How WAV Files Can Be Used to Make Music?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Thanks to advanced digital technology, it is possible to produce high quality audio recordings using WAV samples. First off, it is important to have a basic understanding of exactly what WAV audio format is. WAV is the acronym for Waveform Audio File Format, it is also called WAVE. WAV files are compatible for use with both PCs and Macs. WAV files are commonly referred to by their extension format,.wav.
WAV format refers to uncompressed audio files. These files are available to be used as is, in the original raw data format, or they can be converted into a compressed file. The original raw data contains a large amount of information, if a music sample is required, then it is best to convert the WAV file into a MP3 file. Once the files are converted, it's pretty much a straightforward method to extract chunks of data for multiple tracks.
In order to create professional CDs, audio software is required. Sound software is fairly inexpensive and it can be purchased from select retail stores or downloaded from Internet program providers, such as Apple's iTunes. There are companies which specialize in providing WAV software, free of charge.

Audio tracks cannot be created without converting the file into a WAV format. After the WAV file is made, then it becomes possible to add music samples from other sources to the original audio tracks. Adding WAV samples to the original track is simple because there are thousands of free resources available online, these tracks are not only free to use, but they do not require any additional conversion. Free samples are available for both music CDs and for movie soundtracks. These "WAV only" files allow for streamlined delivery, because of the variety of musical types that are available for instant download.
The shift to WAV digital formats has significantly changed the way that music is created and produced. In recent years, there has been a large amount of music which emphasizes sample content. WAV files are valuable to all musical genres. In fact there isn't a recording that is made today that doesn't require computer re-mixes. It's quite common for original sound recordings to be made in the studio and then digitally enhanced with WAV files on the computer.
In an increasingly digital world, the Internet is making it easier than ever to obtain the right sounds for professional recordings and for those interested in recording music strictly for pleasure. Many of the online resources are for members only; however there are an equal amount of WAV files that are considered freeware and they do not required a paid subscription. For digital recordings, these files can be delivered quickly and accurately.


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