How To Give Custom Gifts

Thursday, December 13, 2012
A gift expresses the giver's affection or gratitude and reflects friendship and a desire to please the person receiving the gift. What better way to express that affection than by giving a gift made especially with that person in mind? Custom gifts needn't cost a lot of money; inexpensive or even hand-made gifts are just as wonderful. There are as many ways to personalize a gift as there are gifts to give. Let us explore a few ideas.
Think of the person to whom you want to give the gift. His or her personality and the memories you share with your friend or loved one can have an impact on what you decide to do for him or her. Does he have a favorite sport or type of music? Does she adore shoes or like to eat at a certain restaurant? These kinds of clues will be useful in deciding on your gift.
You will also want to consider the occasion. Maybe it is your mother's fiftieth birthday, or your tenth wedding anniversary, or perhaps your son is graduating from college. Some milestones in a person's life call for special consideration and preparation. Of course, gifts that are given spontaneously regardless of occasion are especially treasured because they show the person that you have thought of them daily and that you wish to convey that sentiment to them in a special way.

Once you have given some thought to what would be an appropriate gift, the next step is to decide whether you will make the gift yourself or find someone who makes or sells that particular item. If time is an issue, or if the item is something you don't have the skills to build, buying the gift is the best choice. If you have the time and the know-how, try making it yourself. Giving of your time and talent will make the gift even more personal and meaningful.
One way to make a gift unique is to present it in an unusual and memorable way. This takes some planning and a good imagination. Additional friends, family members, or others may need to be included in the plan. Surprise parties and the like are a typical example of this type of gift giving. Give the gift in an unusual way, such as placing it in a pizza box to be delivered to your friend, or hiring a group of singers to serenade the recipient. A treasure hunt is a versatile and interesting method of presentation. The clues can be as simple or involved as you choose to make them.
Another popular way to customize a gift is to have it personalized; that is, to have the person's name engraved, screen printed, embroidered, or otherwise placed on the item. In this way, you can show her that the gift is hers alone. With many gifts you can buy, personalization is offered as an option for an additional fee. If not, you can take the item to an engraver or other specialized shop that offers that service. A towel set with the bride and groom's names embroidered on them is one example. A mug featuring your coworker's name is another. Check around for possibilities. You will be surprised how easy it can be to give your gift an extra personal touch.


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