Customised 3D Trophy Design

Thursday, December 6, 2012

When it comes to an exceptional 3D trophy, workmanship and quality service is best showcased with a custom design. For any type of event, the majority of organisers prefer customised designs over generic ones, primarily for branding purposes. Of course, since awards are handed out in recognition of outstanding performance, careful attention and consideration should be given to their design.
Any finely crafted custom 3D trophy starts with the design phase, which will require a proficient artist to breathe life into ideas or come up with creative concepts. Designs provide the foundation of a superior quality 3D trophy, brought to life by state of the art engraving technology. These designs do not only reflect expertise, they can also create a positive impact for companies. Among the key benefits identified with customising these awards are:
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Increased return on investment
  • Motivated employees
  • Positive competition
  • Brand awareness
Popular Design Ideas - Belt Buckles
Belts are functional items and a wonderful way for people to flaunt their achievements. You can offer beautifully crafted belt trophies that features intricately designed buckles with pictures and engravings, with a wide choice of metals to choose from such as gold, silver, pewter or bronze. It's perfect for making a standout statement.
Popular Design Ideas - Sporting Awards
Trophies these days are no longer merely regarded as the simple cheap cups that we have grown accustomed in the past. With a brilliant design, you can effortlessly impress clients with works of art that can be made from resin, enamel, metal, plastic or even a clear, sparkling crystal. Custom design can be provided for different categories and for various types of sporting events.
Ideal Materials To Best Showcase 3D Trophy Designs
Acrylic Versus Glass and Crystal
Pieces that are engraved in crystal and glass give off an elegant appeal, which is ideal for formal awards ceremonies. However, for clients with limited budget, acrylic offers an inexpensive alternative, which can closely resemble crystal or glass. Acrylic materials are also usually easier to cut and customise, depending the design choice.
Timber Or Wood Awards
For clients who prefer a more classic appeal, wooden plaques never go out of style and remain a popular choice. 3D trophy designs in wood are best highlighted with a combination of glass and chrome.
Metal and Brass Plaques
A perfect choice whether for indoor or outdoor display, metal and brass plaques are weather resistant and hard wearing. With easy to clean surfaces, you can offer intricate and finely crafted designs that will stay shiny looking well-kept all throughout the years.
Whatever material you plan to use, it all comes down to two important factors: exceptional design and skills/technology used for the production of the pieces.


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