Modern Art and Artists - Andy Warhol

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Andy Warhol is synonymous with modern art. When most people think modern art, they think of some or Warhol's most famous works. He was not only instrumental in the field of pop art, he was a fixture in the art community and New York City nightlife. His friends, all interesting characters themselves helped him create some of the most surreal pieces of film in American history.

Tips to Help Choose Your First Model Steam Trains

For the most passionate hobbyist, model steam trains are not just a hobby, instead they are works of art, and may take years to handcraft each part and make each piece in the scenery. On the other hand, for the beginning or intermediate modeler, model trains can be a source of pride, and a glimpse of these majestic thundering behemoths from the past, and will not consume years of their time. The tried and true advice "start small and work up" applies when selecting the very first model.
How to Choose Model Steam Trains for the Beginner Hobbyist
No one can say which model will appeal to any individual, because that is a matter of personal taste. On the other hand, there are varying skill levels and those can help determine where the beginner should "begin". Below are some tips that may help the beginner make a successful venture into a lifelong passion with model trains.

A History of Bronze Sculptures

Few art forms have managed to capture, so completely, the very essence and spirit of the times in which they were created as have bronze sculptures. This in not surprising, fashioned in molten metal, they give the artist unlimited flexibility denied to sculptors in wood or stone. Bronze sculptures can easily assume any shape or form no matter how fanciful, elaborate or intricate. They are as well suited to portraying emperors, heroes, warriors, mythological gods, goddess and demons, as to depicting domestic, wild and unearthly animals and creatures.
It is an art form which dates well back into antiquity. As a matter of fact, one of the earliest bronze sculptures is a portrait bust believed to be of a Babylonian ruler Sargon. It was made during the 3rd Century B.C. and is now in the Iraq Museum in Baghdad. Animals were represented in bronze as early as 1500 B.C. Magnificent examples are the five feet ten inch horses of St. Mark, Circa 500 B.C., now in the Venice. One of the largest bronze sculpture ever created was the Colossus of Rhodes, a one hundred foot high figure of Helios, god of the sun. Erected in the early 3rd century B.C. and later considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, it was destroyed by an earthquake in 224 B.C.

How Halloween Trivia Questions Can Spice Up a Pub Quiz

Halloween trivia questions can spice up any pub quiz, because by their very nature they tend to be different to the normal type of trivia you come across during the average pub quizzes. However, it is at Halloween and the days leading up to it that such questions tend to appear in a pub quiz, and many bars, pubs and even charities and other bodies tend to run themed quizzes at this time.
It is the same with other notable dates in the calendar, such as St. Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year Day and, in the USA, Thanksgiving. There is something about a trivia quiz that attracts people at these times that would never otherwise be involved in a quiz.
Why is this? Why is it that many people will gladly participate in an activity on a special date that they would never dream of doing at any other time of the year? I am not referring here to those avid quizzers that attend a quiz every Thursday or Sunday evening, but to those for whom an annual pub quiz is an event.
One reason is generally that it is fun. A well compiled Halloween quiz can be a great deal of fun, as can any other themed quiz, and many people feel safe with such quizzes rather than just a general knowledge quiz with questions that they are afraid will show their ignorance to others competing. In fact, some will read up on Halloween trivia questions to improve their chances!

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Snazaroo Face Painting Kits

When it comes to face painting, Snazaroo is no doubt the leading brand in the market today. And this has come about due to the company's commitment to safe and quality products. This is the reason why it has become the primary preference of scores of avid face painters worldwide.

Axel F - A Ringtone That Will Live in Infamy

In December, 1984, Paramount Pictures released upon the unsuspecting and therefore unprotected masses, the film, "Beverly Hills Cop," a movie that to this day, portrays Eddie Murphy in one of his best roles. His character, Axel Foley, was a Detroit cop who, after his friend mysteriously died in Beverly Hills, came to the city in order to investigate the circumstances of the death. While there, he created a plethora of comedic situations that have not been rivaled, neither in sequels, nor in the dozens of cheap imitations of this film that have since been made.

Historical Importance of the Indian Head Cents

The Indian Head Cents, as coins, were considered as being one of the most popular 19th-century American series amongst collectors. Commonly referred to as the Indian Penny, the Indian Head Cents were officially introduced on the 1st of January, 1859. These coins were generated by the US Mint located at Philadelphia from 1859 to 1909 and then at the San Francisco Mint between 1908 and 1909.

Enjoy Summer Fun in Gaffney

Visitors to Gaffney, South Carolina will find several special events to enjoy during the final month of the summer. August events include several free concerts, a rodeo in nearby Blacksburg, activities at Cowpens National Battlefield, and a downtown farmers market. All of these events are family friendly and welcome visitors as well as residents.
"Shindig at the Gaffney Cabin" is a free concert series held in historic downtown Gaffney. The concert series, in its fourth year, presents talented area musicians showcasing various musical genres. Concerts are held at the Michael Gaffney Log Cabin, which is a replica of the cabin belonging to Gaffney's founding father. It is located at 214 North Limestone Street. "The Professors of Soul" will perform a mixture of soul, R&B, and funk at the August 6th concert. This group is led by Monty Craig, professor of jazz guitar at Clemson University. The August 20th concert will feature "Milgram's 27", a group from Spartanburg who perform rock, reggae, jazz, pop, and soul. Concerts run from 6:30PM to 9:00PM. Food will be available from local vendors, and patrons may bring lawn chairs and blankets.
The Cherokee County Public Library presents another concert on August 12th as part of its "Hot Fun in the Summertime" activities. The popular local group, "We Are the One", will perform from 6:30PM to 8:00PM in the parking lot of the main library at 300 East Rutledge Avenue. This group will present soul standards from the 60s and 70s. Refreshments will be served.

Hot Air Balloon History

I've written the following article to inform you of the history of Hot Air Balloons. I hope the following article is informative.
The first hot air balloon was lauched on the 19th September 1783 by a gentleman called Pilatre De Rozier. He called it a 'Aerostat Reveillon'. The first lucky eyes to see the ground from a great height from a hot air balloon where from a rooster, a duck and a sheep. They stayed in the air for 15 minutes before cashing back down to earth. Once this success was shown two months later a manned attempt happened on the 21st November 1783 by Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier who where French brothers. The balloon took off from the middle of Paris and stayed in the air for a similar time as before but with obviously a lot more weight in the basket.

Get Cash For a New Phone

Like many people I've seen some of the new phones out on the market and really want a new phone. Unfortunately I haven't got the funds and my contract doesn't end for another ten months. When sitting in front of the TV last night I tried to rack my brains in regards to what I could do to get extra funds. I've written the following article to help inform you in case you may benefit from this knowledge, I hope my article helps.
I've thought of the following ways in which I might be able to save up for a new phone-
• There are plenty of things in my house which I do not use so I decided to sell them to get money for my new phone. Not only do I get a new phone but I have a clear out at the same time. I would recommend selling your stuff in the following ways-
1. Car Boot Sale- It's easy and fun and you can meet new people
2. Jumble sale at home- you don't even need to leave the house, inform neighbours of your jumble sale and see them run in to get a bargain. You can catch up with the neighbours at the same time as well.
3. Online Auctions- although it can take time to get your objects online you can get more money for it as people often get into a bidding frenzy and pay more money
4. Classifieds- It's simple and easy, advertise in your local paper an often it's free.
• Recycle your old mobile phone. If you're getting a new one you don't need you old one. I've been looking on comparison sites which I'd definitely recommend to anyone else. You can search for the best possible price so you don't make do with the first price which is given to you.

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ For Your Party

The main reason that most people choose to hire a DJ for a party or wedding reception is peace of mind: it is one less thing to worry about and stress over at a big event, because if you hire a good disc jockey, you do not have to worry about choosing the perfect music and creating the mood yourself.
Great party entertainment is the key to any successful event and deciding whom to hire for your party is thus an important task. Some disc jockeys have enticing personalities and can engage your guests. Even if they do not say a word and stay in the background, their ability to determine what exactly the audience "wants" is a great benefit. A party DJ will examine the room and see how many people of different age groups are present and will then come up with the right music mix. An experienced DJ will catch the "rhythm" of the listeners and if he sees that people are fading or losing energy, he will know what kind of music to put on and what beat to choose. If he senses a mellow mood, he will put the romantic mood on.

