Promoting Your Cardmaking Business

Friday, February 1, 2013
Set you your own blog website to sell your Greeting Cards Great! You have your greeting card business organized, and you are intent on making money from greeting cards, now what? You need to promote your cardmaking business. There are ways to promote your greeting cardmaking business that cost almost nothing more than your time.
One of the ways you can get up and running on a shoestring is setting up a WordPress blog.  Not only is it fun to build your own blog (or get someone else to...) it is also a very easy way to promote your greeting cardmaking business. The hardest part may be trying to decide what to name the blog, keep in mind it must relate to the topic for example "Home Made Greeting Cards".

After you have decided on a name you need to buy your domain name; you can go to Go Daddy and check if this blog name is available "homemadegreetingcards". The domain name will be the URL address of the blog, how people will find your blog on the internet eg:  "".
If your chosen name has already been taken, you will have to choose another closely related name. This also tells you that someone else is on your chosen niche, meaning money is being made there, which is good for you. Now that you discovered this competition, learn from them and about them, as they could become a future collaborator.
Once your cardmaking blog is online, you must commit to a blogging schedule, preferably at least once a week. But don't worry if this sounds too daunting you can always outsource your blog posting to a writer for as little as $5 a post.. Just think about it you would probably only need to sell one card to pay for it. On your blog you could show pictures of your greeting cards, offer samples, advertise your products for sale, plus related affiliate products such as books about cardmaking on Amazon or clickbank.
You could start up a Facebook community or business page and Twitter account and link these in with your blog, so every time you make an update on your blog it sends the headline to update Facebook and twitter.  You can also use Facebook to drive people to your blog and expand your internet presence.


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