Rehearsal Dinner - A Variety of Options

Monday, December 24, 2012
Usually, an informal meal following a wedding rehearsal is customary. This event usually takes place at night on the night prior to a wedding. This dinner is a very important chance for the wedding party to get acquainted. It is also a great opportunity for the bride and groom to express their thanks to the wedding party. Because this is such an important and intimate occasion, you are going to want your rehearsal dinner in a venue that will give you the private setting that you need. A nature institute offers a great many choices of intimate, formal, informal locations so that you can have the event of your choice.

The guests for a rehearsal dinner usually include the couple that is to be married and the wedding party. This dinner can also include out-of-town guests, as well as extended family members. You can contact the professional staff at a nature institute to help assist you with the planning of your rehearsal dinner. You can also hire their expert catering team to make gourmet creation for event. You can learn of the practices of traditional, as well as modern, dinners and see which one is the perfect fit for you. The staff can make recommendation for your dinner activities, such as toasting presentations for those who have helped with the wedding planning.
The beautiful venues at the nature institute give you a choice of accommodation size. They can hold as many as 1,200 individuals, so whether the rehearsal dinner is small and intimate, or large and formal, you will have everything you need. Choose from the unconventional ballroom that will have you and your guests at the center of the swamp exhibit, or have an elegant event at the elaborate Tea Room.
Don't forget the food, as world class catering is offered at the nature institute in the form of mouthwatering, gourmet dishes that will have your guest begging for more. This team is recognized by the GRA, so not only will you and your guests get to feast on the most delicious delicacies imaginable, but also you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are working with an eco-friendly catering service.
If you want your rehearsal dinner to be one that you or no one will soon forget, make it special by reserving one of the beautiful venues at the nature institute. You can have a semi-private event in the daytime hours or a formal celebration at night. The choice is yours. Enjoy a fun-filled and memorable dinner with those you love and care about at one of the great venues at the nature institute.


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