10 Funniest YouTube Videos of All Time

Friday, December 30, 2011

Everyday, millions login to YouTube to have a good laugh, be it at the misfortune of another, funny animals or downright clever antics. Funny videos tend to spread like fire through the web and with social media fueling that fire, some go viral, turning their uploaders into web celebrities or “cewebrities”, as they are often called. Unfortunately, some end up ruining lives (Star Wars Kid).
Following is a list of the some of the funniest YouTube videos of all time. Some of them are  top viewed videos on YouTube. 
Star Wars Kid
Star Wars Kid

10 Top Japanese Anime Series of All Time

You can never be too old to watch Japanese anime. Once you get hooked, you’re hooked for life. The best anime series have concepts  as intricate, as detailed and brilliant as those presented in the greatest of classic novels and Hollywood movies.
If you’re looking to enhance you’re imagination, here’s your guide  to some the most popular Japanese anime series of all time. I know you must be addicted to at least one of the mentioned below.

Death Note
Death Note

10 Worst Video Game Movies

A good video game flick is a rare commodity. Anyone who has played the Resident Evil series knows that the movies utterly failed at doing justice to the video game franchise. Same goes for the original Street Fighter, Doom, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and the likes. Apparently, the original storylines weren’t good enough for the filmmakers, so they decided to make extensively unappealing versions of their own, probably to target a larger audience and not just the gaming community.
Some video game flicks are just too awful to amuse anyone, and not only because they are based on video games with a wider fan base. Following is a list of the ten worst movies based on video games.

House of the Dead (2003)
House of the Dead

10 Top Nobel Prize Winning Countries

From 1901 to 2010, a total of 543 Nobel Prizes have been awarded a total 840 times to 813 laureates, a few of whom have been honored more than once, and 20 organizations. Following are the ten countries with the greatest number of Nobel Prizes. The statistics are based on citizenship of the Nobel laureates and not their domicile.

United States (326)
United States of America

10 Top Mustache-Dense Nations

The way men all over the globe model and don their facial hair varies slightly with every region and is largely governed by cultural and religious influences. Moustaches are often considered a mark of manhood, pride or masculinity. AskMen’s list of the top ten mustache-dense countries enlightens us on the global density of the mustache trend.

Moustaches hold great cultural significance in India and are considered a mark of masculinity. With a population in excess of 1 billion and an estimated 80 percent of mustached males in southern India, the country is most definitely one of the top moustache-dense nations in the world.

10 Top Halloween Costumes for 2010

Looking for trendy costume ideas for this Halloween? Why not try out some of the costume ideas lately used by famous celebrities around the world ? Superman has gone all too old now. Why not Kick ass ? or why not a beautiful Navi from Avatar? So here we have compiled for you a list of top Halloween  costumes which you can wear this year. I hope this will surely help you make your mind of this years Halloween party :)

Lady Gaga Meat Suit
Lady Gaga Meat Suit

10 Worst Halloween Costume Ideas

Some people tend to get carried away with Halloween costumes, coming up with absurd and, at times, inappropriate ideas that will either make you laugh uncontrollably or cringe involuntarily. Below, we have compiled for you a list of the just such costumes.
Caution: some images in the following list are NSFW. Once seen, these images cannot be unseen. Needless to say, these costumes, even if extremely hilarious, are generally repulsive and will not get you laid. You have been warned.
Banana Flasher
Banana Flasher Costume

10 Best Horror Movies of All Time

Horror movies have evolved through the years. It is unfortunate that a majority of modern horror flicks tend to concentrate more on high-end special effects and gore than on the plot, script and mood of the movie, consequently failing to deliver a quality scare. That said, “scary” is a relative term. What is only mildly disturbing to one may leave another cringing or shaking uncontrollably. The following list of top horror movies is based on overall quality.
Horror movies the likes of The Omen, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the Thirteen and The Others may not be on this list but owing to much popularity and acclaim, deserve special mentions.
The Exorcist (1973)
The Exorcist

10 Superstars Who Died Young

Tragic is the rare occurrence wherein a star with a lead role in a movie dies prior to its completion or date of release, whether it is the result of natural causes or the psychological ordeal that is a part of the Hollywood life. So here we have compiled a list of some of the most famous super stars who died young. Some at the peak of there fame journey.

Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger

10 Funniest Internet Memes

An internet meme or phenomenon is a cultural item, idea, catch-phrase, video or image that is spread across the web via various internet forums and media. Humor memes tend to spread like an accelerated chain reaction. Not all persist, though.
The following memes, however, are 10 of the funniest the internet has to offer. Class-A LOLmemes!

