Use Magic Tricks To Become The Life Of The Party

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Whether the party is for children or adults, there can sometimes be a lag in the fun. Learning some cool magic tricks enables you to liven up the festivities and become the center of attention. A person does not need to be a master of the craft to learn some tricks and they can even get some of the supplies needed at no charge. The most popular tricks involve money, cards, fire, and a little comedy. All of these are easy and fun for everyone in the family to learn.
Free magic tricks can be found online and are offered at no charge with a minimum purchase. These include the butterfly puzzle, an optical illusion involving red and green caterpillar pictures that create a butterfly when rearranged. Clairvoyance is another excellent free trick and it allows the magician to impress the audience with mind-reading skills. Guests will marvel at the abilities and wonder if the magician truly can read their thoughts.

For some fun for all ages, try a few of the many magic card tricks available. One deck of cards can be used to perform multiple tricks, making this a cost-effective party prop. Adults in the crowd with be amazed by three card monte and three card canasta tricks, while the children will giggle when extra-large cards are used or animation is created using a deck. When using these tricks, it is not difficult to keep guests entertained, no matter their age.
Gather some money from the crowd and show off the coin magic skills using tricks like coin in a bottle or the animated bill. Some of these money tricks are so easy to learn, you will be able to master an assortment of them in a day. Coins can be balanced, bent, and inserted through daggers without ever losing their original shape. No one will realize the secrets behind these illusions, making the magician proud of the sleight of hand.
Once the basics have been mastered, learn some fire magic tricks that are sure to impress any audience. Candles change color, ascend, and vanish in creative illusions. Products like fire wands, cans, and bowls are available to make any show complete. Magicians can even make flames appear from their fingertips or within the palms of their hands, creating a light show that will cause everyone to gasp. At the end of the show, guests will be asking for the secrets behind these great illusions.


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