What We Can Learn From Playing Cards?

Thursday, January 31, 2013
Many people are against playing cards; for they take it as something that make teenagers go corrupt. Actually, they are blocking them trying new things in life. Life is full of risks, and teens need to learn how to deal with them. Playing cards is not just matter of skills. What we can learn from it can be applied in all aspects of life.
Logical thinking
We can learn how to apply logical thinking in playing poker, for it is full of puzzles. Since we don't know what other players have got, we need make a guess and decide how to make good use of the information with logical analysis. Logic is useful in cards, so does it actual lives.
Mind concentration

The first step of solving problems in poker world and real world is to collect right information. We are quite likely to make big mistakes without it. Playing cards help us improve information collecting ability, especially on mind concentration. If a player neglects some obvious clues, he may make serious mistakes. We can not find a better way of concentration training except poker cards.
Lack of patience causes damages in many aspects of life. We may owe a big debt if we rely on credit card payment too much. On business, if we put excessive emphasis on short-term profits, other patient foreign competitors may get larger market shares. In this aspect, poker can be seen as an effective way of patience development. If we stay patient to wait for right moments, we can beat the impatient players who have spent a long time on poker desks. In fact, the first lesson for a poker plays is keeping patient.
All in all, playing cards is just like life itself. We can have a better understanding about life and have a better adaptation on it.


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