Can Voice Over Agents Help You Find Proper Voice Over Work?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
When you are starting to work as a voice over artist you may wonder if having an agent is a good idea. There are many benefits you can get from having an agent that you need to be aware of.
Voice over agencies can help you get in touch with successful agents
Finding and getting in touch with agents can be a bit of a daunting task for the new voice over artist. There are directories that you can use to find agents in your area but the question of whether they are good or not is still there. If you are going to use an agent you want one who is successful and will promote you well. There are many agencies that you can look at who have reviews online that will help you find out if they help people or not. By joining a successful agency you will have access to agents who are committed to getting the artists voice over work. The reason for this is that their company's reputation is on the line and they want to have a good reputation.
Packaging your previous voice over work
Before you get an agent you may want to get all your previous work and demos together. This is something that needs to be done quite well particularly if you are going to be sending this package to potential employers and agents. You will want to make sure that the demo and recordings of previous work are a good representation of your voice and abilities. If you do not package these correctly then they can put people off and this can lead to a decrease in work. Of course many agents will take care of this for you or at least help you and tell you how to go about packaging your previous work.
Are voice over agents for you?

There are many things you will need to know about voice over agents before you commit yourself to one. The most important thing you will want to look at is the commission they will want for getting you work. Most agents will take a fee of 10% of whatever you earn for work that they have got for you. While this might not seem like much and really isn't do you really want to part with the money if you don't have to? Of course there are also some other agents who may take a larger commission than 10% so you need to look out for that.
Benefits of knowledge for getting voice over jobs
Having an agent will not only ease the stress of having to look for work but will also allow you access to other knowledge. By working in this field agents will have additional knowledge of the industry and advertising as well as marketing which will help them get voice over jobs for you. Knowing how the industry works is a huge advantage as they can tell you what to expect from certain situations. Knowing the ins and outs of marketing will also help them market you successfully to potential employers.
The question of whether or not a voice over agent can help you get work is a very important one for people starting in the voice over business. The answer is that yes agents can help you but you will need to make sure that it is worth your while as they will take a commission from your earnings.


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