2nd birthday) holding on to her daughter all the way down. The little girl was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary where she was found to be hypothermic, but five days later was able to go home. Angela

Top 5 Most Successful Military Commanders

5. Hannibal Barca

Hannibal invaded the mighty Roman Empire through the Alps. He defeated the Romans in a series of battles at Trebia, Trasimene and Cannae. Never personally losing on the battlefield to the Romans, he maintained his Carthaginian army in Italy for more than a decade after the Second Punic War. He is considered one of the greatest military strategists ever, his Roman enemies even adopted some of his tactics for their own use.
4. Napoleon Bonaparte

Top 5 Cults

5. Raëlism

Raëlism or Raelian Church is a UFO religion founded by a purported contactee named Claude Vorilhon, who is known recently for supporting Clonaid’s claim that an American woman underwent a standard cloning procedure, which led to the birth of her new daughter Eve in December 26, 2002. National authorities, mainstream media, and young adults have increasingly investigated the church’s activities as a result of controversial statements by Clonaid’s head Brigitte Boisselier the day after.

Top 5 World’s largest Things

5. World’s Largest Serving Of Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken, a unit of Yum! Brands, Inc. served 2,493.35 lbs. of fried chicken to the citizens of Louisville – setting the new world record for the Largest serving of fried chicken during the celebration of KFC’s 70th anniversary of its Original Recipe of 11 herbs and spices.

Top 5 Men Who Were Really Women

5. Denis Smith

Denis Smith (Born Dorothy Lawrence) was an English reporter who disguised herself as a man to go undercover during World War I. Dorothy, 19, was living in Paris and wanted to be a war reporter – something that was impossible due to her sex, and the difficulty that even males were having at the time getting to the front lines as journalists. She persuaded two young English soldiers to give her a uniform; she had her hair cut short in a military style, and colored her skin with diluted furniture polish to give it a bronzed look. With forged identity papers as Private Denis Smith of the 1st Bn, Leicestershire Regiment, she cycled

Top 5 Hairstyles of the Last 100 Years

5. Mohawk (“Mohican” or a “mowie”)

Truly THE hairstyle of the punk movement. The wearer would shave his or her head except for a strip in the middle, from the forehead to the back. This would be grown long and cemented straight up with any number of household liquids, including eggs, glue (see Liberty Spkes), hairspray, pomade, and gel. Other forms include the Reverse Mohawk (shaved hair being in the middle), bi- or tri-hawk, the Chelseahawk (with bangs – fringe), the duo-hawk (split into two pieces), and the deathhawk (with teased hair).
4. Dreadlocks

10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2010

Monday, January 16, 2012

2010 Doesn’t sound like a real year or does it? It sounds like something that appears on a title card at the beginning of a movie. It sounds like the future. It sounds like you need a crazy, wild-eyed old man and a flux capacitor to get there, but you don’t, all you need is patience. An endless number of movies come out each year and you can bet most of them will suck. But the people who love watching exciting movies are impatient. They’re already looking ahead to 2010 and its silver screen offerings, and they’d like you to join them.

Here i have compiled some of the most anticipated movies of 2010. If i missed any movie please do share with us in comments section. Thanks
Iron Man 2

10 Most Unique and Expensive Gadgets in the World

We’re not all rich right now, but you never know when wealth can suddenly strike. It pays to be prepared especially when it comes to your accessories or gadgets. Which mobile or laptop you are going to use when inconceivable, tremendous wealth is thrust upon you? Are you still going to use that worn-out phone, or are you going to step up to the plate and find a mobile that defines you in style?

So here I have compiled some of the most unique and expensive gadgets in the world. I hope you will like it and will surely buy these when someday you will be riche rich or may be like Mr. Donald Trump ;)
Iphone 3GS Supreme

10 Most Famous Superhero Characters

The superheroes are fictional characters which possess immense power, skills and capabilities. These characters have ruled the world of comics, animated serials and movies for many years. Some of them have topped Box offices all around the world and are very famous among kids.
So here I have compiled some of the most famous Superhero characters. I hope you will like it.

