Relationships Rule

Monday, December 10, 2012
Relationships rule. But not in the way you think.
Every physical, emotional and spiritual problem in your life, past and present (future too) reflects a relationship disconnect.
A relationship what?
A relationship disconnect, a missing connection, in one of three possible realms:
  1. Between you and your True Self
  2. Between you and other people
  3. Between you and a Higher Source - God, Universe, Source, whatever name you choose
How do I know that fact?
For fifteen years, in my work as a specialized kinesiologist working directly with the Spirit via the physical body, I noticed that every time I clear energy blocks that cause all the issues in a client the "fix" always involved something related to one of the above three disconnects.

When I tell people that relationships determine their well being and success in life they usually assume I mean what happens between them and the people in their lives, specifically focusing on the relationship issues they know about.
But those relationships only tell part of the story.
It is the issues buried in your subconscious mind that keep you stuck. If you could access the causes yourself then you would never need to stay helplessly embroiled in the same pattern-repeated over and over again with the same people - only they have different faces and different names.
Finding the cause (well the history of the cause across one's life) and energetically removing it's many facets, leads not only to immediate relief but also to permanent healing - in 99% of my clients.
You see, it isn't what you know that grips you so tightly.
It is what you don't know you don't know that "gets" you in every moment.


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