Theosophy And The Theosophical Society

Analyzing the definition of Theosophy we conclude that Theo mean GOD and Sophia means Wisdom. These two words combine and define Theosophy as God's wisdom. Is this philosophy?not total! Is it science? Not total! Is it religion! Not total! It is the essence of all the streams embedded within and prove the definition when turns to it's practicality in a positive way.
Theosophy is the wisdom underlying all religions when they are stripped of accretions and superstitions. It offers a philosophy which renders life intelligible and demonstrates that Justice and love guide the cosmos. Its teachings aid the unfoldment of the latent spiritual nature in the human being, without dependence or fear.
The Theosophical society, founded in 1875,is a worldwide body whose primary object is Universal Brotherhood based on the realization that life, in on its members, who are united by a common search for Truth and the aspiration to learn the meaning all its diverse forms, human and non-human is indivisibly one. The society imposes no belief and purpose existence by engaging themselves in study, reflection, purity of life and loving service.
The work of Theosophical Society consists of two parts as esoteric and exoteric. It involves a way of life which leads to self-knowledge and knowledge of the laws of being. Only when man begins to act, think feel, and "be" in accordance with the unchanging and unchangeable laws of nature which pervade and regulate all things in visible and invisible worlds, does his psyche permit spiritual energy to flow through from hidden depths. Both individual regeneration and reordering of human society in such a way that harmony, freedom and creativity flourish.

Making Your Own Downloadable Ringtone

Downloadable ringtones are extremely popular amongst cell phone users because it adds another layer of personalization to their phones. While most people pay for their ringtones through their service providers or some other company that offers downloadable ringtones, it is possible for a person to create their own. Luckily, creating downloadable ringtones is not as difficult as it sounds. A person that desires to do this themselves only needs a audio editing program, a music file, and - of course - a cellular phone. Once all of these are ready, a person can create their own downloadable ringtones in a matter of minutes.
First, a person must move the music file into the editing program, which usually involves a simple drag and drop process. The music file needs to be cut down into a small enough size so that it can be sent to the phone and played as a ringtone. An individual can conveniently choose which snippet of the song that they would like to have as their downloadable ringtone, unlike with most downloadable ringtones from other companies. After this has been done, the snippet of the song must be either downloaded to the phone or sent to it by the editing program. It should be noted that only some of the programs will actually send the files to the phone in the form of a multimedia message.

Two Articles - Obama's Secret & Poetry Establishments

How long will it take before people catch on to this guy Obama, I've been writing about him long before he was president-and he has proven to be much worse of a president than I could have even imagined, but no one pays attention-although I see a few people wising up to his gimmicks. Maybe people in America are like South Americans lately, tired of fighting injustice, so they just look the other way (not even protesting over wars like they did in Vietnam, and we got two wars going on pert near as long as Vietnam, we are really controlled ducks): as the saying goes: you get the government you deserve (and pick).
The newest shenanigans the president is trying to pull off hoping no one spots him is Case No: 8: 10-cv 00031 JVS MLG (I hope I got the case number right). Dealing with 3.78 Trillion dollar lawsuit; putting into law that the FCC is no longer subject to the freedom of information act; thus, no longer does the FCC (and let's also add the SEC into this), no longer have to protect investors. Little by little Obama is selling our country, just like someone slicing up a large salami, piece by piece, until everyone else has the whole salami in his hands-and it's not the good guys that are winning this time.

The Folklore Around Some Imaginary Creatures

With the mention of dragons and griffins no one will have their eyebrows raised. These are creatures never seen by humans in reality, yet they have become a part of our lives. You might have seen their pictures on many literature displays due to the fact that they have been mentioned quite frequently in writings and prose. Kids develop a special liking for these imaginary creatures so they stick the posters of these creatures on their literature holders and other parts of the room.
The making of these creatures is not coincidental, but a blend of mythologies and legends of ancient and modern cultures. Many of these creatures are basically the composites of various existing animals, or in some cases, of humans and animals.
Talking about the animal composite beasts, the first one that comes to mind is unique and originated from different cultures. These include Babylonian winged bulls and leopards; the Greek three headed dog known as Cerberus; dragon having a winged reptilian body and a fiery breath; and of course, the western European griffin that has a lion's body and eagle's wings.

The Benefits of Using a Talent Agency

Struggling actors need all the help they can get and the easiest way to break into the acting scene is by working with a talent agency. These companies will make the connection between a soon to be actor and major studios. An agency can help you in more ways than you might think.
The main job of talent agency is to find casting auditions for its clients. Top agencies from around the country are always in touch with Hollywood studios and since movies are being made all year round, a role might be heading your way before you know it. The agency will give you a call and you will have to go and try out for the audition. If you get the role, the agency will take a small part of our paycheck. However, the benefits won't stop here.

Commentary on Clayton Moore and Rest Stop

Tribute to Clayton Moore
Clapton Moore, 1914, 1999. I watched him on television when I was a kid, "The Lone Ranger". I don't think he ever had another roll after that, if he did, I never knew of it. There are no actors out there today like Mr. Moore. I met him once in the 1990s, in St. Paul, Minnesota, at a Mall off Maryland and Rice Street if I recall the spot, I think it was there, and he was still living the legend he created, the mask man of justice, at that time someone else had put out a National Film, of the Lone Ranger, I recall and it got some controversy; anyhow he was still living the roll he so inspired with a personal manner. No smugness, just candour and sincerity. There isn't an actor or actress, today can touch his humility I do believe, too bad we have such bad mannered, ill-tempered, greedy arrogant actors, anti American actors and actresses, displaying, modelling such behaviour to our youth, no wonder America is going down to the sewer level to find its new identity. "Hi-yo Silver, away!"

The Bulls of Bashan

In the Old Testament, Psalm 22 mentions the Bulls of Bashan. Perhaps one can see it as a reference to the Crucifixion of Christ, potent enemies surrounding one, mocking (among other translations); it is a location in the Golan Heights. I've been there, a place in Israel, in the Golan Heights, Northeast of the Sea of Galilee, and at one time part of South-eastern Syria, until Israel's victory over Syria, in 1967. Should you have walked through these fields 2000-years ago, you would have seen a herd of bulls grazing; and you may have been surrounded by them, and perhaps could have attested to the wild behaviour of some of the animals, a dangerous place to be-especially along; should you have walked those same fields, 4000-years ago, you would have discovered the Circle of the Giants, also known as Stone Heap of the Wildcat, 42,000-tons of stone in nearly five complete circles, representing a shrine and cemetery for the Rephaim (the giants of those far-off days; warriors). Here lived a tribe (s) of giants, where Joshua and King David at one time, tired to exterminate the genetic line of these hybrid beings, consequently, not completing the task within the Golan Heights, and Gaza, but throughout Israel they had. Should you walk those fields today, not to include Friday and Saturday, you will encounter the Israeli Army practicing manoeuvres, military exercises.

Even Twain Was Broke

You would think a man who was one of the bestselling authors of his time would not have financial difficulties. Just finished biography The Singular Mark Twain and I was amazed that apart from marrying well and making very good money from his books and lecturing--he had to file bankruptcy and died with very little money that was squandered by his daughters. When reading Twain's biography you are struck at how much money he made and how much he lost. He had a penchant for making terrible investments, getting caught up in get rich quick schemes and basically being bad with his money. Sounds like a writer to me.
We assume that as writers there are those out there with the mythical pot of gold. Well, there are. People do make millions from their books but they also lose millions. Mark Twain even had his own publishing company, his wife was wealthy, he made a bundle from lecturing around the country, his books sold well, yet he spent the latter years of his life in debt. He did what most people do when they get money, he increased his lifestyle and traveled.
He also really believed he had the key to riches with several inventions. What is interesting about the Twain character is that he knew a lot of times what he was doing was not in his best interests. But he could not help himself. He ended up having to lecture for years to pay his debts from a bankruptcy and basically living abroad because he could not afford to live in the United States. Amazing that one of our premiere authors could not afford to stay in his own house. He couldn't sell it either and ended up practically giving it away. The crash of 1890 pretty much wiped him out. I guess there is nothing new under the son. Hard times are hard times. Even for those at the top of the literary mountain.

