Get Cash For a New Phone

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Like many people I've seen some of the new phones out on the market and really want a new phone. Unfortunately I haven't got the funds and my contract doesn't end for another ten months. When sitting in front of the TV last night I tried to rack my brains in regards to what I could do to get extra funds. I've written the following article to help inform you in case you may benefit from this knowledge, I hope my article helps.
I've thought of the following ways in which I might be able to save up for a new phone-
• There are plenty of things in my house which I do not use so I decided to sell them to get money for my new phone. Not only do I get a new phone but I have a clear out at the same time. I would recommend selling your stuff in the following ways-
1. Car Boot Sale- It's easy and fun and you can meet new people
2. Jumble sale at home- you don't even need to leave the house, inform neighbours of your jumble sale and see them run in to get a bargain. You can catch up with the neighbours at the same time as well.
3. Online Auctions- although it can take time to get your objects online you can get more money for it as people often get into a bidding frenzy and pay more money
4. Classifieds- It's simple and easy, advertise in your local paper an often it's free.
• Recycle your old mobile phone. If you're getting a new one you don't need you old one. I've been looking on comparison sites which I'd definitely recommend to anyone else. You can search for the best possible price so you don't make do with the first price which is given to you.


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