Considering 3D Engraving? Make a Statement

Thursday, December 6, 2012

3D engraving is an innovative form of art that is becoming ever popular in many industries. The design possibilities are endless and there are some excellent companies producing wonderful designs, using high technology computer programs that can easily transform a flat drawing into a stunning relief. Most companies have the facility to provide the whole service, from design to model creation, but many prefer to focus on one skill. The companies providing the designs are made up of teams of professional artists who work to a high standard designing computer files that are then interpreted into a 3D engraving, usually in either crystal or glass.
Choosing your design
Some companies involved in 3D engraving designs have a library of ideas for the client to browse through and it is possible to pick a model from the catalogue of designs already created. If, however, it is a more bespoke design you require then by sending in as many photos as possible, and showing the object from various angles, the image can be infused with the correct software and a design is ready to be transformed into a third dimension. The 3D nature of the image can include shadows, light aspects and intricate expression. The possibilities are infinite.
The artists are very dedicated and any design or idea can be worked with. It may be a portrait, animal, symbol or a company logo, but nothing is too complex for the teams of designers. The incredible accuracy involved in creating designs for 3D engraving requires patience and a meticulous attention to detail and the teams involved in the industry are very well qualified. The companies also offer a personal service, consulting the client at various stages of the design process. Guidance will be given when choosing a design or creating an image for a 3D engraving, and throughout the process the team is committed to providing the best quality design for the medium to be engraved.
The Technology
The technology used is based on tone technology, a complex program of software that helps the designer create the desired image. The software produces a mathematical representation of the image, which transforms it into a three dimensional one. It does this by linking several points in the space with lines, curves, triangles and other geometric shapes. This becomes the base for the model, which can then be transformed accurately into a 3D engraving.
The tone technology is what allows the subject to be so modelled so accurately as it considers all of the aspects that make a three dimensional model different to its two dimensional image. The contours and the shading are what bring an image to life and this advanced technology gives the designer the means to accomplish this.


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