Picture Framing and Fine Art Or Memorabilia - Archival and Preservation Methods For Value Retention

Anyone who owns or has purchased fine art as an investment knows the importance of value retention. Most collectors not only enjoy the art for its own sake, but hope it increases in value over time. Any fine art or object will quickly begin to lose its existing value if it has been improperly mounted, treated or framed. The same goes for items of sentimental or historical value. The family Christening gown that is 100 years old may not be of much worth to a stranger, but to the new mother who inherits it, beautifully framed to hang in her baby's nursery, it is priceless.
Archival and preservation framing methods are necessary to keep the art or item pristine (or at least in its current condition). Acid-free backing and matting materials, UV or museum glass and proper mounting and hinging methods and seals are a must. At one time, the use of cardboard, adhesives (like glues or most tapes) and items such as construction paper, and wood backers was common practice. Today, things have come a long way. Even if your art is currently in a framed showcase similar to the above mentioned, it can and should be removed and re-framed properly, thereby extending its life.

Instant Play Poker Sites

Do you want to start playing online poker instantly? Do you feel irritated to download poker software on your computer? Well, now you can play poker instantly whenever you want! This article brings you a list of the best instant play poker sites that need no downloading!

Five Easy Steps on How to Learn to Face Paint

Whether it is a charity event, a school gathering, or a community fair, if a booth in face painting is present, it is always the one to beat in terms of crowd attraction. And, take note, children are not the only ones who flock to this area. Adults also love to participate in this activity. But how does one start? There are 5 easy steps that you can follow in learning this craft.
Step 1. Start today. The sooner you start painting, the faster you will improve. That is - if you practice. People often say they want to do this, they want to do that. But all they do is sit back and wait for things to happen. If you do this, you will never learn. In life, we learn by doing. So if you truly want to learn how to face paint, do not delay. Start today.

Winnie the Pooh and His History

Winnie-the-Pooh is a popular children's book character created by author A.A Milne. The image of Pooh bear has been used for cuddly soft toys, clothes and even animated feature films. Many people do not know Winnie-the-Pooh was actually based on a real bear called "Winnipeg" who his son Christopher Milne liked very much. It's a touching story which caught the hearts and minds of many people after the First World War.
Christopher Robin Milne often went to see a Canadian Black Bear called Winnie at London Zoo. The bear was originally given to the Zoo on a long loan basis by Harry Colebourn. Lieutenant Colebourn was on his way to England at the time to take part in World War I when he bought the bear cub for $20 from a hunter in White River, Ontario, who had just trapped and killed its mother.
He named the bear "Winnie" after his hometown of Winnipeg, Canada. Winnipeg the bear became very popular with soldiers of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Brigade and travelled with them as their mascot. When they arrived in England it was clear that Winnipeg would not be able to accompany the Infantry Brigade any further as they had to move on to France. Harry Colebourn took the bear to the Zoological Gardens in London so they could look after it while he was away. In 1919 he returned to collect the bear and realised that it had become very popular with staff and visitors, so he decided to donate the bear to the zoo. Winnie the bear was a popular attraction at London Zoo until it died in 1934.

Just Like Humans, Animals Have Personalities Too

Would you believe a dog psychologist who once prescribed a box turtle to fulfill a poodle's maternal instincts. This is one serious psychologist and he even resorted to writing a book about understanding your dog. Animals are individuals too and this is according to the book of this doctor who is both an associate professor of psychology at local university and associate director for research at the local zoo. Honestly is how he expresses himself despite the fact that people can assume too much.
He told on a recent visit here, of a case where a young couple owned a dog and the dog wouldn't let the husband into the bedroom. When they fought, the couple's dachshund had a catatonic fit and this was mentioned in his book. According to him, dogs develop like young children and their body language is similar to that of humans. According to him, dogs like human possess different abilities in tolerating closeness.
Getting a puppy is best done when it is between six and eight weeks old as the doctor points out considering how it is that dogs develop through several stages. Getting a puppy older than 10 weeks should be avoided unless it has been raised with a lot of people around. Interaction with other puppies is something you should take notice of whenever buying a dog. Actually, a dog that is very outgoing can be the most aggressive out of the bunch.

What the Bleep Do 'They' Know!

One of the reasons that Jodie Bentley and I started The Savvy Actor was to empower actors to make their own decisions based on their own individual goals. Over the last year and a half we've given seminars on marketing, branding, social networking, etc. At each of these seminars, the proverbial "They" enters the conversation. Someone will raise their hand and say: "Well, "They" say you should or shouldn't (Fill in the blank)." The "They", from our experience, is often the source holding our clients back and actually preventing them from taking action that will move their careers forward. Thinking about what "They" want makes actors feel powerless.
Let's look at this closer. First of all, who are "They"? And are "They" always 100% right? There are no absolutes in our business because it is subjective; and because of that, the information "They" give often times conflicts! How can we as actors run our own business doing what "They" want, when what it is "They" want is typically not inconsistent? Especially when you, the business owner, need to make decisions based on what's best for your individual and unique business. We need to realize that each casting office and agency has their own ways of doing business because it is what works for them.
So, that being the case, where should you look for guidance in how you run your business? Well let's start with you. How do you want to conduct your business? What is your comfort level in asking for help? What types of things are you willing to do? What are you not willing to do? What are your hours? How do you handle social networking? These are all things you have to decipher for yourself and your business.
What opportunities can you create for yourself? (Here's a hint... they're everywhere.)

How to Become a Famous Actor

Friday, February 1, 2013
Many individuals want to learn how to become an actor. There are numerous talent agencies in the United States and other locations of the world that specialize in assisting individuals that desire acting jobs and other jobs in the entertainment industry. If you have ever dreamed of becoming an actor that is famous and well-loved among many, you are not alone. Millions of people have this dream. However, the difference between you and them is that you are going to learn how to make the dream become a reality. It is important to know and understand that pursuing this type of career takes time, dedication, training and a true passion. In this guide, you will receive simple steps on how to become an actor.

Artists Struggle in Lviv Ukraine

Artists have always been known to live on the edge. It is this very edge that has kept them sensitive, creative and imaginative. But what about survival for the-"starving artist"? Short of being a Picasso or a Van Gogh, most artists struggle to survive at the best of times. Add to this equation a creative person living in a developing country and you have the formula for a very challenging life. Such is the situation for my artist friends living in Lviv, Ukraine.
Lviv has had a very turbulent history mired with the repression and oppression by conquering rivals. Its' most recent domination has been by the Soviet Regime. The independence from this regime only occurred in 1991, therefore many contemporary artists have lived through this period. So how exactly did the creative community in Lviv fare during this very totalitarian era?
Communist rule imposed upon its' art community a very specific type of art called-socialist realism. This art form was meant to depict man's struggle towards an heroic common good. The dome at the airport in Lviv and the dome of the Ivan Franko university also in Lviv have painted murals that are fine examples of this genre.

McBride and Hallmark Unite to Make Sweet Music

Sometimes spoken phrases can't express the true emotions of the heart. This Valentine's Day, let your sweetheart know how you feel by song.
Grammy Award-successful vocalist Martina McBride has joined forces with Hallmark to create "My Coronary heart," a Valentine's Day compact disc out there completely via Hallmark.
In her hit songs from the previous and current, McBride's highly effective voice takes listeners on a romantic musical journey. The CD options two new songs - "At Final" and "Together Once more," in addition to six classics, together with "Valentine," a duet with Jim Brickman that rose to No. 3 on the Billboard adult modern chart in 1997.
In her outstanding career, McBride has bought over 13 million albums, had 20 high-10 hits and bought more than 70 awards and nominations.
"We are delighted about joining forces with such an extremely revered and proficient artist," said Ann Herrick, built-in advertising and marketing manager at Hallmark. "We really feel lucky to be working with an artist whose career is skyrocketing."

Newsgroups - Their Types

Newsgroups are basically categorized into two types the binary or the text. Being the same in their technicality the only thing that make them different are their names. Newsgroups have worked very well with these binary files but the reason why newsgroup were created was not to only distribute binary files, reason being the working procedure of these binary files where if the file is uploaded once can spread and can also be downloaded by the multiple users at the same time. Not like the p2 technology where the sharing of the file is depended on the users and also the downloading speed is under the control of the user. In fact this makes a positive point for the newsgroups though this kind of l sharing thing is not expected because if everyone starts to share then the serves will be overloaded.

