Avoiding Distractions to Ensure a Great Event

Thursday, December 13, 2012

In a traditional movie theater steps, like reminders to silence cell phones, are taken to minimize distractions so that all patrons can enjoy the movie. Outdoor movies are unique and come with their own types of possible distractions. If you are planning an outdoor movie event, you should consider taking some simple steps to minimize distractions, to help ensure your event is enjoyed by your audience. Here are some distractions to avoid so that your outdoor movie event is a success.
Some venues, like parks, have playgrounds. A playground is wonderful way to keep children busy before the movie starts, but consider closing it during the event. Children playing on a playground will be loud and distracting for other guests. Simply hanging caution tape around the area will work well.
Think twice about handing out balloons at your event. Balloons are fun, and they might seem like a great item to give away, especially as promotional items from sponsors, but balloons floating around in the audience can block the view of the movie for guests.

Beach balls are another promotional item to avoid. People tend to want to play with beach balls and hit them around during the movie; this can be distracting and can block the view of the movie.
Do not set up activities like the concession stand next to the movie screen. You will have people standing in line trying to buy concessions throughout the movie. Having the concession stand or other activities in the line of site will distract viewers from the movie.
Selling fun novelties is a great way to raise money at an event. There are some noisy items you should avoid, though. Novelties that make noise, like plastic musical guns, whistles, or pop rocks should be avoided if you wish to minimize distractions for viewers at your movie event.
Outdoor movie events naturally feature more distractions than movie theater showings. Sounds of nature, and noise from people moving around in the more relaxed atmosphere make outdoor movies a very different experience. Even so, it is best to avoid unnecessary distractions if possible. Sounds of nature are to be expected, and even contribute to the unique feel of an outdoor movie event. The sound of toy whistles, on the other hand, could make the outdoor movie event less enjoyable for some guests. Use these simple suggestions to host an event that all guests can enjoy.


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