Savvy Shopping Tips for Halloween Costume Shops

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Before you start perusing Halloween costume shops in your area, it helps to know how to be a savvy Halloween shopper. It is easy to become bewitched upon entering a store that sells ensembles for the spooky season of the year. Everywhere you look there are colorful and interesting outfits that catch your eye. You may end up spending too much though, because you are looking for the appeal and not paying enough attention to the price tags!
Many Halloween costume shops offer discounts to attract customers into their stores. Some stores will have websites that will offer coupons that can be downloaded from the website and used in the store. Others may offer dates when sales are to take place. The earlier you start looking for the merchandisers that cater to the trick or treating crowd, the better.
You might find a few Halloween costume shops that offer last minute deals to procrastinating shoppers, but in most cases the best deals will be had earlier- think September to early October. If you plan to attend a masquerade party for thrills and chills, decide as early as you can, what or who, you wish to dress up as. Shop early for the best selection.
The same goes for your children. Encourage them to decide whether they want to be a ghost, ghoul, princess or vampire as early as possible. When it comes to sales and specials at Halloween costume shops, more often than not, the early bird does indeed get the worm!
Whether you are purchasing a complete outfit, a partial outfit, footwear to match with your ensemble or accessories, find out what the store's policies are first. You want to become familiar with the return and refund policy, payment options, and sales tax.
Why do you need to ask these questions of a store clerk or manager? Most seasonal stores are likely to have the same policies, but there are always exceptions to the rules. Getting down to the nitty gritty to make sense of all of the details is important before you part with any of your hard earned dollars.
Every year there is a new kind of Halloween get-up for kids that are considered hot and all the rage. Your daughter might have wanted to dress up as Lady Gaga last year but this year she wants to go door-to-door for candy looking like one of the female characters from the movie "The Hunger Games."
To standout and to have a costume that your daughter can be proud of, peruse as many Halloween costume shops as you can for the perfect choice. Do not leave her home when you shop though. She needs to be there to point out what appeals to her and what does not. As well, she needs to try the ensemble on to make sure it fits properly. As the parent, you can give her feedback on her pick.


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