The Bulls of Bashan

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
In the Old Testament, Psalm 22 mentions the Bulls of Bashan. Perhaps one can see it as a reference to the Crucifixion of Christ, potent enemies surrounding one, mocking (among other translations); it is a location in the Golan Heights. I've been there, a place in Israel, in the Golan Heights, Northeast of the Sea of Galilee, and at one time part of South-eastern Syria, until Israel's victory over Syria, in 1967. Should you have walked through these fields 2000-years ago, you would have seen a herd of bulls grazing; and you may have been surrounded by them, and perhaps could have attested to the wild behaviour of some of the animals, a dangerous place to be-especially along; should you have walked those same fields, 4000-years ago, you would have discovered the Circle of the Giants, also known as Stone Heap of the Wildcat, 42,000-tons of stone in nearly five complete circles, representing a shrine and cemetery for the Rephaim (the giants of those far-off days; warriors). Here lived a tribe (s) of giants, where Joshua and King David at one time, tired to exterminate the genetic line of these hybrid beings, consequently, not completing the task within the Golan Heights, and Gaza, but throughout Israel they had. Should you walk those fields today, not to include Friday and Saturday, you will encounter the Israeli Army practicing manoeuvres, military exercises.

The Bulls of Bashan have many connotations, one must use the phrase wisely, lest someone get hurt because of it; on the other hand, those looking at it, should not overreact, unless they feel guilt or shame, or perhaps, mocking of the scripture, where the Bulls of Bashan are referred to. We see in Psalms 22 (12, 13) and Psalms 68 (28 through 30), "They opened their mouths against me as a ravening and a roaring Lion....Scatter thou the people that delight in war." Now why would anyone take offence to what the Almighty God is saying? Why would they fear my poem "The Bulls of Bashan," perhaps it reminds them of the above passages. You see those who love war, will be scattered. Those who rave and roar like a lion against Him, will not be forgotten. So yes, those who are warring in Gaza just to make war (in and outside of Gaza, this is a warning from the Lord). "Many Bulls have compassed me: strong Bulls of Bashan have beset me round" says the speaker (s) of Psalms. Need I say anymore; if you are one of those bulls, move back, don't corner anyone, give enough room for peace, and don't hurt the children. On the other hand, America may want to look and see if they are one of the bulls, or perhaps the caretaker of one of the bulls. And Hamas and Israel need to ponder this wisely.


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