Deciphering The Aquarius Personality

Monday, December 24, 2012
Aquarius is the eleventh star sign of the Zodiac, but before looking at this sign in depth I'd like to point something out that's not often discussed in astrology:
Whilst most people are aware of the zodiac and its divisions, we should also point out something referred to as a "decanate". This is, in essence, a subdivision of a star sign into three, and the allocation of further traits within that star sign.
So for Aquarius we can note the following personality traits:
First decanate from January 20th to January 29th: Originality
Second decanate from January 30th to February 8th: Ingenuity
Third decanate from February 9th to February 18th: People skills
The basic keywords for this sign as a whole include humanitarianism, universality, scientific research. Coupled with these, we can add the positive qualities of cooperation, charity and diplomacy.
Historically, Aquarius tends to be associated with water since the symbol used is that of a man pouring water from a jar. Because of this, Aquarius is often referred to as "The Waterbearer".
This is the sign of the inventor. It is said that Aquarius sees the future in terms of technological possibilities. Certainly, these natives can be good at forging new ways to look at things, and bringing about new developments. Such developments are not just limited to the field of scientific development either, as Aquarius.

These individuals have a unique way of looking at things and their unorthodox way of thinking can make them good detectives or analysts. They value their independence and also encourage others to be independent too!
Aquarian children can sometimes be a little aloof, and although popular, may not always find themselves leading the in-crowd. They are usually intelligent and philosophical. Certainly they have an active mind with a desire for learning for as long as the subject interests them.
Both children and adults may be susceptible to the malady of boredom. This is due to their active, enquiring minds that tend to seek out knowledge, activity, and challenges.
The Aquarius personality is altruistic and believes in the betterment of society through ideals and friendship. Such individuals are trustworthy and often enjoy working to help others free of charge. Fairness is very important to the neutrally minded Aquarius, and they will challenge inequity wherever they encounter it.
These natives value freedom of expression and movement. If they feel their freedom or rights are being circumscribed then they are liable to rebel very quickly. The paradox of Aquarius is that they can be extremely tolerant of some things yet intolerant of others. This means people can misjudge their position on issues and also fail to predict the Aquarian's actions.
Since Aquarius has an eclectic global viewpoint, they often have friends from widely different cultures and backgrounds. These natives also tend to have acquaintances with a wide variety of personality types. They are usually good listeners and have the ability to assist others with their problems or quandaries.


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