You Want a Wedding But He's Not Ready - How to Get a Man to Propose

Monday, December 17, 2012
Your author is a mother with two children and five grown grandchildren.I was married in 1953 when marriage was not only preferred, it was expected. Talking to my grandsons and comparing relationships from then and now, I Googled the topic and decided to write this article. Granted, the fault may also lie with the girls. I found the following information could be beneficial for both.
Today...relationships are becoming more "casual" than committed. "Friends With Benefits". Good women want to get married and one of her primal motives is her biological clock. If she is still searching for a soul mate, she wants to find him when she's young. If she's already with a man, she wants to get married and start a family. Mr Right isn't sure if he wants to be Mr and Mrs Right.
No woman starts out trying to "push" a man into a marriage. If he becomes distant,she begins to worry and the relationship becomes negative.This usually leads to schemes and manipulations. The man may react by becoming more distant. She wants his devotion and commitment,but on his own accord.
Starting from the very first "Hello" and showing him to track and inspire him in ways that pierce his
"Masculinity" and touch him into the core of what makes him a man. When that happens...A man takes over the forward movement of the relationship all on his own. Here are some valuable tips on how a man thinks and how you can get him to commit.
If a man takes you on a date,there's a 90% chance he will want to kiss you.The whole time he's listening to you he's thinking about that kiss. He can't read your mind in spite of all the signals you may be giving him. The date has ended and you're at your front door. He's still not sure. Here's a solution.
The earlier you kiss on a date the better. He's thinking Is she going to kiss me? Is she not going to kiss me? Am I wasting my time? There's a kissing technique that works great. Just say to him. "Do you want to kiss me?" Scary? Don't you want to know that you are with a guy who is not interested? There are only three possible answers. Yes...No...Maybe
Yes- "Then what are you waiting for"? And kiss
No- "Oh! You looked like you were thinking about something".
Maybe-"Let's Find Out" and the ball is in his court.
By moving the kiss forward, you're avoiding an awkward moment that makes you no longer attracted to this man. The pressure is taken off the front door moment and you can enjoy the rest of your date. Here are three more things you want to avoid.
HOW MANY EXES...Being good looking may get you a first date, but there may be things you are doing that may not get you the second date. You can usually tell a lot about someone based on the stories they tell in a conversation. Younger women have stories about their parents and siblings. Later on in life women have stories about their friends. Before long some only have stories about their exes.
If a woman only talks about exes, that tells a man she is perpetually in relationships.These women usually ditch their friends when they are in a relationship, and doesn't talk about them. (Men want to be with women who are on their own.) Talking about your exes will remind him of his exes and makes him uncomfortable.
Do You Want To Get Married...Men want to get married because you think they are amazing not because you want to get married. It's okay to screen him to see if he's good husband material,but don't make it obvious. Don't ask him if he wants children, or where he sees himself in five years. These are red flags.
THE INTERVIEW...Don't make yourself boring by asking boring questions. You'll get boring answers. If you're nervous and can't get the conversation flowing, you can ask questions but keep them open ended. Don't ask him where he works, favorite colors, brothers and sisters and so on.


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