Top 5 Bizarre Theories And The Facts Surrounding Them

Friday, January 13, 2012

5. Terraformed Mars

The theory: The theory here is that Mars is already being terraformed behind our backs by groups such as NASA and the ESA, it is a fairly new claim and is supported only by speculation and a few pictures.
The facts: First off the price, it seems almost no theorist takes price into account when they come up with these ideas, NASA is already having trouble as it is keeping themselves funded. The price of bringing something to Mars that could terraform it would cost billions, possibly even trillions. The computer

Top 5 Funny Signs Found at the Beach

5. At least the owners of this nude beach are being honest and direct. They clearly are against having any fat chicks on their beach. But who enforces this rule?

Top 5 Celebs With Signature Poses

5. Lady Gaga
This awkward pose matches her taste for avant garde fashion.

4. Vanessa Hudgens
If we had a dollar for all the kisses she has blown…

Amazing Hand Watch

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Amazing design of watch.Your wristwatch shouldn’t be very complicated with numerous options like the ones we have featured in our collection ofluxury watches. This model called Slip Watches, created by design studio from Brooklyn Nonlinear Studio, is very simple but at the same time extremely stylish. The face of the watches crosses the wrist band at 20 degrees. This inferred movement gives the watch its unique character and makes it more ergonomic to read. Very interesting and creative watches.
amazing watch

Top 10 Biggest Mafias Around the world

Mafia refers to secretive groups involved in organized crimes spread over a lot of countries. They are usually referred to by the name of the country they originated in and the majority of members will be of this nationality. They usually aspire to have a monopoly over illegal activities like drugs, firearm trafficking, etc.

This is an article about the mafia groups and their activities. So here is a list of some of the biggest mafias around the world.
Jamaican-British Yardies

Top 5 Ingenious Solutions to Survive Flood

5. Always look for the funny side of bad things.

4. If you don’t want to get wet, don’t forget your umbrella.

Top 5 Most Fearless Cleaners

5. This window cleaner works in front of the court during the second round match between Igor Andreev and Marin Cilic in the Monte Carlo Masters tennis tournament in Monaco. I hope he doesn’t get distracted by the match.

Top 5 Weird Dresses

5. Anti-Rape Dress

Certainly admirable for its inventiveness and in terms of practicality. This dress, designed by a Japanese dress maker is designed to allow Japanese women to disguise themselves as vending machines to hide from possible attackers. Unfortunately, it blows in the wind and you can still see the feet… Still though, you’ve got to admire them for trying.

Top 5 Craziest Urinals

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

5. Thermochromic Urinal

The thermochromic urinal is making quite a stir in the web news world. No one really knows who created and designed this innovative and bizarre waste disposal system.
The wall in the picture clearly demonstrates how this unusual system works. The wall is heat sensitive i.e. it is built of materials that when peed on change color and allow the person to etch patterns. The wall, it seems utilizes the heat of the spray to change color, in this case the blue wall turns orange!

Top 5 The Worst Teachers Ever

5. The teacher who taped her student’s mouth shut

A mother of a Broward middle school student got upset after her 13-year-old daughter told her a teacher placed tape over her mouth. “I came home from a hard day’s work to hear that my daughter had her mouth taped up unwillingly,” said Leah Freel. Jazlyn Freel attends New Renaissance Middle School. She said her teacher placed tape over her mouth. “She asked me to stop talking, and then a couple minutes went by, and I started to talk again, and she came to me and put it on my mouth,” Jazlyn said. “I had to cough, so I took

Top 5 Creative Cooking Tools You Can Actually Buy

5. Animal House Monkey Peeler

The orange monkey peeler ($14.20) is king of the kitchen with his swivel blade stainless steel peeler, built in eye remover for potatoes. Our monkey cleans up nicely with a quick trip through the dishwasher.
4. Trudeau Pot Clip Spoon Rest

Top 5 Hilarious Signs That You Are a Computerholic

5. You work in your computer even when you are sick, I mean, really sick.

Top 5 Stories of Weddings That Ended in Disaster

5. The wedding guest who shot himself playing Russian roulette during the reception

The wedding guest who shot himself playing Russian roulette during the reception
In 2010, a Russian wedding ended in tragedy after a game of Russian roulette went wrong, leaving one guest with a life-threatening gunshot wound to his head. A home video of the wedding in Astrakhan, southern Russia, shows a grinning friend of the groom unexpectedly pulling a pistol from his waistband, putting it to his temple and squeezing the trigger. The gun emits only a clicking sound and the smiling gunman asks who else wants to try his luck.

