Home Theater Systems: Cinema-Experience In Your Own Living Room

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Setting up a home theater system can bring the movie-going experience right into your own entertainment room. Below are the steps to set-up your own home theater.
Ascertain the dimensions of your living area
This is especially important if you want to utilize a projection system. Projectors have different throw ranges so you need to evaluate multiple models. For projectors that do not have a zoom lens, the size of the projected image is dependent upon throw distance. For projectors that have a zoom lens, the image height and width can be adjusted without adjusting the throw distance, or the image can be kept at the same size even if the throw distance is changed.
Decide on a good layout
Do not install a projector near your doorway so that your viewing will not be interrupted when a person comes in or exits the room. In most cases, having the projector and screen positioned perpendicular to windows and doors will result to a more convenient layout.
Wire your home theater
Be sure not to mount speaker, audio/video cables parallel to any electrical wires. Also mount lights and dimmer switches to achieve a theater-like ambiance. Seek the services of an electrician if you are not skilled at wiring. Doing this task by yourself can be very hazardous, and in some jurisdictions it can be unlawful.
Paint your room and cover the floor with carpet
You can paint the room in whatever color you prefer, but use flat colors to lessen reflection. Be sure to cover your floor with carpet as this helps ensure that people in nearby rooms or homes are not troubled by the noise. Carpeting will also boost the sound quality of your room as it lowers unnecessary echoing.
Install the speakers
For you to have a truly amazing audio experience, set speakers in these locations: left front, center, right front, right rear, left rear, and subwoofer. If you are using a 7.1 system, then place right and left speakers. Do not place rear speakers too low as this can cause the sound to be deafening in some scenes and hence reduce what you can get from the center speaker.
Add equipment and furniture
Position the screen or TV where you can watch it straight on, and remember to align its center with your eye line while you are seated. Aside from that, purchase and install recliners or seats and other furniture that you think are great to have in that area.
If you have minimal or no training in carpentry, designing a space, or wiring electrical systems, seek the services of professional home theater installers. In most cases, this will be more cost-effective all things considered. There are many home theater installation contractors in Los Angeles, CA, and they differ in terms of cost and quality of service, so make sure to compare 3 to 5 of them prior to choosing a provider.


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