Don’t Tase Me, Bro!
Don't Tase Me, Bro!

10 Best Selling Video Games of 2010

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2010 has been a colorful year for video games. The year has seen quite a few successful sequels across all gaming platforms. Sales have been dominated by Nintendo titles. Halo returned with a great addition to its franchise and the last quarter sales spree by Call of Duty has made history. Following is a list of the best-selling video games of 2010 as of November 13, based on statistics provided by vgcharts.com.

Call of Duty: Black Ops (Multiplatform)
Call of Duty Black Ops

10 Most Shocking Pictures Ever

The world, as we know it, has been in turmoil since its very beginning. Pictures of the past are reminders of the unspeakable horrors and sufferings that has been a part of our history and of course, the brutality that was and still is Man’s wont.
Following are some of the  saddest and most shocking pictures ever taken. Do share your thoughts one these shocking images in comment section.

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Hiroshima Nagasaki Atomic Bombs

10 Call of Duty: Black Ops Wacky Screenshots

So we were playing Treyarch and Activision’s latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise the other day while snapping a few random screenshots. When we were done with the single player campaign (which isn’t a bad experience at all, by the way), we decided to fool around with some of them. Following is the result – ten wacky Call of Duty: Black Ops screenshots that’ll (hopefully) put a smile on your face.

Woods Spots a Double Rainbow

10 Top Revelations from Wikileaks Cables

Wikileaks is “the largest set of confidential documents ever to be released into the public domain”. With 251,287 leaked United States embassy cables dating from 1966 to February 2010, the online confidential document flood has sent ripples through the entire world. Needless to say, this grand unraveling of the alleged truth will have an appreciable, if not a great, effect on world diplomacy and political affairs.
Governments across the globe are persistent in their efforts to take down the website, but as founder and editor-in-chief of Wikileaks says, such endeavors would never be able to stop the online leaks. Following is a list of the top cablegate revelations, originally compiled by The Lookout.

Regarding Iran’s Nuclear Program
Iranian Nuclear Program

Top 5 Most Creative Alarm Clocks

5. Silent Alarm Clock

Do you hate the sound of your alarm clock going off at the most pleasant moment of your rest? You should try this conceptual alarm clock that wakes you up without any sound. It works like this: you wear a wireless rubber ring with an integrated vibration device that generates a tactile alarm. By shaking your hand, the snooze function is engaged. If you still feel like snoozing a little bit, it’ll take more movement each successive time, leading you to get up on time for work.

Top 5 Bizarre World Records

5. Most Spoons Balanced on the Face

The most spoons balanced on the face is 16 and was achieved by Joe Allison (United Kingdom), aged 9, in Devon, United Kingdom, on 1 April 2008. Joe used stainless steel teaspoons. He balanced 5 spoons on the forehead, 4 on the cheeks, 1 on the nose, 2 on his top lip, 1 on each ear and 2 on the chin.

Top 5 Worst Prescription Drug Side Effects

5. Amnesia

Although total amnesia is incredibly rare, some prescription drugs can also cause amnesia. This is the case for some users of Mirapex (generic name pramipexole). Mirapex was developed in 1997 to control the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and is also prescribed for people with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). This medicine has several side effects, one of them is amnesia. Some patients reported short-term memory loss, such as not remembering what they did the day before. Going off Mirapex seemed to get rid of the problem. This side effect can also happen with patients who take statins, a class of drugs that are supposed to lower cholesterol. Duane Graveline, a former astronaut, reported coming back from a short walk and not recognizing his wife while he was taking Lipitor. Then he lost memories of any events beyond his high school graduation.

Top 5 Strangest Genetic Scientific Experiments

5. Nazi scientist created a twin-town

The steely hearted “Angel of Death”, Josef Mengele, whose mission was to create a master race fit for the Third Reich, was the resident medic at Auschwitz from May 1943 until his flight in the face of the Red Army advance in January 1945. His task was to carry out experiments to discover by what method of genetic quirk twins were produced – and then to artificially increase the Aryan birthrate for his master, Adolf Hitler.
Historians claim Mengele’s notorious experiments may have borne fruit. For years scientists have failed to discover why as many as one in five pregnancies in a small Brazilian town have resulted in twins – most of them blond haired and blue eyed. But residents of Candido Godoi now claim that Mengele made repeated visits there in the early 1960s, posing at first as a vet but then offering medical treatment to the women of the town. Shuttling between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, he managed to evade justice before his death in 1979, but his dreams of a Nazi master race appeared unfulfilled.