Guitar Amps Let You Feel the Music and Feel the Vibe

Once they hit the stage, the chicks scream and the men roar. Rock stars are like music gods which everyone loves and adores. They bring a kind of energy and vibe that electrifies an entire crowd of music lovers and enthusiasts. Good music can put a baby to sleep but can awaken an entire nation.
Yes, musicians are professionals trained to produce good music. Nonetheless, do you ever wonder if good music is all about the voice and skill of the performer? Have you ever wondered if musical equipment has something to do with great performances? Let us reexamine the usefulness of guitar amps in the lives of many performers.

Vintage Designer History: Cristobal Balenciaga

Cristobal Balenciaga's name was just as well known in Paris in the late 1940s as Christian Dior, although Balenciaga was in fact from the Basque country and only moved to Paris in 1937 exactly ten years before Diors 'New Look' arrived on the scene.
His mother was a seamstress and he took a very early interest into her profession. When he was still very young, he made a copy of a suit worn by Marquesa de Casa Torres, a Spanish noble woman in his town. She was so impressed with his skill, she became his benefactor and got him his first apprenticeship with a well known tailor when his father passed away, aged 11. (I have a book that says he was 11, Ive read some other contradictory articles,stating 14 to 16, so who knows)
He was very similar to Charles Fredrick Worth, in that he worked his way up to the top and had many years experience under his belt by the time he opened up his first fashion house in Sans Sebastian in 1918. He later opened 2 more locations, one in Madrid and another in Barcelona, before being forced to shut due to the Spanish civil war in 1936.

Promoting Your Cardmaking Business

Set you your own blog website to sell your Greeting Cards Great! You have your greeting card business organized, and you are intent on making money from greeting cards, now what? You need to promote your cardmaking business. There are ways to promote your greeting cardmaking business that cost almost nothing more than your time.
One of the ways you can get up and running on a shoestring is setting up a WordPress blog.  Not only is it fun to build your own blog (or get someone else to...) it is also a very easy way to promote your greeting cardmaking business. The hardest part may be trying to decide what to name the blog, keep in mind it must relate to the topic for example "Home Made Greeting Cards".

What We Can Learn From Playing Cards?

Thursday, January 31, 2013
Many people are against playing cards; for they take it as something that make teenagers go corrupt. Actually, they are blocking them trying new things in life. Life is full of risks, and teens need to learn how to deal with them. Playing cards is not just matter of skills. What we can learn from it can be applied in all aspects of life.
Logical thinking
We can learn how to apply logical thinking in playing poker, for it is full of puzzles. Since we don't know what other players have got, we need make a guess and decide how to make good use of the information with logical analysis. Logic is useful in cards, so does it actual lives.
Mind concentration

Choosing Art: The Basics

As you begin your search for art and if you are familiar with the basic types that fit your taste, your search will be simplified. If you are not sure about the types that fit your taste, there are some basic concepts on the types of art that you might consider.
First, your choice of art must meet your personal style and preference. Does it elicit a good feeling for you and add to the mode or purpose of the room? If so, you are on the right track. One distinction where we are often torn or undecided is the art decorative or collectible. Collectible art is a piece that will hold its value or increase its value. Collectible art does not have to be an original. We have seen many limited run prints increase in value substantially over the years. Some people suggest that decorative art is that which creates the mood or feeling of the room. It seems to us, that a collectible piece can just as easily meet your personal preference or choice as what some would call decorative only. Remember, choosing art has to be about your personal preferences first. If a piece meets your needs, fits your budget, and grows and increases in value; so much the better.
Basic Art Types:

Art Collection Managed With RFID Applications

Many collectors of art and museum artifacts will have a difficult time when it comes to managing, counting and protecting their collection, whether it's large or small, particularly if it is spread out in several countries. However, with the help of web-based RFID applications the task of managing collections will seem like a breeze.
What is the difference in using RFID instead of a barcode?
Well, one of the many advantages of using RFID applications is that there is no need to disrupt the environment when you are counting the items in the collection, because this technology can read through the items. For instance, it is possible to position the RFID tags behind a vase; artwork or even inside clothing and then you can read the tags through the different materials.

Christian Louboutin's Red Sole Diary

Christian Louboutin was born and raised in Paris, France and was first heard of in the French fashion scene in 1991 when he introduced his line of high-end women's shoes. His passion for fashion was cultivated by his three sisters. It was, however, an incident at a Paris museum in 1976 that started his interest with shoes. When he went to visit the Musee des Arts Africains et Oceaniens on Avenue Daumesnil, he noticed a pictograph sign prohibiting women wearing stilettos from entering the exhibit. The said exhibit was housed in a building with mosaic and parquet floors and the prohibition was meant to prevent damage on the flooring. He was intrigued by the sign that the image was etched in his mind which he later used on his designs.
In 1981, he put together a portfolio of his designs and went to Paris' top couture houses to show it off. It was the renowned shoe designer Charles Jourdan who gave him a job. While he was working for Jourdan, he met another famous shoe designer, Roger Vivier. Vivier's work is familiar to Louboutin because it is Vivier who designed the stiletto heel that fascinated Louboutin on a sign at the Avenue Daumesnil museum.
It was by accident that his signature red soles started. He felt that his designs looked dull as he saw them being strutted out the runway during one of his fashion shows. When he saw one of his employees wearing red nail polish, he applied it on the sole of a shoe thinking that it will have the effect he wanted. And it did! Since 1992, the shiny, red-lacquered soles were integrated into his.

Top 10 Ways to Protect and Care for Your Glass Collection

1. Never let anyone borrow from your collection. If it disappears, breaks, or is otherwise damaged, not only your collection will be ruined, but possibly also your relationship with the borrower. Letting people borrow expensive stuff may be a nice thing to do, but sometimes people are irresponsible or things that they cannot control could happen.
2. Do not put your glass collection in direct sunlight or under direct heat. Also avoid sudden temperature changes.
3. Always use both hands when carrying or moving the pieces to prevent dropping them. If you do not want to leave fingerprints, use gloves that do not slip.
4. Be there when visitors take a look at the collection. Do not leave the collection unattended. (Especially around children.)

Put Your Heart Into It the HIT Way!

February is Heart Health month and it's a great time to re-evaluate your fitness program, make changes & modifications, and really lock in a great total body workout.  Most of the articles you're likely to see during heart month will be related to traditional stationary aerobic exercise equipment; treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, etc. and group aerobic classes. While there is nothing wrong with those training systems, not everyone enjoys them or desires to put that much time into training.
Instead, we will focus on putting your heart into it without the traditional long endurance type exercise programs, using a strength training system known as High Intensity Training (HIT). For the person who is looking for a change to their program, with an emphasis on overall body development; muscle, strength, fat reduction, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory health and they want it in as little time as possible, HIT is the answer. Skip the hours on the treadmill and instead devote 15-30 mins/day - 2-3x/wk to training as hard as you can.
Here are the rules:

Modeling Tips For Successful Models

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
As a model, there are a few modeling tips that can help you as you get into the industry. These tips will let you know what to expect and what is expected from you as a model.
One of the most important modeling tips that will help you is about skin care. As a model, having clear flawless skin is very important; therefore, you need to know how to take care of your skin at all times. If you have any skin problems, go to your dermatologist and get something to help you. Most agencies will not work with models with bad skin so before you decide to become a model, ensure that your skin looks good by properly taking care of it.
To be a model, you need to be in good shape.By no means does this mean that you should be skinny though. You just have to be mentally and physically fit to work in the fashion industry. One of the modeling tips that can help you achieve this kind of fitness is to exercise regularly.
Most people think that models have to be on strict diets or that they need to starve themselves. This is not the case. To be successful model nutrition is very important; you have to eat a well balanced diet. This will help you stay in shape and it will give you the necessary energy required to work in the fashion industry. Models have to travel a lot and work for long hours; if you don't eat well, this career will be overwhelming for you.

Use Magic Tricks To Become The Life Of The Party

Whether the party is for children or adults, there can sometimes be a lag in the fun. Learning some cool magic tricks enables you to liven up the festivities and become the center of attention. A person does not need to be a master of the craft to learn some tricks and they can even get some of the supplies needed at no charge. The most popular tricks involve money, cards, fire, and a little comedy. All of these are easy and fun for everyone in the family to learn.
Free magic tricks can be found online and are offered at no charge with a minimum purchase. These include the butterfly puzzle, an optical illusion involving red and green caterpillar pictures that create a butterfly when rearranged. Clairvoyance is another excellent free trick and it allows the magician to impress the audience with mind-reading skills. Guests will marvel at the abilities and wonder if the magician truly can read their thoughts.

