All About Free Art Items and Recommendations

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Through free arts, children are able to express their feelings and creativity as they develop critical thinking skills. When parents give them art supplies, they can discover and experience fantastic events. In addition, they can explore and learn gradually. This is why art must be a synonym of freedom.
General recommendations: What to buy?
Young children tend to play with markers and brushes. They need basic items that will allow them focus on the sensory aspect of art. For instance, materials like finger paints, clay and thick crayons are a good option. For preschoolers, it is recommended to buy regular crayons, paper, brushes, paints, rubber, and items to develop simple collages. Furthermore, it is a great idea to purchase feathers, pieces of colored paper, tape, ribbons, and scissors.

In short, as children get older, they begin to explore their creativity. Thus, it may be a good idea to add more items to their art supplies like old socks or fabric scraps. Remember to avoid pre-made projects that are not free. Also, make sure that the project meets the needs of the whole group, because the skills of children could be at different levels.
It is important to expose children to different methods of art making. After having experimented with different techniques, they will eventually decide on their favorite free arts. Some teachers place children in different positions while they make art. This is a great method to achieve different perspective on art. According to experts, it is good to let them do what they want and allow them to express themselves.
For adults
Some adults wonder how to learn free arts. Truth is, it is as simple as drawing with a pencil. However, it is recommended to go for slight changes. For instance, if you use dough one day, use paper towels the next day. The structure should not be too rigid. It depends on your age. In this sense, the structure will be based on what you see.
To conclude, free arts are important to express frustration, anger, sadness and other emotions. Art allows children and adults to use all their senses. The best kind of art is certainly linked to freedom. Truth is, some love to draw while others cut and paste fabric pieces. Allow children to explore and see what they can invent. They learn to play with others and get ideas from their partners. Thus, They grow up with creative minds.


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