Modern Art and Artists - Andy Warhol

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Andy Warhol is synonymous with modern art. When most people think modern art, they think of some or Warhol's most famous works. He was not only instrumental in the field of pop art, he was a fixture in the art community and New York City nightlife. His friends, all interesting characters themselves helped him create some of the most surreal pieces of film in American history.

Tips to Help Choose Your First Model Steam Trains

For the most passionate hobbyist, model steam trains are not just a hobby, instead they are works of art, and may take years to handcraft each part and make each piece in the scenery. On the other hand, for the beginning or intermediate modeler, model trains can be a source of pride, and a glimpse of these majestic thundering behemoths from the past, and will not consume years of their time. The tried and true advice "start small and work up" applies when selecting the very first model.
How to Choose Model Steam Trains for the Beginner Hobbyist
No one can say which model will appeal to any individual, because that is a matter of personal taste. On the other hand, there are varying skill levels and those can help determine where the beginner should "begin". Below are some tips that may help the beginner make a successful venture into a lifelong passion with model trains.

A History of Bronze Sculptures

Few art forms have managed to capture, so completely, the very essence and spirit of the times in which they were created as have bronze sculptures. This in not surprising, fashioned in molten metal, they give the artist unlimited flexibility denied to sculptors in wood or stone. Bronze sculptures can easily assume any shape or form no matter how fanciful, elaborate or intricate. They are as well suited to portraying emperors, heroes, warriors, mythological gods, goddess and demons, as to depicting domestic, wild and unearthly animals and creatures.
It is an art form which dates well back into antiquity. As a matter of fact, one of the earliest bronze sculptures is a portrait bust believed to be of a Babylonian ruler Sargon. It was made during the 3rd Century B.C. and is now in the Iraq Museum in Baghdad. Animals were represented in bronze as early as 1500 B.C. Magnificent examples are the five feet ten inch horses of St. Mark, Circa 500 B.C., now in the Venice. One of the largest bronze sculpture ever created was the Colossus of Rhodes, a one hundred foot high figure of Helios, god of the sun. Erected in the early 3rd century B.C. and later considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, it was destroyed by an earthquake in 224 B.C.

How Halloween Trivia Questions Can Spice Up a Pub Quiz

Halloween trivia questions can spice up any pub quiz, because by their very nature they tend to be different to the normal type of trivia you come across during the average pub quizzes. However, it is at Halloween and the days leading up to it that such questions tend to appear in a pub quiz, and many bars, pubs and even charities and other bodies tend to run themed quizzes at this time.
It is the same with other notable dates in the calendar, such as St. Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year Day and, in the USA, Thanksgiving. There is something about a trivia quiz that attracts people at these times that would never otherwise be involved in a quiz.
Why is this? Why is it that many people will gladly participate in an activity on a special date that they would never dream of doing at any other time of the year? I am not referring here to those avid quizzers that attend a quiz every Thursday or Sunday evening, but to those for whom an annual pub quiz is an event.
One reason is generally that it is fun. A well compiled Halloween quiz can be a great deal of fun, as can any other themed quiz, and many people feel safe with such quizzes rather than just a general knowledge quiz with questions that they are afraid will show their ignorance to others competing. In fact, some will read up on Halloween trivia questions to improve their chances!

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Snazaroo Face Painting Kits

When it comes to face painting, Snazaroo is no doubt the leading brand in the market today. And this has come about due to the company's commitment to safe and quality products. This is the reason why it has become the primary preference of scores of avid face painters worldwide.