Top 5 World’s Oddest Couples

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

5. World’s Youngest Couple

Every little girl dreams about her wedding day, complete with visions of a big beautiful white dress and, of course, the perfect man. But 9-year-old Jayla Cooper didn’t have a lifetime to wait for Mr. Right. The Southlake, TX, girl had been battling leukemia for two years, a battle that would end in just a matter of weeks. But what Jayla did have was a groom. He’s her best friend, Jose Griggs, 7, a fellow patient at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. Jayla and Jose tied the knot in February 2009 to fulfill her final wish: Getting married in a beautiful wedding, surrounded by family and friends. From the flowers to the banquet hall, donations poured in to give a North Texas bride the wedding of her dreams.
Jaila died on Wednesday, April 1, 2009.

Top 5 of the World’s Longest

5. World’s longest living marriage (87 years)

Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher, of North Carolina, have been married for 87 years as of May 13, 2011. Zelmyra is 103 years old and Herbert turned 106 on June 10th, 2011. They have shared the same home in the Brownsville community of New Bern for 50 years.
4. World’s longest serving bartender (77 years)

Top 5 Weirdest Protests Around the World

5. Farmers protest by squirting cow milk

Protesters in Brussels have found a new way to show their displeasure: squirting milk straight from a cow at riot police. Farmers angered by collapsing milk prices demonstrated, pelting police with bottles and chickens and spraying officers with milk directly from a cow’s udders. Over 2,500 farmers from across the EU blockaded the area outside the European Union’s headquarters, burning tires and hay outside an emergency meeting of farm ministers. The jittery cow, frightened by firecrackers, sprang loose and chased an office worker down the street. The city has a history of violent protests by farmers, although throwing milk from a cow is more funny than violent.

Top 5 Most Bizarre Services

5. Ashes to Portraits: transforms the ashes from your loved one in a portrait

Using some of your loved one’s ashes combined with a very special mixture involving oil paint, the company has a professional artist create a one-of-a-kind portrait that will not only be a beautiful remembrance that will live on for many generations, but it will also help with your feelings of loss. You can also have a portrait of your beloved pet using its cremated ashes.

Top 5 Youngest Self-Made Billionaires

5. Oleg Bakhmatyuk: an egg-cellent 35 year-old business man.

This 35-year-old from western Ukraine is the majority owner of Avangard, Ukraine’s largest producer and exporter of chicken eggs.
Yes, chicken eggs! Bakhmatyuk worked previously in the lucrative state gas and oil industry, but moved into egg and egg products because he thinks that businesses will be increasingly interested in feeding the world’s hungry people in the future.

Top 5 of the World’s Greatest Jobs

5 .Paradise island caretaker

Ben Southall, 34, of Petersfield, beat out nearly 35,000 applicants from around the world for the dream assignment to swim, explore and relax on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef, while writing a blog to promote the area. He was selected for the $111,000 gig – a six-month contract to serve as caretaker of a tropical Australian island. He now has to live rent-free in a three-bedroom villa, complete with pool.
Before getting the job he had to spend four days on the island for an extended interview process, which required applicants to snorkel through crystalline waters, gorge themselves at a beachside barbecue and relax at a spa. He also had to demonstrate his blogging abilities, take swimming tests and sit through in-person interviews.

Top 5 Strangest Body-Part Insurances

5. Cricket player Merv Hughes insured his moustache for $ 370,000.

While playing on Australia’s national cricket team from 1985 to 1994, Merv Hughes took out an estimated $370,000 policy on his trademark walrus mustache, which, combined with his 6’4″ physique and outstanding playing ability, made him one of the most recognized cricketers in the world.
4. Three sisters insured their virginity for £1 million

Top 5 Die-Hards in History

5. Adolf Hitler
Suffered over 50 murder conspiracies including a porn-mad plan

Leader of the Nazis, Hitler was responsible for the killing of approximately six million Jews (overwhelmingly Ashkenazim), as well as two million ethnic Poles and four million others who were deemed “unworthy of life” (including the disabled and mentally ill, Soviet POWs, homosexuals, Freemasons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, among others) as part of a program of deliberate extermination. It’s no surprise then that he appears as number one in our list, having suffered over fifty intents of murder. The first of them was in 1921 when shots got fired at him after a speech. In Warsaw 1939, October 5, the Polish army wanted to blow up Hitler’s car, when it crossed the (now called) Square Charles de Gaulle. A human error prevented the bomb from exploding. There was another crazy plan of some American soldiers to throw down a lot of pornographic material on Hitler’s mountain to make the puritan Hitler go mad. The colonel the soldiers discussed the plan with, said that they were maniacs with an insane plan.
None of the plans succeeded and it’s believed that Hitler finally died after committing suicide along with his wife, Eva Braun, by gunshot and cyanide poisoning.