Need For Angel Investors In Entertainment

Angel investors in entertainment are pretty common these days. Let's be honest, who doesn't like some good old entertainment and angel investors are no different from the rest of us. Except for the fact that they are quite unimaginably wealthy! They too have their tastes in music and if one can get hold of their patronage, then there is no limit to how high their company will fly!
Investment Needs
If you are starting an entertainment business of your own, you will definitely need funding because the entertainment business is a business which has a great many requirements:
  • A great office - appearances matter a great deal in the entertainment business and we all know that.
  • A capable task force - PR is the byword of the entertainment industry.
  • Good sound system - preferably Bose, and we all know how expensive that can be.
  • Great food - one must woo all potential clients and investors well.
And a host of other needs, depending on which branch of entertainment you decide to venture into. Quite frankly, setting up an entertainment business requires more capital than setting up businesses of any other kind and angel investors in entertainment are very necessary.

Hannah Montana Songs

I am sure almost everyone has heard about Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus). She is very popular today for her role in movies, TV shows, and her career as a singer/song writer of over 100 songs. From preteen up to old age many people love her music. I myself enjoy listening to her beautiful voice. Here is a list of some of her songs.
1. Best of Both Worlds
2. Who Said
3. Just Like You
4. Pumping Up the Party
5. If We Were a Movie
6. I Got Nerve
7. The Other Side of Me
8. This is the Life
9. I Miss You
10. We Got the Party
11. Nobody's Perfect
12. Make Some Noise
13. Rock Star
14. Old Blue Jeans
15. The Best of Both Worlds
16. Life's What You Make It
17. One in a Million
18. Bigger Than Us
19. You & Me Together
20. True Friend
21. If we were a movie
22. Ice Cream Freeze
23. This Boy That Girl
24. Hoedown Throwdown Zig Zag
25. Been Here all Along
26. Super Girl
27. I'm Still Good
28. Lets do This
29. Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
30. Girls Night Out (GNO)
31. Right Here
32. As I am
33. Start all Over
34. East Northumberland High
35. Good and Broken
36. Clear
Miley Cyrus was born in Nashville, Tennessee on November 23, 1992. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus is also famous for his music and tv appearances. He was famous for his country song "Achy Breaky Heart." Her mothers name is Leticia Cyrus. Miley (name came from nickname smiley) has five siblings so she comes from a large family. Her real name is actually Destiny Hope Cyrus.
She has a TV show on the Disney Channel called Hannah Montana. The show is about a down to earth girl that lives a double life as a famous pop star. Even though Miley has a busy schedule you can find her spending quality time with her family and friends and attending church. She enjoys sports and dancing. She really does love animals and has a collection from dogs to horses.
I believe she will continue to do great work and have a positive influence on the youth of today. You can find Miley on some of the more popular sites such as Face book and view pictures from her career on any online search.

Spruill Center for the Arts

The Spruill Center for the Arts is a private, non-profit fine arts center located in the northern Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody, Georgia. Established in 1975, is the center is currently celebrating its thirty-six year open. The Spruill Center serves over 7,000 students each year. They offer high quality classes and workshops in the visual, literary, and performing arts. The center also has outreach programs for youth, seniors, and those with special needs.
There are two locations in Dunwoody which make up the Spruill Center for the Arts. The Education Center is located at 5339 Chamblee Dunwoody Road. A wide range of classes are offered there including painting, ceramics, glass, jewelry, photography, sculpture, and film. In addition the Spruill Center offers a variety of culinary classes led by Atlanta chef John Wilson, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. These classes are typically held off site. The Spruill Center offers an excellent Summer Art Camp for Atlanta area youth. The Education Center building is also home to the Stage Door Players, a local theater group.
The Spruill Center Gallery and Gift Shop is located nearby at 4681 Ashford Dunwoody Road. The gallery hosts exhibitions by local and nationally known professional artists. The current exhibition showing at the gallery is "Align," which runs through March 19, 2011. This exhibition features the paintings, drawings, and photography of several artists, illustrating the importance of linear form in their work. The Spruill Center Gift Shop offers a selection of unique items, ranging from decorative arts to jewelry. The gallery and gift shop are housed in a restored farmhouse dating from the mid 1860s. The historic structure was home to several generations of the Spruill family, who were among the first settlers in the Dunwoody, Georgia area. The five acre property includes two restored outbuildings, a smokehouse and a seed house. The buildings are a good example of southern farmsteads from that era. Visitors to the gallery and gift shop may enjoy a walk around the grounds. The art gallery and home are open Wednesday through Saturday from 11am-5pm. Admission and parking are free.
Part of the mission of the Spruill Center for the Arts is to foster understanding and appreciation of the visual and performing arts. The center's Prospective Gift Shop offers consignment artists the opportunity to sell art at the Spruill Center Gift Shop. Visitors to the Dunwoody area may enjoy attending the gallery exhibitions and events, as well as touring the historic house and grounds.

Artist Bio and Zodiac Signs: Finding Out More About Your Favorite Artists Can Be Done Easily

Most people nowadays have their own celebrity idol - someone they adore and look up to, not just because of their personal appearance, but usually it is also because of the reputation that they have built and shown everyone in the showbiz industry. Adoring someone and looking up to them is something that is unavoidable. Sometimes, you may want to know more about that particular showbiz personality, singer or artist and finding some ways on how you can read their bio or "biography."
This is merely not spying - this is just your way of finding out more about the person that you adore and starting to get to know more about him / her aside from the characteristics and the facts that the entire public already knows. Thanks to the internet, everything is made possible. A lot of people find it pretty useful to turn to the World Wide Web when searching for additional information. Regardless of where it would be used, whether in school, at work or simply just for fun, you are provided with unlimited and endless resources for you to always take advantage of.

Caribbean Art: The Cayman Islands Art Evolution

Caribbean art is a rather all-encompassing term considering the huge diversity of artwork that has originated from the region and the number of countries and cultures included under the umbrella of the Caribbean.
In such a context it is almost impossible to "define" Caribbean art, as just like the region itself, the varied influences of the past and its historical development involve a huge melting pot of cultures and races.
In this article we will be looking at art from just one small Caribbean nation, the Cayman Islands. Largely as a result of the boom years on these tiny islands literally only a couple of decades ago, interest in fine art and its place in Cayman society has grown at an amazingly rapid rate. Huge foreign inward investment, a rapid population growth and rise in expatriate workers and residents has seen demand for fine art soar and the islands now support a thriving and active arts scene.
When you think that it was not until 1996 that the country opened its first National Gallery, the progress has been quite astounding and art lovers today are still often surprised at the quality, originality, style and subject matter of the work now being produced by some of the island's established and emerging artists.
With such a large expatriate population, many of the working artists in this tiny island nation hail from foreign shores, but Cayman itself has produced a great number of the country's finest, most respected and sought after painters and sculptors.

General Knowledge Quiz - 5 Tips to Making Quizzes Successful

If you enjoy compiling General Knowledge Quizzes then you are probably looking at ways of making them successful. It's not just a case of throwing 10s of questions and answers together but also getting and keeping an audiences interest. If you look at the tips below your general knowledge quiz can go from being used in a family and friends environment to having exposure to potentially 1000's of people from around the world.
  1. Never be country specific. Keep your general knowledge quiz as broad as possible and that means trying avoid writing questions that only culture would know. That doesn't mean you can't write your questions and answers on a country but it does mean you need to be careful not to bring in TV programs that are only shown in a certain country or local history that other nationals wouldn't get.
  2. Write enough questions and answers for 40 minutes in an office environment that way is used for another event in a pub or club they will last about over an hour. About 50-60 questions and answers per general knowledge quiz compiled. You can do quicker ones but be sure that you keep to the same format.

