Axel F - A Ringtone That Will Live in Infamy

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
In December, 1984, Paramount Pictures released upon the unsuspecting and therefore unprotected masses, the film, "Beverly Hills Cop," a movie that to this day, portrays Eddie Murphy in one of his best roles. His character, Axel Foley, was a Detroit cop who, after his friend mysteriously died in Beverly Hills, came to the city in order to investigate the circumstances of the death. While there, he created a plethora of comedic situations that have not been rivaled, neither in sequels, nor in the dozens of cheap imitations of this film that have since been made.

It was also from this film that the famous theme song, Axel F, has become an mp3 download, and of late, a very popular ringtone for cell phones around the world. Both the ringtone and the composer of it won a Grammy award. The song was performed by Harold Faltmeyer, who played the song using multiple keyboards and three synthesizers.
There are many variations of the Axel F ringtone available. One is the Crazy Frog Axelf. A variation on this variation is the Axel F Crazy Frog Pop Corn Ringtone, which includes in it some extra pops and some added pings and dings. In this version, the bass section is almost mute but the entire theme is played with a staccato beat.
For those who appreciate the cops and robbers movie genre, the energetically-paced Axel F soundtrack or ringtone will fit right in by providing a subliminal fulfillment of the desire for the kind of action that type of film provides.
The Axel F. ringtones interestingly enough serve a dual purpose here. Not only does the song provide a smooth, upbeat rhythm for a jazzy sound that rocks the soul and soothes the spirit, but for those of us who actually heard the music back when it first came out, hearing the song anew gives us a landmark in time, a time about which to wonder. As some of us do about every December 7th, or November 22nd, or September 11th, we try and remember back when we first heard those rich, melodious bass and percussive vibrations singing out to us. We try to remember just where we were that day, what we were doing, who we were with, and perhaps even, why we aren't still with them.
The film, "Beverly Hills Cop" has grown somewhat dated since 1984, but Axel F's ringtones and the memories it engenders, will live forever.


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