Top 5 of the World’s Most Bizarre Laws

5. Tibetan monks need permission to reincarnate

In one of history’s most absurd acts of totalitarianism, China banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without government permission. According to a statement issued by the State Administration for Religious Affairs in 2007, the law, which strictly stipulates the procedures by which one is to reincarnate, is “an important move to institutionalize management of reincarnation.”

Top 5 Accidental Deaths You Won’t Believe

5. Woman gets smashed by huge Taco Bell sign

Diana Durre, of Chambers, Nebraska, died after a 75-foot (23 m) Taco Bell sign fell on top of the truck cab she was in. The pole broke at a welded joint about 15 feet (4.5 m) above the ground owing to strong winds. The sign fell right on top of the quad-cab pickup. Diana was meeting a Wyoming couple to sell them some dogs. They had agreed to meet in North Platte, Nebraska, at about 1 p.m., “right underneath the big Taco Bell sign.” North Platte’s Animal Control Division took two Yorkie dogs to the shelter. The Wyoming couple showed up after the accident.
4. Man dies crushed by a suicidal woman

Creative Wall Clocks Designs

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A clock is one of the oldest human inventions, and besides telling the exact time it often serves as an important wall-decorating accessory. No this is ear of technology and peoples mast wanted to see awesome designs which is creative and unusual and also suit the room. Classical design of a clock is already iconic, and you probably rarely see anything different than that. That’s why we want to shake things up a bit, and show you these 30 unusual and creative clock designs. I don’t know about you guys, but I really HATE hearing a clock tick tick when I’m trying to sleep, some times ago designer make clock without tick the clock hands move smoothly without tick but the design of clock is still bored, now in these collection you can see the real and amazing creative clocks which is attractive and unusual.
Creative Wall Clocks Designs (1)

25 Unique Usb Sticks Designs

I already posted here many usb designs that designs is cartoonist and funny shapes like 25 unusual usb designs that designs are usual and you can find easily in market. Now its time to present something new and latest more comfortable and technical so i presented here most beautiful and simple usb stick designs. These usb designs is only for those peoples whose dont like cartoon and modern usb so its really so simple and its not take much p-lace in your pocket. In this collection some of usb design is so slim and have unbelievable space for storage if you look the usb shape you cant imagine that its contain high storage space. This collection is depend on 25 unique usb design.
Latest Usb Stick Designs (4)

Simple And Sweet Wedding Cakes Designs

Wedding is is the name of relationship between two different peoples as it is wedding event also so important for food lovers and they ready to eat anytime. For those peoples and guest cakes is so sweet thing and if cake is decorated and big then its also increase the wedding beauty. The wedding cake should be both delicious and pretty to look at. If you’ve already looked through some bridal magazines and seen some wedding cake decor, you probably already know that there are lots of types of wedding cake decoration. Well, if you’re familiar with the most popular types of wedding cake decoration, you’ll be able to easily choose which type of cake decoration is best for you. Then you can easily explain what you want on your wedding cake to your baker. Below are some helpful wedding cake decorating ideas.
Wedding Cakes Decoration (29)

10 Most Funny Pictures of World Leaders

Photogenic or not, there is always a chance of a spontaneous snap to go wrong and, as it seems, world leader are far from immune to the phenomenon. In fact, plagued by the spotlight and consequent scrutiny that sticks to them like gum would to hair,  they are probably more susceptible to photo-fails.
Following is a compilation of ten most funny pictures of world leaders. Its apparent from the list that President George W.Bush won it on all grounds.

George W. Bush
George Bush

10 Funny Christmas Quotes from Movies and TV Shows

Seeing as Christmas is around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of memorable Christmas quotes from ten different movies and TV shows. Now, these quotes aren’t exactly in sync with the Christmas spirit but hey, if they make you smile or help bring back fond memories, we’d have done our part in spreading the joy.