How to Get Celebrity Interviews

If you host a show on BlogTalk Radio or elsewhere, one way to increase your exposure is by interviewing well-known people or celebrities. So how does one go about finding these guests?
As a veteran talk show host here are some of my tips:
  • Find the Celebrity Representative: Once you determine who you're interested in interviewing, you'll have to do some research to find the best connection. It could be a Publicist or Agent and they should have a public email address. That's who you would send a request to asking for the interview. When writing, give the name of your show as well as the focus of your interview and a brief explanation as to why their client would make a great guest. You might also include a link to your show (or show's website) so they can check you out before they decide to follow up.
  • Put Yourself in a Position to be Found: Publicists and Agents are always looking to get media exposure for their clients and have their own methods of searching. Make yourself easy to be found through self-promotion. This includes putting out press releases announcing your shows, using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging as well as asking others to help you promote.

Can Voice Over Agents Help You Find Proper Voice Over Work?

When you are starting to work as a voice over artist you may wonder if having an agent is a good idea. There are many benefits you can get from having an agent that you need to be aware of.
Voice over agencies can help you get in touch with successful agents
Finding and getting in touch with agents can be a bit of a daunting task for the new voice over artist. There are directories that you can use to find agents in your area but the question of whether they are good or not is still there. If you are going to use an agent you want one who is successful and will promote you well. There are many agencies that you can look at who have reviews online that will help you find out if they help people or not. By joining a successful agency you will have access to agents who are committed to getting the artists voice over work. The reason for this is that their company's reputation is on the line and they want to have a good reputation.
Packaging your previous voice over work
Before you get an agent you may want to get all your previous work and demos together. This is something that needs to be done quite well particularly if you are going to be sending this package to potential employers and agents. You will want to make sure that the demo and recordings of previous work are a good representation of your voice and abilities. If you do not package these correctly then they can put people off and this can lead to a decrease in work. Of course many agents will take care of this for you or at least help you and tell you how to go about packaging your previous work.
Are voice over agents for you?

Quizzes - Why Are They Great for Local Communities?

In this I want to share some quiz tips and advice that will allow you to understand not just how to compile quizzes but also what they actually can do.
  1. Getting communities together. Not just about asking a couple of Trivia quiz questions it is much bigger. Quizzes bring people together and in turn creates positive relationships. Pubs or clubs really benefit from a good quiz night. Warning bad quizzes move people apart.
  2. Making profit. From the amount you charge per player, money going behind a bar but more importantly the potential money being passed around the local area with the contacts that are built. Quizzes allow people to speak before, during and after it and as people are curious about each other and quizzes are often good ice breakers. Many quiz teams have a name relating to what they do or just fun names that people like to gets others talking. A quiz might naturally become a place where business is discussed and whats more in a less formal environment with less hang ups

Frequent Questions Parents Have With Painting Classes

Is the child currently taking painting classes? Are you currently worried the paint your little one is making use of could be poisonous to your child's well-being? Are you contemplating of removing your kids from their particular painting classes for the reason that may get sick? As a parent your worries are completely easy to understand. Instead of taking away your child from their painting class there could be one more answer to your concern. This write-up will give you some basic answers to your complaint.
Finger painting is normally the first painting lessons your son or daughter may deal with in school as a task or playtime. But if your little one wants to find out more on painting then you definitely as a parent should motivate their interest. Nevertheless, as a parent it's also wise to be aware of the components that the child will probably be using. In this case, it's the paint. You want to make sure the paint is non-toxic and harmless for your baby. Mentioned below are 2 uncomplicated choices regarding how to deal with your concerns.
1. Whenever you are enrolling your child in a private painting session aside from school. You might like to talk with the director and deal with your worries. Inquire if they are working with nontoxic paints and acquire the brand name of the paint. You could check up on the web if ever the director offers an accurate information and facts.

Discover New Ideas of Painting Classes for Preschool

As a teacher are you tired of thinking about completely new choices for the painting classes? Are you running out of fun painting processes to teach your class? Are you feeling that your pupils are beginning to become bored with your painting lessons? Well, relax a bit simply because this write-up will help fix your painting issues. You will see new strategies on steps to make your course fun for the young children.
It's well known that young children have a short attention span so, it is very important to create entertaining, easy and simple painting projects. Furthermore, understand that young children love to make a mess. So, if the painting ventures tend to be messy after that your students can have interest. Help your very young children convey their imagination with a finger-painting exercise.
Listed below are 5 quick and easy concepts of painting project which you might prefer to use in your class. Let's start.
An excellent painting task is sponge painting. You need to have no less than five sponges based on the scale your class. Trim the sponge in several styles. If you have a large sponge it is possible to cut more than one big shape or numerous little shapes. It's at your discretion, there isn't any wrong or right on this project. As soon as you've carried out with your sponge dump your paint into a bowl. Instruct your preschoolers to soak one end of the sponge in to the bowl. You will see one part of the sponge is going to be covered in paint and also the other side will be clear. Position the coated part of the sponge onto the white paper to make an image.

Pub Quiz Tips - The Basics of Hosting a Trivia Night

Doing a pub quiz is often rewarding not just in financial terms but also in getting more of a community spirit in a relaxed environment. There are 2 real elements to a pub quiz the compiling of the questions and answers, and also hosting of the event. I am going to focus on the actual hosting with the aim of giving a foundation to build upon so as to advance the night into a complete night of entertainment. Here's the basics.
First thing is scheduling the night for the pub quiz. You need to plan out the night from start to finish. Let's say it is now going to be a regular weekly event.
  1. Set the day in the week you are going to host it.
  2. Time it starts often 8pm but any time that suits your pub.
  3. Time it finishes. The less formal pub quiz should last between 1:30 to 2hrs including interval.
  4. Finally the Wash up, Reading the questions and marking, giving the prizes and finally but very importantly thank the quiz teams and also telling them same time next week or let them know if there is a change to come.

Vintage Designer History, Jean Desses

Jean Desses, was born in Alexandria, Egypt (although his ancestry was in fact Greek) in 1904. He originally studied law, before taking an interest in design and taking up work with a well known Parisian couture house called Maison Jane. He eventually opened his own atelier in 1937, although he didn't become very well known, until after the war had ended.
Early on it was quite obvious that his own family history and back ground had influenced the way he designed. His technical complexity was very similar to Vionnet and Balenciaga, in that, it was all about sculptural aesthetics. He was a master with his 2 preferred fabrics, chiffon and mousseline.
His dresses often featured intricate pleating and beautiful draping, which covered structured formal bodices. He also, often featured, full skirts swept back at different angles, all resulting in visually stunning, beautifully elegant pieces.

Natalie Portman Biography

Oscar winner Natalie Portman's ancestry would make a feature film itself. Born Natalie Hershlag in Jerusalem she has dual citizenship in American and Israel, She has said she loves the United States but Jerusalem is where she feels at home.
Her maternal ancestors were Jewish immigrants to the USA from Austria and Russia and her paternal ancestors were Jews who moved to Israel from Poland and Romania.
Her Great Grandparents on her father's side died at Auschwitz and her Romanian Great Grandmother was a spy for British Intelligence during World War II.
Her parents met at a Jewish student centre at Ohio State University where her mother was selling tickets. They corresponded after he returned to Israel and were married when her mother visited a few years later.
Portman was born in Jerusalem on June 9th 1981 but she was 3-years-old when the family moved to the United States of America where her father trained to be a doctor.
After living in Washington DC they moved to Connecticut and finally settled on Long Island, New York in 1960. She went to Jewish schools where she learnt to speak Hebrew and English. She has loved languages from an early age and has studied French, Japanese, German and Arabic.
Portman started taking dancing lessons at the age of 4-years-old and at the age of 10 a Revlon agent asked her to become a child model. She had already decided she wanted to become an actress and turned down the offer to concentrate on acting.

Colin Firth Biography

Colin Firth will always be remembered as the sexiest Mr Darcy ever after he emerged from the lake in a wet shirt in the 1995 TV adaptation of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice."
But Firth is just as romantic in his private life. In 1995, just after the series was shown on television, he met Italian film producer Livia Giuggioli on a film set, and it was love at first sight.
He said, "I remember seeing her through this crowd of people and just knowing I had to get her." They married two years later in her native Italy, and no other woman has ever turned his head. He says his wife is the most beautiful woman in the world and they have made it 15 years together, which is pretty good in Hollywood standards and the marriage is going to last forever.
When he met his wife he had just split up with Jennifer Ehle, his co-star on "Pride and Prejudice." Firth and his wife have two sons Luca, born in March 2001 and Matteo born in August 2003.
He also has a son William "Will" Joseph Firth from an earlier relationship with Meg Tilly, his co-star in "Valmont" who was born in 1990. He still keeps in touch with him and Tilly's other children as he was their stepfather.

