How to Become a Model - Preteen Modeling Tips

Monday, December 10, 2012
As women continue to create wealth and become key players in the marketplace, models have also learned how to build and maneuver their careers. It's important to help your daughter become a multi-faceted, multi-talented, business savvy model who treats modeling as a profession. Today's models have diversified their talents, so that as they mature, so do their careers. From acting, to developing perfume and clothing lines, to endorsing health and beauty products, models can and should take advantage of many opportunities. So, what can you do to increase her chances of success? Teach her the following 4 bits of wisdom:
  • She is the product. Success in the modeling industry will ultimately rely on her. You cannot do the job for her. However, you can foster her self-esteem, encourage her to be creative, independent, and an individual. She will have to build her own career (with your help), by continuing to reinvent herself throughout the years, particularly because she is starting out young.

  • She is a young adult. She will be put in many high pressured situations, where she will have to compose herself with maturity and poise. When clients and their production staff are working on a project, they are trying to accomplish a task in a very short period of time, in order to keep costs down. Your daughter will be expected to "produce" under intense circumstances. Help her to be relax and self-assured so that she can handle even the toughest situations.

  • She is a professional. By definition, a professional is one who receives a financial return for their endeavors. There are hundreds of thousands of young women who dream of being a model. If your daughter has been selected, she should always exhibit a polite, conscientious, courteous businesslike manner when on an assignment. No one wants to work with a little diva or smart aleck, especially when she is getting paid more than many adults.

  • She is exceptional. Once your daughter is selected by an agency for representation, she should know that she was chosen because they believe in her ability to be successful. She is expected to be exceptional not only in terms of her beauty, but also in her work ethic and commitment to her chosen career. There will be a lot of rejection and highs and lows along her journey; you can help her keep a positive attitude by encouraging her to stay grounded and be multi-faceted. Encourage her to read, participate in extracurricular activities, and take good care of her body and skin through proper diet and exercise. This will give her a greater sense of herself, and her inner confidence will radiate when on camera.
Although your daughter is the only one learning to fly, you can be there to catch her when she falls. You will not be able to control much, but you can provide the support she needs to succeed in a tough business. Encourage her to be versatile, and proud of her achievements, both inside and out.


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