1. Simpsons (1989)

10 Top New Year’s Resolutions of a Geek

Only a few days to 2011, people! And you know what that means. A new year, a new start. It’s time to reminisce over the fleeting year and make a list of all the things you want to correct this time around (even if in vain). If you’re a proud member of the geek community, you might want to take a look at the following: a list of ten New Year’s resolutions based on the standard geek stereotype.
Also, if you like this list, stay tuned for more on the New Year.

1. Lose weight, bathe more regularly and stop peeing in soda cans during long hours of gaming.
Overweight Gamer

Top 10 Gadgets of 2010

2010 has seen several improvements and huge leaps forward in technology. Things that were mere possibilities, even dreams, just a year or two ago have been realized, leaving technology enthusiasts yearning or more. Following is a list of the top ten electronic gadgets of the year, as selected by Time.

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

10 Top Songs of 2010

2010 has been a colorful year, particularly for the pop genre. Several new-entries made it to the charts this year, adding to the vast variety of hits to choose from, and making this one tough list to compile. But hey – anything for the readers. So here it is: our list of the top songs of 2010 based on chart performances, Grammy nominations and over all popularity. A link to each song is provided at the end of every description.

California Gurls – Katy Perry Feat. Snoop Dogg
California Gurls - Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg

10 Most Popular Movie Quotes of the Decade (2000-2010)

The first decade of the 21st century is coming to a close. Allow us to take you on a trip down memory lane, from 2010 to the very beginning of the millennium with a compilation of memorable quotes from your favorite movies.
Now, it isn’t possible to do justice to a decade of films in such a short space. So if you don’t find your favorite quotes in the list, feel free to post them in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.
Gladiator (2000)

10 Most Anticipated Gadgets of 2011

The market is getting more crowded and the competition is growing tougher with every passing year and innovative advancements are coming in faster than the world can handle and as it seems, 2011 is set to fall in line with the on-going trend. Advancements in OLED and advanced 3D display technology are expected as part of next year’s tech drive. Also, solid state drives might move closer to becoming the new storage standard. And that’s just the tip of the ice berg.
So without further adieu, we present to you a compilation of ten gadgets you should keep an eye out for in 2011. Get. Set. Drool!

BlackBerry PlayBook
BlackBerry PlayBook

10 Games to Look Out for in 2011

By the looks of things, it seems like 2011 will see a flurry of sequels. Let’s hope we can add Diablo III, Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, DOTA 2, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Hitman 5 and a third Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to that list. Thankfully, the PC version of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is all set to be released in February, 2011 (“Fantastico!”).
And let’s not forget Mass Effect 3, Killzone 3, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Max Payne 3, Dragon Age 2, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the Wii-exclusive The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Judging by the restless anticipation and ceaseless drooling in online gamer forums, we have compiled a list of the hottest of upcoming titles. Read on.

Rage (September 13)

10 Ridiculously Funny 300 Parody Pictures

Three words. One angry Spartan. Instant web sensation. King Leonidas’ furious rebuttal from 300 never gets old. The movie line has countless parodies and spin-offs floating about on the web so we thought, why not make a compilation of the funniest of the lot? The following pictorial parodies of the movie made us laugh our lungs out. If you too aren’t left in stitches by the time you’re done reading this list, read through it once again while playing the voice of a bellowing Leonidas in your head.
And just in case you missed the big, red title at the top of the page – this is Listphobia!

The Million Dollar Question
Million Dollar Question

Top 5 Most Creative Toasters

5. Star Wars Toaster

Just what chubby Star Wars fans needed: More carbs!
4. Notepad Toaster

Top 5 of the World’s Most Unusual Prisons

5. San Pedro Prison (Bolivia): where inmates have to ‘buy’ their cells

San Pedro prison, the biggest in Bolivia’s main city, La Paz, is home to about 1,500 inmates. Once you pass the thick walls and the security gates, any resemblance to a normal jail disappears: there are children playing, market stalls, restaurants, hairdressers and even a hotel. It looks more like the streets of El Alto, Bolivia’s poorest neighborhood that sprawls on the outskirts of La Paz, than a prison. There are no guards, no uniforms or metal bars on the cell windows. This relative freedom comes at a price: inmates have to pay for their cells, so most of them have to work inside the jail, selling groceries or working in the food stalls.
“If you have money you can live like a king,” an inmate told me. Money can buy you accommodation in the “posh” sections of the prison – one of the best is Los Pinos. Here, cells are spacious and have private bathrooms, kitchen and cable TV. Outside, they have billiard tables, kiosks selling fresh juice, and food stalls. Cells cost between $1,000 and $1,500 and are bought for the duration of an inmate’s sentence.In the poor areas of the prison, inmates have to share small cells.

