Things You Can Do With CDs Apart From Play Music On Them

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CDs are great. You can play music on them, you can... Wait what can you actually do with them? Yes with CD's life-span under threat from that scourge of the digital waves, the MP3, it might be useful to start brain storming other uses for them. Once you've ripped your collection of CDs to your computer or mp3 player, they can tend to sit around unused and unloved. It's time to rage against the machine and breathe life into your CD collection with these crazy suggestions.
Reflective suit
There is so much untapped potential in CDs due to their reflect qualities alone. Strap multiple CDs to make a cool reflective suit or cloak. What might you use this for you ask? Erm, think of it like a mirror your friends can look at themselves in. Or perhaps the must have accessory for the avid laser quest fan - guaranteed top points! Instead of bringing the party to the disco, why not bring the party home with you - never be without a disco ball and make every room and instant party with a mirror ball suit made entirely of CDs.
Who can afford a scarecrow in this day and age? But the problem of pesky birds and cats eating your plants and crops just never goes away. Cats, like vampires are especially scared of their own reflection (I've heard of people planting spoons in their flower beds to scare cats off - this is a bit off). So why not attach some CDs to sticks to ensure that your green-fingered endeavours need never fall by the wayside again.
Clay pigeon shooting
Who can afford a clay pigeon in this day and age? Yes, if you're not part of the aristocracy but still like to have a little shoot in the range every now and then - the price of clay pigeons can really be a deterrent. Clay pigeons shooting should be for everyone - so why not get a mate to chuck some of your unwanted CDs in the air - it works just as well and its much cheaper! Clay CD shooting can also have therapeutic qualities. Just had a messy break up? Why not get some closure and burn a mixtape of all your ex's favourite songs, or maybe just take all her favourite CDs, and throw them in the air, take aim and blow away all those nasty memories.


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