What To Expect At Auditions

Thursday, January 10, 2013
If you are called to an audition, expect only a handful of people to be present, and not a very large crowd. In addition to yourself and the casting director, the other people that matter, may be the director, a camera operator, if the audition is being taped, and perhaps a representative of the advertising agency, if the audition is for a commercial.
By the time your turn to audition arrives, the casting director, may have already auditioned hundreds of people, which means by this time, they may be bored and perhaps irritable. You can seize the instant to create a "Wow" moment, and make the directors' job easier, or you can be unprepared and destroy your chances of getting any role.

The Power of the Internet and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, a popular singer who never took singing lessons or had vocal coaches, became a singing phenomenon in 2008. Justin has successfully released two albums at the age of 17. In the US, both of his albums have been certified platinum. Because of his great work, he has been awarded as "Artist of the Year" at the 2010 AMA and "Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. He is really the big star in the music industry today after uploading his homemade videos on YouTube. Ironically, some people still doubt his talent and think that he reached success just because of luck. What makes him so special? Does he really have the talent or is he just the product of new age marketing? Below you will find out.
Justin's Talent
This young singer started to gain popularity after uploading his performance videos onto YouTube. He also became the 2nd place winner in a local singing competition called Stratford Idol. He wanted to share this success by uploading his performance videos onto YouTube. Surprisingly, many people loved the videos and they subscribed to them. People love the way Justin sings because he has had a natural talent since he was a child. At the age of 12, he taught himself to play some musical instruments like drums, piano, guitar and trumpet. This is not easy to do unless the boy really has talent in music.

Review: Pulse News Reader

One of the best things about having a mobile device is having all the information you want at your fingertips. The problem with having all that information is figuring out how to handle it all and get to it in a way that makes it easy to consume, enter news readers. There are a lot of options out there on Android for news readers, even Google Reader but they all handle things a bit differently and offer their own benefits, the reader that is gaining a lot of ground on multiple platforms is Pulse News Reader. Pulse is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and the just recently released Kindle Fire.
My personal favorite is Pulse News Reader. Pulse offers all the benefits of a slim light weight news reader with a slick user interface and great control scheme, it is easily the only news reader I would recommend to anyone on Android, iPad or Phone and even Windows Mobile.
Overall Experience:
The overall experience when using Pulse is clearly tailored towards tablet users. You're greeted with a straightforward tile layout that pulls in articles from site feeds and populates them with large images, article headlines, and brief intro copy from each article. Site feeds are organized into rows that you can quickly scan and you can tab through pages if you have multiple sites that you're pulling from.
Once if you're interested in an article from the quick glimpse tile you can click on it and pull in the full version of the article. The full version of the article comes on-screen from a pull out so you still see the rows and tiles but you have a new overlay that has the full article text and images for you to read through. It happens so seamlessly and you never leave the app to read more of any one specific article.

The Supremacy of Creative Power

It is said that Tracy Chapman was turned down by some recording companies who felt that her style of music lacked commercial viability at a time when music fans were flowing with the tide of Hip Hop. She refused to yield and eventually became a global superstar. In South Africa, the late Reggae superstar, Lucky Dube, had problems with his recording company when he wanted to switch from Mbaganga, a South African native music that he played, to Reggae music. The authorities of the recording company felt that Reggae would not sale as much as Mbaganga would and will thus result in financial reverses for the company. Lucky Dube left the company to start his reggae career and became global phenomenon inspiring many during his two-decade period before his death in 2007.
Musicians are exceptional people with the capacity to make new inventions in the area of their act. It thus amounts to locking their creative power to insist that they must continue to play music that promoters consider prototypical. The industry is one that thrives only when there is unconditional freedom for people to unleash their imaginative wits.

What Is Inside an Art Clay Kit?

Arts and craft activities can be popular in many countries. Children and adults can participate and bond with each other. In addition these activities offer a low cost option compared to other activities, such as concerts. Arts and craft activities come in many forms, including painting t-shirts. Another option involves working with metal clay. Metal clay comes in different colors, ranging from gold to silver. Artisans and jewelry designers enjoy using art clay becomes of its soft texture. Some companies have developed an art clay kit to meet the demand
For children, receiving their first kit provides a range of possibilities. They can make plates for friends, jewelry for themselves or art work for their parents. Parents who are purchasing art clay supplies should avoid single purchases. Purchasing an art clay kit offers a more economical solution. Parents do not need to worry about missing or damaged tools. Depending on the size of the kit, children can make bigger projects. However, most stores offer a standard sized art clay kit. All kits come with a set of instructions. Place the instructions in a safe place.

Avengers Vs X-Men: What Should Happen?

If you're a comic book reader who has been suffering from event fatigue, don't expect it to slow down anytime soon, especially if you're a Marvel fan. The House of Ideas has recently announced its 2012 mega event, 'Avengers vs. X-Men'. Unlike 'Fear Itself', details about AVX have been spreading constantly online. What we know is that it will focus on the return of the Phoenix force, and how that causes both teams to clash. The event officially kicked off last week with the return of Cable in 'Avengers: X-Sanction' (Jeph Loeb), and will begin to unravel in 2012. With the potential for an event the scale of Civil War, it's time Marvel delivered in bringing us a comic book event that can match the hype.
1) Story First, Action Later
With a story like AVX, there is guaranteed to be pages and pages of heroes duking it out against each other. While that's fine considering action sells, there still needs to be substance to the story. If you look at past events like Secret Invasion, Siege and Fear Itself, they were essentially events full of long boring fights. AVX has the potential to deliver effective characterization, and with five writers at the helm, every character should get a significant amount of screen time.

Thriller Novels: Where Does the Kick Come From?

Scarcely any novel enthusiast has not read any thriller novels at all. The genre is immensely popular with readers of all ages. The best thrillers have provided gripping suspense, exhilaration, and enjoyment to readers since the first beginnings of the genre. Their scope is vast, with many sub-genres.
So, what are they?
Obviously, the novel must must engender thrills in its readers. Straightforward enough, but where are the origins of this ability? The predecessors of thriller novels originated with the writers of early civilizations such as the Greeks or Persians. For example, the Odyssey in Greek and the Mahabharata in Sanskrit were, it can be argued constructed using similar narrative mechanisms to the modern day thriller novels. Originating in the Tenth Century and later translated by Sir Richard Burton, the Arabian Nights narrates the first ever detective thriller as a tale entitled "The Three Apples".

How to Provide Your Digital Artwork in the Correct Format

So you have been asked to provide artwork and don't know where to begin? Many graphics orientated industries such as printing, awards, and signage require digital artwork in specific file formats. This is essential in order to obtain high quality imagery on your end product. Here is a quick guide on what you need to know in order to correctly fulfill that next artwork request.
Before we talk about vendor requirements for your artwork, let's discuss what they probably don't want. Most often, providing your artwork in the form of a physical business card, letterhead, photocopy, website art, or a photograph is not ideal, and generally will not work. These examples are not considered "original artwork" which typically is required. Remember, someone created your art, and it's up to you to find out where it originated, and if it is available digitally. If you can find the originator or original art, you will save yourself a lot of work, and will likely be able to provide your art to your vendor per their requirements.
Regardless of file format, most vendors will require vector art. Open your artwork on your computer and zoom in very, very closely. If your art is composed of small dots it is likely a bitmap image, and is NOT a vector image. A vector image is made up of lines, and if you zoom in very close on your image you will see that the graphic is still very crisp and clean with no blurry dots. Another way to check is by taking your art and increasing the size about 10-20 times. If the "blown up" image is still as crisp, clean and detailed as when it was small, you likely have a vector image. If it becomes blurry the bigger it gets, your image is likely a bitmap. Another way to check, if your file has any of the following extensions, it is likely a bitmap: .bmp, .jpg, .gif

TV Review: The Secret Circle (The CW)

Can L.J. Smith build on the success of The Vampire Diaries and bring another winner to the CW? Yes, it is the only possible answer as the writing, casting and production team seemed determined not to have a sophomore slump.
Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson ) is a young girl whose life changes drastically when her mother dies in a house fire. She has to move to a new town where her grandmother, Jane Blake (Ashley Crow ) lives and where her mother's past was left behind many years ago. Her grandmother clearly wants her daughter's past not only kept a secret but does not want to lose her granddaughter to the same influences.
Cassie knows things are different but just wants to graduate high school, taking life one step at a time. Her new classmates have another plan for her and want to bring her into their fold where they believe she is meant to be.
Her first encounter is with a young boy, Nick Armstrong (Louis Hunter ), next door who she sees peering at her from his room. She then closes the curtains and turns her back while getting ready for bed. When she looks back the curtains are again open but the boy is no longer at his window. As she falls asleep she begins looking at the ceiling covered in stars and the darker the room gets the more each star glows. A pattern begins to appear and change not allowing Cassie to get a handle on what the stars mean or what they are trying to say.