Top 5 Weirdest Places To Be Born

5. Born in a tree

It sounds like the birth story of an ancient goddess, but it’s true. Ms Cheindza was near term in 2000 when flood waters raged through her town in Mozambique. She climbed a tree to escape the crocodile-infested waters and stayed there for four days with nothing to drink or eat. Finally on the fourth day, her baby came. Soon after, helicopters arrived to winch the mother and the baby, Rosita, to safety. Her umbilical cord was still attached when she winched to safety by a South African helicopter crew. Her 26-year-old mother, torn by labour pains as she clutched the branches where she had sought refuge, was exhausted and near the end when rescuers discovered her precarious perch.

Top 5 People Who Accidentally Found a Fortune

5. The man who bought an official copy of the Declaration of Independence for $4

A man, who was not identified, bought a torn painting for $4 in a flea market in Adamstown, Pa., because he was interested in its frame. When he got home he removed the painting — a dismal country scene — and concluded the frame could not be salvaged, but found one of the 500 official copies from the Declaration of Independence, folded and hidden in the backing. The copy is a crisp, clean broadside, creased along lines where it had been folded. It was printed by John Dunlap on July 4, 1776, to carry news of America’s independence to the citizens of the 13 colonies. It is one of 24 known copies of the Declaration, and one of only three remaining in private hands.
The $4 bargain was auctioned for $2,420,000 at Sotheby’s. The buyer was Donald J. Scheer of Atlanta, president of Visual Equities Inc.

Top 5 Most Unfortunate Personal Names for their Jobs

5. Kim Yoo Suk

Kim “You Suck” – no matter how well you perform, when the crowd starts chanting your name you can’t help but be reminded.
4. Chew Kok

Top 5 Craziest Mass-Participation World Records

5. World record for the largest mass arm wrestling contest

Over 200 people in London wrestled their way in to the Guinness World Record book for the largest mass arm wrestling contest.
4. World record for the largest gathering of people wearing underpants

Gustav Gun - The Largest Gun Ever Built

Monday, December 26, 2011
The largest gun ever built was the "Gustav Gun" built in Essen, Germany in 1941 by the firm of Friedrich Krupp A.G. Upholding a tradition of naming heavy cannon after family members, the Gustav Gun was named after the invalid head of the Krupp family - Gustav Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach. The strategic weapon of its day, the Gustav Gun was built at the direct order of Adolf Hitler for the express purpose of crushing Maginot Line forts protecting the French frontier. To accomplish this, Krupp designed a giant railway gun weighing 1344 tons with a bore diameter of 800 mm (31.5") and served by a 500 man crew commanded by a major-general.

Two types of projectiles were fired using a 3000lb. charge of smokeless powder: a 10,584 lb. high explosive (HE) shell and a 16,540 lb. concrete-piercing projectile. Craters from the HE shells measured 30-ft. wide and 30-ft. deep while the concrete piercing projectile proved capable of penetrating 264-ft. of reinforced concrete before exploding! Maximum range was 23 miles with HE shells and 29 miles with concrete piercing projectiles. Muzzle velocity was approximately 2700 f.p.s.

The Most Expensive Bottled Water

Fillico Beverly Hills

Drinking water is very expensive now, $0,4 just for a quart of water. And our country is rich in water. But there’s more water is extraordinarily expensive price. “Beverly Fillico Hills” is the drinking water from springs that are produced by the company with the name Vieluce in Osaka, Japanese. Source of water used is a spring at the foot of the mountain Rokk?, kobe, Japanese. These springs are known as the best water to produce sake.

Because of this water source is very limited, so every month is only 5,000 bottles produced and per 750 ml

The Biggest Cheeseburger

The World’s Biggest Burger created by Bob’s BBQ & Grill of Pattaya, Thailand was witnessed by a local TV crew and officials from Ripley’s Believe it or Not who recorded the burger’s weight at 78.5 pounds against the previous holder of 50 pounds held by Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Pennsylvania, US. It measures 60cm (23.5 inches) in diameter and 35cm (13.75 inches) in height. Once official certification is received, it will be added to the Guiness World Records under ‘The World’s Largest Commercially Available Hamburger’.