Making Your Own Downloadable Ringtone

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Downloadable ringtones are extremely popular amongst cell phone users because it adds another layer of personalization to their phones. While most people pay for their ringtones through their service providers or some other company that offers downloadable ringtones, it is possible for a person to create their own. Luckily, creating downloadable ringtones is not as difficult as it sounds. A person that desires to do this themselves only needs a audio editing program, a music file, and - of course - a cellular phone. Once all of these are ready, a person can create their own downloadable ringtones in a matter of minutes.
First, a person must move the music file into the editing program, which usually involves a simple drag and drop process. The music file needs to be cut down into a small enough size so that it can be sent to the phone and played as a ringtone. An individual can conveniently choose which snippet of the song that they would like to have as their downloadable ringtone, unlike with most downloadable ringtones from other companies. After this has been done, the snippet of the song must be either downloaded to the phone or sent to it by the editing program. It should be noted that only some of the programs will actually send the files to the phone in the form of a multimedia message.

Once this has been done, however, a person merely needs to open the file or download it from the message and then set it as their ringtone. The process is extremely simple and takes only a few minutes to accomplish. Creating ringtones can be done as many times as a person would like to do it, so they can always make new tones for their cell phones. Unlike ringtones from other companies, these ones are almost completely free, and a person has a higher ability to choose exactly what they want to do. Also, an individual could create their own ringtones that are not offered by cell phone and ringtone companies.
When a person creates their own downloadable ringtone, they have much more freedom to customize their phone with the tones they want. Most people will find this process simple and enjoy it as they make their own ringtones. Without a huge hassle or a bunch of money, a person can continually supply themselves with their own downloadable cell phone ringtones.


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