Eight Inexpensive Customized Gift Ideas

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Finding the perfect gift for a special occasion can be very challenging. There always seems to be that one person who already has everything. Giving a customized gift ensures that the recipient will be getting an original, one of a kind present that has been well thought out. These ideas for personalized gifts are a thoughtful way to show affection and without spending a fortune.
For the person with a sweet tooth nothing could be better than customized candy. Many candy companies offer sections on their web pages that allow complete personalization of popular candy brands with photos or monograms. The images can be stamped directly on the sweets or the wrappers can be personalized in any way imaginable. The cost of customized candy is only slightly more than the plain version.
An item that is personalized with a special photo is a great way to give a memorable gift without spending too much money. Mugs, t-shirts, and calendars are all useful items that can be a unique gift when a photograph is added. Some companies offer a service that changes a picture into a high quality canvas that looks like a work of art.
Everyday items can be instantly personalized by adding a monogram. Putting initials on an article of clothing or an everyday object instantly makes it special and more fun to use. Ordinary items like umbrellas, bathrobes, pajamas, flash drives and journals can be easily and affordably monogrammed. Engraving or embroidering a gift with a person's name makes it an instant keepsake.
For those really short on funds, a scrapbook is a nearly free way to let a person know how much they are special. Free online programs allow photos to be uploaded and placed into customizable templates that make a professional looking scrapbook. This is a heartfelt gift that can be enjoyed for years.
Nothing makes a sweeter Christmas gift than a customized ornament. Many companies produce completely personalized ornaments at a very budget friendly price. Creating a personalized ornament from scratch is even less expensive, and nothing is quite so heartwarming as a handmade Christmas gift.
As more people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, reusable grocery bags are becoming increasingly popular. Giving the gift of green gives friends a reason to smile as they shop. Adding a cherished quote or a work of art from a favorite artist can perfectly customize reusable grocery bags. This is an extraordinary gift that will be loved and used all the time.
Garden stones are the perfect present for those with yards. This is a gift that is a fun do it yourself project. Stones can be imprinted with children's handprints, names or favorite animals and flowers. All the materials needed are a mold and some mixable concrete. Home improvement stores sell kits that produce unique stones with different shapes and colors.
Gift baskets are the perfect customized gift to give. Everyone loves getting a basket full of his or her favorite goodies. It's so easy to fill a basket with the best treats and trinkets that fit a friend's personality. This is a project that is easy to do yourself and you can spend as much or as little money as you wish. Your imagination and the tastes of the gift receiver are the limit.


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