The Craziness Of San Diego Comic Con

Monday, December 24, 2012
Are you a comic lover or into fantasy or games such as magic? You may be a lover of Japanese cartoons or have an obsessions with cosplay - which is knows a costume play. Whatever your love is for the fantasy and the art the goes with comics and comic books, you will probably want to make a stop in San Diego's Comic con. This convention is the mecca of all comic conventions. It is the grand daddy of them all! Each year SDCC gets bigger and sells out even quicker. SDCC is one of the biggest fantasy conventions in the United States and you will be able to meet and mingle with people from all around the world when you go to the Comic Con convention in San Diego. There is nothing like a whole weekend of fantasy and fun, and that is exactly what the convention will bring you when you spend at least one day there if not all the days that it is in town. The convention officially starts with "Preview Wednesday" and ends 4 days later on Sunday which is a day that hundreds of thousands of people DREAD!

The Start of San Diego Comic Con
The San Diego Comic Con International is an event that started in 1970 as Golden State Comic Book Convention. It was originally started to support comic book and pop-art. This convention has grown to be one of the largest comic book and pop-art conventions in the world and over the past several years have has had an astounding attendance as well as some of the biggest names in pop-art culture. From the start in 1970 it had a mere 145 convention goers, then the august convention of the same year it grew to 300 and every year it has grown a small part to become what is today the biggest pop-art convention in the world with an astounding 130,000 conventioneers which makes it hands down the biggest comic book convention in the world and one of the best to see and be seen.
The 2012 San Diego Comic Con
The 2012 Comic Con is not going to be less than any of the years before and if you have a specific event that you are wanting to see it may be a good idea to book the event that you are wanting to get into to guarantee that you have a seat as many of the rooms only hold a certain amount of people. If you do not have a badge you are more than likely not going to be able to get in and you may miss out on an opportunity to miss your favorite artist or writer.
Tickets for the 2012 SDCC are already LONG GONE and sold out. Tickets sold out in about 2 hours which made thousands of people sad and angry at the same time. Last year 4 day passes sold for an astonishing $1,000+ on the second hand market. Its costs about $175 for a 4 day pass. Talk about a ridiculous markup. You do not have to worry about finding something to enjoy that has to do with pop-art though, as there will be events all over the City of San Diego all weekend long and something to enjoy and be entertained will be found for sure.
SDCC has things for people of every age to enjoy. The first convention was strictly about comics - now Hollywood has stepped in and changed the way the world looks at comics. The first thing that people think of when referring to "Hollywood" is movies. There are a ton of comics that turned into movies in order to attract a bigger fan base. Most of the movies are based off Marvel Comics and I am anxiously awaiting The Avengers which is due out later on this year.


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