The Art of Mixing and Mastering for Video Games

I think we all remember the old times when we played arcade games and all we could hear in the background were onomatopoeic sounds. And we can all agree upon the fact that video games have come a long way since then, both in terms of graphic and in terms of audio. The processes of mixing and mastering have left their mark and being an audio designer has become greatly profitable. But the work is equally demanding and it requires several technical skills in order to be able to deliver a truly professional final version of the game audio.

Keeping Memories Alive

Memories of our past, good or bad, many times fill a very important part of our daily lives. We draw continuously on the knowledge we have acquired over the years. But, over time, much of this knowledge and wisdom is lost due to forgetfulness or lack of review. Also, those wonderful family memories of weddings, births, family reunions, vacations and a whole host of other memories captured on audio or visual media types may not be seen or heard because you have nothing to play them on. For instance, you may have reels of 8mm regular or super film, reel to reel audio tape, 8 trk audio tape, cassette audio tape, VHS, Hi8, 78/45/33 rpm vinyl records or just simply photos that are hard to access. Well, as the Bandleader of the Stardusters Band, I am dedicated to the preservation and performance of live music of the great musical era of WWII. In the same respect, I believe our recorded memories of our families and our adventures through life are equally if not more important to preserve for future generations to come. Therefore, I have researched online the many services offered to render or transfer various media types to CD or DVD, or bands to perform the great music of the 30's, 40's and 50's. I have found the cost to be surprisingly expensive.

Want Some Action? Then Check Out These 3 Top Fitness Films About Fighting

When you want to get motivated for the gym there is nothing better than a good fitness film about fighting. These films usually have an inspirational training montage, lots of displays of athleticism and some kick ass fight scenes. In this article I will be sharing with you 3 of the top fitness films about fighting.
Bloodsport is the film that launched Jean Claude Van Damme's film career. For this reason some people will hate it whilst others will love it. I'm in the latter camp. Whilst Van Damme's acting skills are not the best, his fighting skills are top class and he shows them off brilliantly in Bloodsport. The whole film is about an underground fighting tournament in Hong Kong which is basically an excuse for Van Damme to kick ass for the majority of the film. Bloodsport is a brilliant fitness film about fighting and a perfect showcase for Van Damme to demonstrate his martial arts skills without too much acting getting in the way.

The Nuts and Bolts of Producing Children's Musical Theater

It's no secret that everyone and his brother, sister, aunt and uncle feel that they have the knack for producing children's Musical Theater. With so many publishing houses out there producing mini versions of some of Broadway's biggest hits, providing a "how to" and robust director's manual and prerecorded tracks to the show's songs, everyone is jumping on the band wagon and offering summer productions for kids ages 5-15 years old. However, it is very important to realize that it takes much more than a script, a bunch of students, and hall to produce truly great children's theater!
There are definitive areas of producing a musical with kids that will make a show simply mediocre or make a show simply spectacular. These areas are as follows: Quality Casting; Strong direction; Scenic Design and Construction; Lighting Design; sound design; costume design; a quality performance venue, Publicity and Marketing.

Tips On Booking The Best Entertainment Talent Agency

When you host an event, particularly a business event, you want to make sure that you not only have the tasks associated with the business or core purpose of the event arranged to ensure success, but you also want to make sure that you have the best and most appropriate entertainment that your guests will enjoy. If you are having a difficult time trying to decide the best type of entertainment and where to secure the entertainment, you will greatly benefit from booking your entertainment using the services of an entertainment talent agency.

Background of Drinking Games

Drinking games are any kind of competitions involving a group of people drinking some form of liquid according to a series of set rules. Though most of these games are played using alcoholic drinks, other beverages like juices, coffee or soda can be used. These games are mostly used for fun and getting everybody involved in some form of activity or interaction.
These games can be divided into various broad categories. The easiest of these games are often based on chance such as rolling a dice or pulling cards from a deck. You are required to drink a certain amount of liquid or beverage based on the result of what happens inthe game. The fun about these games is that they allow a lot of creativity depending on the type of game you are playing.
Another popular category of drinking games involves social or verbal skills. These games are very common in parties or gatherings where for example you are required to remember names of people and give certain instructions. Failure to remember a name comes with a specific drinking penalty. The most popular games are those that require a certain skill level. One of the most popular and common of these types of games is the drinking pong games.

Art Therapy Schools: A Solution to Wellness

Do you believe in the power of art as a healing agent? Perhaps you might be surprised to hear that there is actually a brand of aperture called art therapy because more often than not, just like everybody else, you think self expression is just a form of self expression and nothing more than that. In the past couple of years, art therapy schools have changed the meaning of how people define artistry and how it influences people's lives. When you ask these people, they will tell you that art therapy schools makes use of craftsmanship and all its therapeutic effects on people who have undergone illness, trauma or life-challenges that they thought they could not go through.
Did you know that creating abstraction helps people discover more about themselves and their capacity to do things? Well, this is the governing principle of people who are running art therapy schools. They help other people realize that they can heal through art production. The making art and the process of how one does such is known as an effective tool in helping a person overcome sadness of the terrible trauma that they have experienced. People go about a lot of dysfunctional events in their lives that do not really help in enabling them to cope up with the demands of the modern world. By simple enrolling in art therapy schools, a person will be able to become more aware of themselves and that is one of the aspects of a person that should be developed because if not, sadly, one is detached from the reality.

Interactive Talent Networks Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams

The Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate and interact. Businesses are using social media tools and social media platforms to extend their reach. Now, interactive talent networks are also using the power of online social media to connect people in the talent industry. With their unique marketing tools and talent management system, these networks provide both talent and talent seekers the visibility they are looking for. So if you are a person with extraordinary talent or an agent seeking talented people, signing up with a dynamic interactive talent network can help you achieve your dreams.
Showcase Your Talent and Get Noticed

How to Mix Live Vocals

In almost all cases the vocals in a band setting should sit on top of the mix. Nobody leaves a show humming the beat of the kick drum.
First, choose the right vocal microphone. Spend some time learning the differences in singers as well as the different characteristics of vocal microphones. This can go a long way to accomplishing the best sound.
Set your gain structure properly. Before you even turn up the fader, set your incoming gain. There are different schools of thought here, and it really depends on the application. If you are going for smooth or there is spoken word, don't push the gain all the way up to peak. Keep it in the green and out of the yellow. On some more driven applications it is OK to push the preamps a bit more as some "distortion" can be used for good. Peaking is always bad. Use compression or limiting to keep more dynamic vocalists from peaking.
Avoid using too much compression or effects. Unless you are going for a particular effect keep it natural sounding. Use compression, delay and reverb only to make a more natural sounding vocal, not to fix bad sound or singing.

What Is It About Birthdays That Make Them So Special

Birthdays come every year. Yet, we celebrate them with equal enthusiasm each year and sometimes even more than the previous year. We have far off friends and relatives who come over to celebrate and make our day special for us. We are given a royal treatment and lots of gifts. It is one day we can call our own and the day when we can have all our nonsense forgiven. Haven't you ever wondered what is it about birthdays that make them so special?
Life by itself is a beautiful thing. Naturally, the day you were given this gift of life is special. A birthday is just not the day you came into this world. It is the happiness that you brought around you when you came. It is the day when you made your parents the happiest people in the world. It is a day when they celebrate that proud moment of their life, when they first held you in their arms. As each year passes and you grow up, all the experiences you face in your life, year after year, makes you the person you are. The good experiences and well as the bad ones bring about the best in you and makes you stronger. It both molds, as well as