10 Famous Celebrities Who Were Strippers

It’s not easy being a celebrity or famous. They were never born a star but earned their way up here. But was this journey easy or smooth? No. Some were into drugs in their teens, some had cases on them and some worked at bars and strip clubs to earn money in beginning. But some did it just for fun and few of them really wanted it to do ;-) .

So here is a list of some of the most famous celebrities who were strippers before they were famous. This post is also a glimpse of a celebrity struggle up the hill of fame and fortune.
Lady Gaga

10 Most Stylish Apple Mac Girls

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

They say style comes with simplicity but in the tech world, the only thing that follows style is Apple and its products. We know you loved our list of the 10 hottest mac chicks and we have decided to bring in some more Mac love for you.
Compiled below is a list of the 10 Most Stylish Mac Girls wearing and modeling around famous Apple products such as the Macbook and mostly the iPod.
So here we go!

1. Cristina Poetto

Top 5 Coolest Golf Courses

Monday, January 9, 2012

5. The mini-golf course on the top of a Skoda

Car nut John McArthur has the ultimate green motor after turning his Skoda into a mini-golf course – and he doesn’t even play the game himself. The 22-year-old has covered the Felicia with fake grass from bumper to bonnet, complete with flag on the roof and a bunker. The film extra was hunting for a replacement for his Renault Megane Scenic when he spotted his dream car on auction website eBay. He drove away with the converted Skoda at a bargain price of £347. One of the bonuses of his green car is that he never has to clean it and it is on a par with other motors when it comes to reliability.

Top 5 World’s Fattest…

5. World’s Fattest Nation (Nauru)

Nauru is the world’s fattest country, with an average BMI of 34 to 35. Located in the south Pacific, it is the smallest island nation with a population of less than 10,000. Obesity has grown as a result of the importation of Western foods paid for with proceeds from phosphate mining. The most popular dish is fried chicken and cola.

Top 5 Most Eccentric Millionaires

5. The millionaire who was accused of defecating on the sidewalk in front of cafes

For years they wondered who was behind the unique calling card .To unmask the shopping strip’s midnight-to-dawn caller, a North Ryde restaurateur who had borne the brunt of the deposits took the matter into his own hands. Someone was leaving behind human faeces on his pavement.
The restaurateur installed a surveillance camera and the footage led police to charge 71-year-old millionaire property owner Salvatore ”Sam” Cerreto with willful and obscene exposure and offensive behaviour. Mr Cerreto, from Marsfield, is alleged to have personally dropped off the package. He was allegedly captured on camera walking to the tenant’s restaurant with a ream of toilet paper, pulling his pants down, squatting

Top 5 Weirdest Sandwiches

5. The Giftwich

Can’t decide what to get for her birthday? Try the Giftwich. This Reuben with a ribbon is sure to put a smile on her face, because nothing says “I love you” like corned beef and Swiss on rye!
4. The Longest Sandwich in the World

Beautiful Guitar Designs

The guitar is a plucked string instrument, usually played with fingers or a pick. The guitar consists of a body with a rigid neck to which the strings, generally six in number, are attached. Guitars are traditionally constructed of various woods and strung with animal gut or, more recently, with either nylon or steel strings. Some modern guitars are made of polycarbonate materials. Guitars are made and repaired by luthiers. There are two primary families of guitars: acoustic and electric. You can see a lot of guitar designs and you know always that every guitar have different voice to another. I have some collection of guitar designs i think this is best designs and easy to playing.