Choosing The Wedding Venue - Answer These Questions

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The time has finally come to pick out your perfect wedding venue, and you think you have just the place. It's beauty is unparalleled. Everything about it screams that it will be the place that you will make the most important commitment of your life. Not so fast! This isn't a decision you can make based purely on aesthetics and feeling. Yes, those are important considerations, but you have to be practical as well. As much as it may hurt to do so, sometimes you have to kill your darlings. Get the answers to these questions before you decide whether or not you have found the perfect place.
What about tables and chairs?
This is one of those things that can present a big surprise for an excited bride-to-be. Many people assume that the wedding venue will account for all of these logistics, but that isn't always the case. Make sure that you know what expenses lay ahead (not to mention the actual job of finding a place to rent tables and chairs). A business dedicated to holding events of this nature will probably have everything you need, but if you're going outside the box, this is something you'll likely have to arrange on your own.
Can I use outside catering?
Sometimes a wedding venue will expect you to use them as a sort of package deal. They provide you with the arena, but they also expect to provide you with the food, alcohol, and everything else your reception will need. While this is a blessing for those who want to keep vendors to a minimum, it can be a disappointment for those who had their hearts set on a particular catering company. Check with the business to make sure there isn't a problem with bringing in your own caterer, if that's something you want to do.
Is it going to cost money to bring in extra alcohol?
Some young couples see making their reception a BYOB affair as a clever way to save some money. This isn't always the case. In fact, the wedding venue you've chosen may prohibit it altogether. You need a special license to allow that kind of activity from your guests, and the place may not be covered for the liability. Even if they are, they may charge you a fee just to make up for the alcohol they won't be selling. Talk to the manager about your idea before you go ahead with the invitations.


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