Why Do The English Love Cosy Nights In?

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The United Kingdom has a population of around 63 million and a majority of these people will be workers who spend a good chunk of their life working full time in a job to pay their bills. But why is it that the English love their cosy nights in?
Well the answer to that is because there is no better feeling than spending nights after work and weekends off chilling and relaxing to prepare your body for the next working day.
People often crave the idea of relaxing and chilling out on the sofa because they lead such hectic and busy lifestyles. Their only idea of escaping it all is to crash out somewhere with some comfort food and a TV programme that doesn't involve them using their brain.
For those of you who are not familiar with a cosy night in it generally involves doing nothing but having a night in that revolves around yourself. This means having a bath, getting rid of distractions, eating comfort food, cuddling on the sofa with a DVD and a British favourite; a cup of tea.
For a man his idea of a perfect cosy night in might be to have a shower and chill out with his partner watching a DVD and eating a pizza, or a night in with his mates would include beers and a footy match.
For a woman her idea of a cosy night in means to have a bubbly bath, cuddle up on the sofa watching movies, makeup free with their dressing gown on and a mound of chocolate.
Each person is completely different with their idea of a cosy night in and it is something that the English often love to do to unwind from a day of stress.
The top foods to eat when chilling out in front of the warm fire are foods that do not involve cooking or cleaning up dishes afterwards. These foods could be pizza, a Chinese take-away, crisps and dips, various chocolates and sweets and a cup of tea to top it off with.
If you are not a fan of a chilled night out then you obviously have not been doing it right! To start off your obsession with cosy nights you need to invest in a comfy pair of PJ's, a snug dressing gown, a good DVD or box set and stock your cupboards up with snacks and treats to last you a night of relaxation and fun.


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