Preparing For The Delivery Of A Bounce House

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A large birthday party or other event is much more fun when there are different entertainment options available. An inflatable bounce house provides a safe and exciting environment for children that will keep everyone entertained for hours. The inflatable structure can be rented for an entire afternoon or longer depending on how long the event will run. The different designs that are available mean that the structure will blend into the surrounding decor naturally. Bounce house rentals are different depending on how the company operates. In almost all cases, however, there are a few important things to do before the rental arrives.
Clear Space
Even the smallest bounce house rentals will require a good amount of clear space outdoors. It is important to measure out the appropriate area and clean the ground before the inflatable is delivered. This means performing general cleaning with a broom, leaf blower or other tool. It is also necessary to walk back through the area to check for any objects or debris that could puncture the inflatable structure. It is a good idea to remove any large items from the immediate area. This includes garbage cans, planters and furniture. This helps to prevent injuries if children get overly excited and run around the outside of the bounce house. The space that is chosen should not be too close to fixed structures like a shed or pool that could cause problems.
Understand The Rental Terms
Different companies have different policies regarding bounce house rentals. It is important to understand exactly what the delivery person will do and what is expected from the renter. Some companies will arrive and perform a complete setup including inflation of the structure. Other companies lease the different components separately and expect the event organizer to take care of inflating and setting up the bounce house. If the event organizer must setup the inflatable, then it is important to prepare by locating an extension cord and any other equipment that is necessary. Some time should be left open regardless of who is setting up the structure since it could take 30 minutes or longer to inflate the house depending on the size.
The weather is something that should be tracked in the days leading up to the event. Bounce house rentals should never be used during storms or in the rain because of safety issues and potential damage to the inflatable from flying debris. Some companies will actually cancel a reservation if bad weather is predicted for the day. Staying aware of the weather for the day of the event will help to make planning easier if there is a sudden storm.


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