Ideas for Sprucing Up Reception Halls

Monday, December 10, 2012
As long as you begin early enough, big cities have a wide variety of reception halls to choose from when you begin planning your wedding. Once you've chosen the location, it's time to think about the decorations which will personalize your reception. Some decorating ideas are surprisingly easy:
When choosing your location, pick an area that lends itself to easy decorating. Outdoor venues like gardens or indoor venues like ballrooms provide some built-in décor like natural flowers and elegant chandeliers. You can complement with some decorating ideas of your own.
If you're having an evening wedding or you've chosen one of the many indoor reception halls, light your event with candlelight. This gentle lighting provides a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. You can add dimension by placing candles in holders of all different shapes and sizes, and which stand at different heights.
For centerpieces, you can choose a color, and then find both flowers and non-floral items to decorate the center of each table. For instance, use light blue hydrangeas on one table and a birdhouse on the next. There are many vintage items which will work just as well as flowers in the center of your tables.
If you do choose to stick with flower, you can bulk up your arrangements by incorporating leaves and fresh herbs. Leaves are typically less expensive than the buds, so you'll save money, and herbs add a touch of refreshing fragrance. Another way to save on flowers is to incorporate a single bloom on your tables rather than an arrangement.

Every reception includes dessert, so why not spruce up the dessert table with colorful candies which match your color scheme. A candy buffet can easily include a wide variety of sweets and a beautiful array of color. Your dessert table will become the center of attention!
For ease in seating, name tables after places which hold special significance for you and your groom. Not only do these tables create an extra-special memory for you, but they'll be fun conversation-starters for your guests. And it's a great way to avoid numbering the tables - use locations instead!
If you have a large wall that simply looks bare, incorporate a variety of pictures featuring you and your groom. You can begin the collage with pictures of the two of you as children and continue through your engagement and into wedding planning. It's a great way to give people your story without stopping the party for a speech or slideshow.
As a final consideration, think about your guest book. There are many ways to bring it into the limelight. For Christmas weddings, have guests sign cards and hang them on a pine tree as "ornaments." You could also have guests sign cards and store them in a suitcase. Or you can decorate a basket with your wedding colors and have guests leave cards there. You may also want to consider having your videographer tape special messages from your guests. Some reception halls provide great picture settings, so you could consider getting a picture of each family that comes.


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