Famous Sporting Trophies in the USA

Thursday, December 6, 2012

As one of the countries that tends to make sports and sporting matches a very big deal, it is no wonder that the United States has a few events that offer amazing and exceptionally well-known trophies. While it may seem like a small thing, winning a 3D trophy is one of the main aims for teams and individuals in certain American sporting events. Over a variety of sports, from American football to baseball, ice hockey and racing, a trophy is the thing that all competitors want to walk away with. Some of the most famous and highly prized are the Borg Warner, the Heisman and the Stanley Cup.
The Borg Warner Cup
Named for the Borg Warner automotive supplier, the Borg Warner Cup is a mainstay at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and permanently resides in the Speedway's Hall of Fame. First presented to the winner of the Indianapolis 500 in 1936, this large, 3D trophy is a multi-tiered award. The trophy has a bas-relief sculpture of the likeness of each of the race's winners since 1911 and is made of sterling silver, coming in at just under five feet in height. It weighs 43 kilograms and, today, is insured for more than 1.3 million US dollars. In 1986, the officials decided to add a base and artisans continue to add the bas-reliefs of the winners every year. The impressive piece has been refurbished a few times in its lifespan and can be seen today, glittering in the Hall of Fame - except on race day, when it is presented again to the winner.
The Heisman
While the Borg Warner Cup is a 3D trophy that is all about speed and racing, the Heisman is more about strategy and leadership. Begun in 1935 as the Downtown Athletic Club Trophy, it was renamed the following year as the Heisman Trophy and is awarded in recognition of the most outstanding player in collegiate football for a given year. This award is given out in early December, before the postseason bowl games, and was designed by Frank Eliscu, who sculpted the figure based on Ed Smith, the prized player of a now defunct New York University team. This award is different from most others in that it is voted for by the fans, along with the journalists who cover American college football. The piece itself is on the small size, at only 13.5 inches tall and weighing in at 11.3 kilograms, and is cast in bronze.
The Stanley Cup
Awarded annually to the winner of the National Hockey League Championship Game after the playoff finals, the Stanley Cup is the Holy Grail of ice hockey awards. This 3D trophy is different from many other professional sporting events pieces in that the winning team gets to keep it for the year of their victory. In addition, the names of the players, coaches, management and staff are all engraved on the chalice. The first cup was originally donated in 1892 by the governor of Canada. The current version is made of silver and nickel, stands at 35.35 inches and is topped by a replica of the original cup.


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