Commentary on Clayton Moore and Rest Stop

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Tribute to Clayton Moore
Clapton Moore, 1914, 1999. I watched him on television when I was a kid, "The Lone Ranger". I don't think he ever had another roll after that, if he did, I never knew of it. There are no actors out there today like Mr. Moore. I met him once in the 1990s, in St. Paul, Minnesota, at a Mall off Maryland and Rice Street if I recall the spot, I think it was there, and he was still living the legend he created, the mask man of justice, at that time someone else had put out a National Film, of the Lone Ranger, I recall and it got some controversy; anyhow he was still living the roll he so inspired with a personal manner. No smugness, just candour and sincerity. There isn't an actor or actress, today can touch his humility I do believe, too bad we have such bad mannered, ill-tempered, greedy arrogant actors, anti American actors and actresses, displaying, modelling such behaviour to our youth, no wonder America is going down to the sewer level to find its new identity. "Hi-yo Silver, away!"

Rest Stop: bad Grammar, low vocabulary, uses abbreviations too much, the first half of the story is non-descriptive, too much jargon, cussing on every page, not as bad as Mario Vargas LLosa, but too much to allow it to be of any quality. He builds the plot and theme up carefully, better than "Harvey's Dream," and "The New York Times..." he describes anger saying it is better than no emotion, that is a good insight for once. About halfway through the seventeen page story, he gets into description and explaining, it's about time. His adjectives lack, and it seems the narrator-or third person is doing all the work, you never get to know the main characters, that's a shame, he needs to be quiet once and a while, the dialogue is lacking, even the inner dialogue. He needs to read a little of H.P. Lovecraft, or Clark A. Smith, put some style in this story, rhythm, why he puts an alligator in the story is silly, a lack of humour, trying to be light-hearted and funny in a serious situation. The best I can say is the ending being not very climatic was realistic. Dlsiluk


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