The Power of the Internet and Justin Bieber

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Justin Bieber, a popular singer who never took singing lessons or had vocal coaches, became a singing phenomenon in 2008. Justin has successfully released two albums at the age of 17. In the US, both of his albums have been certified platinum. Because of his great work, he has been awarded as "Artist of the Year" at the 2010 AMA and "Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. He is really the big star in the music industry today after uploading his homemade videos on YouTube. Ironically, some people still doubt his talent and think that he reached success just because of luck. What makes him so special? Does he really have the talent or is he just the product of new age marketing? Below you will find out.
Justin's Talent
This young singer started to gain popularity after uploading his performance videos onto YouTube. He also became the 2nd place winner in a local singing competition called Stratford Idol. He wanted to share this success by uploading his performance videos onto YouTube. Surprisingly, many people loved the videos and they subscribed to them. People love the way Justin sings because he has had a natural talent since he was a child. At the age of 12, he taught himself to play some musical instruments like drums, piano, guitar and trumpet. This is not easy to do unless the boy really has talent in music.

Justin Bieber and Scooter Braun
A talent manager named Scooter Braun found Bieber's great talent on YouTube and then becomes Justin's manager. After signing a contract with Braun, the young singer was asked to amplify his presence on YouTube. Braun didn't offer a stage for a concert nor an album and this unusual strategy was successful. The famous talent manager made Bieber sing in a room, recorded this session and uploaded the video on YouTube. The aim of uploading the video was to get people enthused about Bieber's new song. The hit "One Time" sold quickly after Justin uploaded to the Internet.
Justin Bieber in The Age of Internet
I think we need to appreciate the way Bieber and his associates used the internet. Some people probably never thought that using a platform like YouTube and Twitter would be able to launch someone to become a great worldwide success. Bieber proved that uploading videos online could be a great way to capture attention from millions of people worldwide. In November 2010, Bieber's Twitter account had around 6 million followers. The Internet has played a very important role in Bieber's success and this media has benefited the young singer in many ways. Others will likely follow his lead.


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