How to Plan a Class Reunion Party

Monday, December 10, 2012
A class reunion party is a fun and interesting event to celebrate. Everyone will be looking forward to meeting old mates and sharing old stories back when they were still very young and fresh in school. It is also a time for everyone to catch up, see what has happened in the past couple of years, and probably a little bragging about an accomplishment is expected in such events. However, it can be challenging to organize a reunion party, especially with a long list of attendees and no budget to begin with. If you are one of those involved in the party planning, here are some tips that might help you in the process.
Reach Out through Online Social Network
There's no party without attendees. That is why you need to reach out to old classmates to let them know that you are planning the reunion, and he or she should certainly be there. There's probably one or two of you in your class who were able to keep in touch after all these years. You can start sending out emails to all of your old mates or announce this in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Create a buzz in your social circle to excite people to come. Before you actually send out invites, make sure you have a good number of attendees who have shown their interest to come. Also, check the yearbook for the official class list and contact details for your reference.

Where to Get Your Budget
Unless you have a rich benefactor to cover the expenses for the party, the budget will come from paying guests. You can set a ticket price that guests can pay for in advance to reserve their seat to the party. Usually in this kind of event, about 40%-50% of guests will attend. From there, you can make an estimate of how much budget you can allocate to all party needs. Make a checklist of all the materials, expenses, and requirements you need to cover. Make sure all these things are accounted for in the estimated budget.
Party Ideas and Themes
When thinking about the theme of the party, it is always best to consider other opinions and ideas. Brainstorm with your mates, and what seems to be an interesting and fun theme for all of you will probably be a great theme for the whole class. You can also check out online sites that offer the best party themes and ideas these days. Invitation, decoration, favors, freebies, and attire will be based on this theme, so make it fun and lively for your group.
The success of the class reunion lies in how well you planned and promoted the event. The better you promote, the bigger your budget. And with bigger budget, you get to spend more on great things for the party. It is best to prepare well in advance and have a committee to delegate the different aspects of the preparation.


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