What Is It About Birthdays That Make Them So Special

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Birthdays come every year. Yet, we celebrate them with equal enthusiasm each year and sometimes even more than the previous year. We have far off friends and relatives who come over to celebrate and make our day special for us. We are given a royal treatment and lots of gifts. It is one day we can call our own and the day when we can have all our nonsense forgiven. Haven't you ever wondered what is it about birthdays that make them so special?
Life by itself is a beautiful thing. Naturally, the day you were given this gift of life is special. A birthday is just not the day you came into this world. It is the happiness that you brought around you when you came. It is the day when you made your parents the happiest people in the world. It is a day when they celebrate that proud moment of their life, when they first held you in their arms. As each year passes and you grow up, all the experiences you face in your life, year after year, makes you the person you are. The good experiences and well as the bad ones bring about the best in you and makes you stronger. It both molds, as well as
shapes your personality into something better each birthday.
Every birthday you don't just turn a year older, but a year wiser as well. On your birthday, you celebrate the fact that God has given you another year to experience more in life. Not everyone is lucky enough to live for long. Hence, a birthday should also be a day when you thank God for the gift of life and for the strength to face more in life. Along with celebrating your presence in this world, your birthday also marks the day when you met all the lovely people in your life, like your parents. At the end of the day, whether you consider them special or not, you can't deny that birthdays give you and the people in your life a reason to smile and come together.
If you can relate to the above article, then consider yourself really fortunate. There are thousands of people in this world who don't have anyone to make their birthday special for them. To them, it is just like any other passing day. Then there are others who don't even know the day they were born. So, consider yourself lucky. If you are blessed with a family and caring friends who take the trouble to make your birthday a memorable one, never ever let them go.


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