Summer Camp Can Be Educational and Fun

Monday, December 24, 2012
Parents are always trying to come up with ideas of things their kids can do doing their summer break. You can take your child to an amusement park in the three-digit heat and wait 45 minutes before you get on each ride. You can also allow your child to be sucked into the world of video games, as they stare blindly at the TV screen and play hours upon hours of video games.
A better option of things your child can enjoy during the summer months is to go to a nature institute summer camp. Your child can enjoy activities that will allow them to get involved in arts and crafts, visits to the zoo, animal feedings, zoo hikes, educational videos, and much more.

For the older students such as those in the 5th, 6th, and 7th grades, there are camps available that will allow them to explore animal science topics. Since this age group never gets bored, these youngsters get daily visits to the zoo, arts and crafts, behind the scenes tours, animal encounters, hands-on activities, and they may even be able to enjoy an overnight adventure at the zoo. Some of the topics they may get a chance to learn about include:
- Camp conservation
- Rainforest ecology
- Animal careers
- Planning of wetlands
- Studies of the African Savannah
- Marine biology
There are also summer camp programs dedicated to those pre-kindergarten through 4th grades. They will have the chance to enjoy all of the fun activities and learning experiences that the older kids do, just at a level appropriate for them. To top things off, your kid can enjoy a weekly visit to the splash park for a chance to let loose and cool-off. Any portion of the camps located at the nature institute will give your child the chance to engage in a host of educational, productive, and fun activities.
A summer camp at a nature institute can open up a whole new world to your child, as they get a chance to express their creative side. You can contact the staff at the nature institute for information on the summer camps they offer. You can also ask about the best time for you to enroll your child in the camp program. It is always best to register your child for camp early, as most times, space is limited and fills up quickly. Visit their website for additional information on program costs and a way you can register your child for the camp online.


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