Banquet Halls - Making Your Choice

Monday, December 3, 2012
If you are planning an event, one of your first tasks will be to choose among the banquet halls available in your area. These facilities are often used for wedding receptions and family reunions, but they can be the perfect setting for any number of events, including charity dinners, political fundraisers, anniversaries, and business conventions. Your choice of venue will depend somewhat on the type of event that you're planning, but the particulars will mostly remain the same. There are some things that should go into your choice.
Location should be among your chief concerns when choosing between banquet halls. If you're designing an event around a convention, you don't want your associates and co-workers to travel across the city into the suburbs to arrive at the location you've rented for the dinner. Likewise, if you live in the suburbs of a major city, it may not make sense to make all of your guests commute into the city for a baby shower. While exceptions can be made, convenience for your guests should be considered when you look at locations. There are also practical considerations. An event facility in the suburbs may have much more parking, whereas one in the city can provide easier access to hotels.

You don't want to hold your dining event in an area where people from other parties or guests wandering the hotel can simply stroll through and take a seat at an empty table if they so choose. Nor do you want your event to become an inadvertent mixed affair with another couple's wedding reception because the venue has no means of properly cordoning off separate banquet halls. Make sure the facility can provide your party with their own setting and privacy.
Decor and Appearance
No one wants to hold an event in a sparsely decorated, plain dining room. The more elaborately decorated the place is, the less money and time you'll have to spend putting your own decorations up. Of course, this is a double-edged sword. If the banquet halls you're looking at are too specifically decorated, they may not fit your needs. For instance, a dining establishment with red, white, and blue decor may be perfect for a political fundraiser, but it's going to seem a bit odd if you're holding a wedding reception there. Pay attention to the decor and talk to the management to see what can be done to tailor the area's aesthetic to your planned event.


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