Hannah Montana Songs

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
I am sure almost everyone has heard about Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus). She is very popular today for her role in movies, TV shows, and her career as a singer/song writer of over 100 songs. From preteen up to old age many people love her music. I myself enjoy listening to her beautiful voice. Here is a list of some of her songs.
1. Best of Both Worlds
2. Who Said
3. Just Like You
4. Pumping Up the Party
5. If We Were a Movie
6. I Got Nerve
7. The Other Side of Me
8. This is the Life
9. I Miss You
10. We Got the Party
11. Nobody's Perfect
12. Make Some Noise
13. Rock Star
14. Old Blue Jeans
15. The Best of Both Worlds
16. Life's What You Make It
17. One in a Million
18. Bigger Than Us
19. You & Me Together
20. True Friend
21. If we were a movie
22. Ice Cream Freeze
23. This Boy That Girl
24. Hoedown Throwdown Zig Zag
25. Been Here all Along
26. Super Girl
27. I'm Still Good
28. Lets do This
29. Rocking Around the Christmas Tree
30. Girls Night Out (GNO)
31. Right Here
32. As I am
33. Start all Over
34. East Northumberland High
35. Good and Broken
36. Clear
Miley Cyrus was born in Nashville, Tennessee on November 23, 1992. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus is also famous for his music and tv appearances. He was famous for his country song "Achy Breaky Heart." Her mothers name is Leticia Cyrus. Miley (name came from nickname smiley) has five siblings so she comes from a large family. Her real name is actually Destiny Hope Cyrus.
She has a TV show on the Disney Channel called Hannah Montana. The show is about a down to earth girl that lives a double life as a famous pop star. Even though Miley has a busy schedule you can find her spending quality time with her family and friends and attending church. She enjoys sports and dancing. She really does love animals and has a collection from dogs to horses.
I believe she will continue to do great work and have a positive influence on the youth of today. You can find Miley on some of the more popular sites such as Face book and view pictures from her career on any online search.


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