True Blood: Picking Up Male Fans As Well?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

For as long as any of us can honestly remember, there has been a problem with television shows becoming suitable for both men and women. Either it's going to be geared towards men or it's going to be geared to women and it really didn't seem like this attitude was going to change anytime soon. Is "True Blood" that long-awaited change in the world of entertainment as we know it or is it just going to become another gender-specific television show that we may have been better off without?
First things first, "True Blood" takes the vampire concept to the next level by eliminating the need of vampires to hunt down humans and drink their blood. This was what made this HBO series rather unique in itself, because just about all vampire movies and shows focused on the concept that they would end up tackling humans just to get a nice refreshing drink of human blood from their body. This is done thanks to synthetic blood made readily available to the vampires who come out of their coffins.
The setting being a very small town in Louisiana seems to be the perfect spot for the events depicted in this series. The humans readily admit that the vampires exist, but they really don't want to embrace this fact. This leads to the vampires in "True Blood" to start on an anti-discrimination spree which adds some needed twists and turns for its viewers to enjoy.
It may seem something spun off of the ever-so-popular movie "Twilight," but the creative geniuses behind this claim that they didn't even hear about the movie being released around the same time that "True Blood" would be aired, but the trend was something that they weren't scared to jump onto in an effort to capture the attention of countless viewers who demand this sort of entertainment from their favorite television networks.
Not only was "True Blood" able to jump onto one of the hottest trends, but it also came at a time where HBO really needed improvement in order to secure their future as one of the premier networks. Changing up their team caused them to go down a road that many thought to be the end of it. When "True Blood" hit the air, the network saw a great change in direction and they no longer had to worry about whether or not they would be forced to close their doors.
"True Blood" is also looked at as a series that truly captures both genders. While the women love the romance and mysteries that lie within this show, the guys can enjoy the vivid pictures of sex and violence without having to worry about it being censored out. This is also something that seems to make it a perfect fit for HBO since they're a network who was always known for not holding back no matter how clear the depiction of lurid and sexual scenes were portrayed which is something some critics have related to traditional movies that didn't have to even think about being sold at Wal-Mart.
This is definitely a great addition to the world of entertainment and the plot only thickens as each episode is aired. It's come a long ways from the best-selling Novels that inspired its creation.


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