Who Is Braden Holtby?

Thursday, December 20, 2012
Being a die hard Boston Bruins fan, I am struggling trying not to cheer on Holtby!
Who is Braden Holtby? This guy has been amazing, his flexibility in the net is blowing my mind. I was watching him and what he does prior to a game and his focus and visualization is just amazing and its working who knew...
We are now getting ready for game 7 in the series and I will be biting my nails and yelling at the TV, like it can hear me, right! But this series has been so exciting and it boils down to one man in my opinion and that's, Who is Braden Holtby? I am totally in awe when watching him in these play off games, I am really impressed with his ability to stay so focused.

I know my friends are going to have a field day with this, I really am a Boston Bruins fan but this guy has really stepped up and made for a great play off series. I keep finding myself when watching these games asking, Who is Braden Holtby?What I know is he is determined, to be his best at only 22 years old, coming from Canada an ice hockey goaltender from Lloydminster, Saskatchewan who is currently playing for the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League. He was selected 93rd overall by the Capitals in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. He spent his junior career with the Saskatoon Blades of the Western Hockey League. The Blades struggled through his first two seasons with the team, and he managed only 42 wins in 115 games.Holtby made his NHL debut on November 5, 2010 against the Boston Bruins at the Verizon Center. After replacing Michal Neuvirth with ten minutes remaining and the game tied 3-3, Holtby stopped four Bruins shots as the Capitals scored two goals to give him the win. I don't remember that game or him at all I am sorry, I guess he went unnoticed to me, it must not have been an important game to me...
Who is Braden Holtby he is a conversation and a name no one will soon forget, is he just another goalie or is he going to be in the lime light. I Believe that he will be the most sought after goalie and the NHL and beyond, he is amazing!
Back to the Bruins vs the Capitals game 7 Wednesday night, do not disturb me..I will be watching the game. Holtby I do think you are wonderful, however the Bruins are going to take the series and move on, we are playing in Boston! Sorry dude, we are the Boston Bruins, maybe we should go get Holtby to join the Bruins wouldn't that be awesome! The funny thing is I am going to get lot of CRAP from everyone regarding this but who cares, this is fun, I love finding this stuff out. I love team sports and great athletes, just like Braden Holtby their endurance just intrigues me and amazes me.
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